Archives: Interviews, Quotes, and Updates on the X-Men Crew



All these posts are interviews, updates, etc not included in the daily Keep the Faiths: (This page is a WIP)

First Class

Magneto and Professor X Had Sex at the Movies This Summer (fantastic piece from Eonline about the subtext in FC)

Matthew Vaughn interview on First Class

Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz on First Class

Interview with James McAvoy on First Class

X-Men First Class’ Simon Kinberg’s Meteoric Rise

Interview with Matthew Vaughn, including First Class

James McAvoy IGN Interview on First Class

Michael Fassbender IGN Interview on First Class

Michael Fassbender IndieLondon Interview on First Class

Rose Byrne Interview, First Class

Michael Fassbender Interview FSR on First Class

MTV at the Movies: X-Men First Class

James McAvoy’s Infamous Sundance TV Interview on First Class

Michael Fassbender WSJ Interview on First Class

Five Differences between X-Men First Class Film and the Comics

Joss Whedon and the Gay Cure Serum

Michael Fassbender on His Performance as Magneto in First Class

James McAvoy/Michael Fassbender Face to Face Video Interview

Days of Future Past

X-Men Nabs Sherlock Writer

Simon Kinberg interview

Bryan Singer on the evolution of the relationship between Erik and Charles

Why Fox Needs DoFP to Succeed

Screencrush on DoFP

Article on the DoFP Viral Sites

Kinberg’s DoFP Baseball quote

Peter Dinklage Interview 

Interview with Peter Dinklage about DoFP and Trask

Michael Fassbender on Moving Forward as Magneto

Ian McKellen/Patrick Stewart Interview on DoFP

Ian McKellen interview on DoFP

Ian McKellen on playing Magneto

X-Men DoFP Secrets Explained

Simon Kinberg on DoFP and XMA

Article on the Magneto/Kennedy Assassination 

Kinberg on the X-Men Cinematic Universe and Deadpool

Article on the Trask Industries Viral Site

Another Article on the Trask Industries Site

Blog Post about the Sentinels in Trask Industries

Interview with Bryan Singer on DoFP

Article on DoFP Viral Marketing

Interview with Simon Kinberg on DoFP

Patrick Stewart on DoFP

Behind the Scenes of DoFP

Michael Fassbender on DoFP 

The Famous Old Cherik Kiss (Brazilian article)

Evan Jonigkeit to Play ‘Toad’ in DoFP

Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart on James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender

The Noite James McAvoy and Patrick Stewart Interview

Simon Kinberg on X3 and Quicksilver in XMA

The Wolverine Post Credits Cherik Scene


Oscar Isaac on Apocalypse

James McAvoy’s Shaved Head

Michael Fassbender’s Ring on the set of Apocalypse

Update on Michael’s Ring

Kinberg’s Empire Quote on XMA

Clues from DoFP Come True in XMA

Michael Fassbender Interview on the Quicksilver/Magneto relationship

Possible X-Cutioner’s Song in XMA

Article on Oscar Isaac and Bryan Singer brining Apocalypse to Life

Rose Byrne on Moira in XMA

XMA Comic-Con Panel

Den of Geek Article on XMA

Master Herald Article on XMA

Article on Character Debuts in XMA

Simon Kinberg on XMA and Deadpool

ComicBook Article on XMA

Bryan Singer on Michael Fassbender’s Emotional XMA Scene

Bryan Singer’s SPFF Video Interview on XMA (the one that nearly made me shut down this blog…until the Source came along.)

The Four Horsemen of Apocalypse

Parent Herald Article on the XMA Trailer

Article on Mystique and Nightcrawler

Collider Article on XMA and Deadpool

Evan Peters on Quicksilver and Magneto in XMA

Michael Fassbender’s Idea for Magneto in XMA

Theory on Mystique’s Role in XMA

James McAvoy on how Professor X Loses his Hair

Updated Cast List on IMDb Reveals Additional XMA Characters

The XMA Trailer

Bryan Singer Breaks Down the XMA Trailer

The Fassy Tea Tumblr Post Discussing the Cherik Lap Dance Outtake (thank you, dear Barakei.)

The SDCC XMA Trailer

XMA Trailer Possibly Teasing Dark Phoenix Saga

Oscar Isaac Teases Mutant Battle in XMA

Simon Kinberg Fan Q & A XMA Video Interview

Yahoo Movies UK on XMA

Bryan Singer Candid Interview on XMA

Meet the XMA Cast Article

CinemaBlend Article on XMA

Michael Fassbender on Oscar Isaac and Becoming a Horseman

DigitalSpy XMA Article

Simon Kinberg on XMCU Shared Universes and Scott/Jean

XMA Super Bowl Trailer

Cast of XMA on Conan

Nerdist Interview on the XMA Set

Oscar Isaac on Apocalypse as Biblical


Bryan Singer quote (hilarious and so right on.)

Bryan Singer quote- Usual Suspects vs X-Men

Fox and GLAAD Host Panel on LGBT Representation

Bryan Singer’s Interview with

Simon Kinberg Interview on His Writing Style

Simon Kinberg on Star Wars Rebels

What X3: The Last Stand Could Have Been

X-Men: Marvel’s Gay Marriage

Bryan Singer on Iceman Coming Out

Christopher McQuarrie on Bryan Singer and The Usual Suspects (very interesting when compared to the X-Men films)

Article on JC Hutchins, author of the Bent Bullet Article

Ian McKellen’s Powerful Message to Those Living in the Closet

Q & A with Ian McKellen

Michael Dougherty on X3 (illuminating, especially since he’s a screenwriter for XMA.)

James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender Press Junket MasterPost

Interview with Bryan Singer on Superman Returns

Bryan Singer and Ian McKellen on Apt Pupil

Elle Article on Michael Fassbender

Compilation of Evidence Supporting the Canonicity of Cherik (fantastic Tumblr MasterPost)

Human Perception in Singer’s Usual Suspects

Final Draft Interview with Simon Kinberg

Nicole Bernard and Fox’s New Audience Strategy

Article on the HellFire Club Series

Bryan Singer on Usual Suspects 20th Anniversary, SPFF

Simon Kinberg Interview on the. Uncertain Future of JLaw in the XMCU

Eight Things to Expect from the HellFire Club Series

Simon Kinberg on Legion

IGN Article on a possible Gay Version of Iceman in Future X-Films

Noah Hawley on Legion

Notable Quotes on the X-Men

What The Last Stand Got Wrong- and Right

Mike Dougherty on the X3 that Could’ve Been (Note the uncanny similarities to XMA)

Wolverine 3 is Rated R



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