X-Men Resources 



Below is a list of online resources I use(d), in addition to the actual comics and films, in my research. This is a WIP.

TV Tropes- Ho Yay in X-Men

TV Tropes- X-Men Apocalypse

Wikipedia- Mystique (comics)

Chris Claremont (Earth- 1218)

Marvel Wikia- Irene Adler (Destiny)

IMDb- X-Men Days of Future Past, Trivia

Wikipedia- Citadel (used for Sentinel research)

Wikipedia- Sebastian Shaw

Wikipedia- District X

25 Moments

Bent Bullet

Trask Industries

Fox Audience Strategy

‘Nut Country’ 48 Years Later (HuffPost article on the JFK comment referenced by Bent Bullet)

Wikia- Edwin Partridge

Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers (Erik is referred to as this in Bent Bullet)

The March on Washington

Wikipedia- Skorpios Island (Used by Bent Bullet and M-Underground as a substitute for Kirinos Island in canon)

Wikipedia- Battle Hymn of the Republic (Song played during the Sentinel unveiling in DoFP)

Gaping Siberian Holes (referenced in M-Underground)

Tandem Initiative

Marvel Wikia- Magneto, Vol. 1

Wikipedia- What If (comics)

Wikipedia- Dog Day Afternoon (film) (referenced by Peter Dinklage during an interview in comparison to DoFP)

RFK Stadium- a Marriage of Old and New

Marvel Wikia- Phastos (Earth- 616)

Marvel.com- Moonstar, Age of Apocalypse

Death of Isidor Fink (locked room mystery referenced in Wolverine’s newspaper in DoFP)

Metropolitan Community Church (LGBT welcome church referenced in FC Cerebro mutant locations)

Marvel.com- Legacy Virus

JC Hutchins- The Bent Bullet

Star Trek: Naked Time (the episode of ST playing in DoFP)

X-Men, No Segregated Universe after Secret Wars (comics)

New World for X-Men following Secret Wars (comics)

Sharon Xavier- Marko

ComicVine- Magda Eisenhardt

Marvel Wikia- Magda Eisenhardt

Gay Superheroes and Same Sex Marriage (comics)

The X-Men’s Post ‘Secret Wars’ Future (comics)

Wikipedia- Victor Hugo

Isidor Fink- Solving the Locked Room Mystery

21st Century Fox Social Impact

Wikipedia- Marc-Andrè Raffalovich

Wikipedia- John Gray

Vintage Photos of RFK Stadium

Wikipedia- Age of Apocalypse (comics)


ComicVine- Jean Grey (comics)

Wikipedia- The Dark Phoenix Saga (comics)

Wikipedia- Apocalypse: The Twelve (comics)

Wikipedia- Ages of Apocalypse (comics)

Wikipedia- Age of Apocalypse: Moira MacTaggert (comics)

ComicVine- Apocalypse (comics)

Wikipedia- Erik the Red (comics)

Marvel Wikia- Day of Judgement (comics)

Wikipedia- Horsemen of Apocalypse (comics)

Wikipedia- X-Men: Evolution (comics)

Marvel Wikia- Charles Xavier (Earth- 616)

Wikipedia- Beast (comics)

Wikipedia- Alternate Version of Professor X (comics)

Wikipedia- Professor X (comics)

Marvel Wikia- Banshee (Mutant Growth Hormone)

Marvel Wikia- X-Men Blackbird (comics)

Wikipedia- Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

X-Men Influential on the new Jekyll and Hyde

Wikipedia- Professor X in other Media

Wikipedia- Days of Future Past (comic)

Marvel Wikia- Days of Future Past (comic)

Marvel Wikia- Mind out of Time (comic following Days of Future Past)

Wikipedia- Magneto (comics)

Wikipedia- Alternate Versions of Magneto

Article on Magneto’s Many Names (absolutely amazing, and goes over Charles’ use of Erik’s names as well)

Marvel Wikia- Mutant Growth Hormone

Marvel Wikia- Henry McCoy (Earth- 616)

Marvel Wikia- Henry McCoy (Earth- 763) (the gay version of Beast)

Graeme McMillan on X-Men (discusses the gay version of Beast)

ComicWidows on Grant Morrison’s Beast

Grant Morrison on Beast (the “gay” version.)

Wikipedia- X-Mansion (comics)

Marvel Wikia- Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters (comics)

Charles Graymalkin (Earth- 616)

Marvel Wikia- X-Men: Manifest Destiny (Jonas Graymalkin)

Marvel Wikia- Jonas Graymalkin (Charles Xavier’s gay ancestor)

Marvel Wikia- Massachusetts Academy

Ted Kennedy’s Plane Crash (event referenced in M-Underground)

ComicVine- Professor X

Marvel Wikia- Plague (Earth- 616)

Wikipedia- Daken

Marvel Wikia- Anya Eisenhardt

Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Earth- 616)

ComicVine- Nina

IMDb- Cast List for X-Men Apocalypse

Marvel Wikia- Proteus

Wikipedia- Secret Wars (2015)

X-Men Wikia- Magneto/Erik Lehnsherr

Marvel.com- Magneto/Max Eisenhardt

Wikipedia- X-Men: First Class (film)

Marvel Wikia- Project Wideawake (referenced in Bent Bullet)

X-Men Movies Wikia- Project Wideawake

Wikipedia- Bolivar Trask

Marvel Wikia- Bolivar Trask