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All posts listed below are analyses and metas in regards to X-Men: Days of Future Past:

Subtext in the ending Erik/Charles scenes of Days of Future Past. (An analysis of the interplay and subtext between Erik, Charles, Raven, and Hank in their last scenes together.)

The Locked Room Mystery in Wolverine’s newspaper. (A meta regarding the locked room mystery hidden in Wolverine’s newspaper in Days of Future, and how that relates to Erik and Charles.)

Chess is code for foreplay. (A short meta on the “chess” scene between Erik and Charles on the plane to Paris in Days of Future Past.)

The missing sex scene on the Paris plane. (A short meta discussing Raven and Hank as mirrors for Charles and Erik, and what their missing romantic encounter scene means for Charles and Erik’s missing scene on the plane.)

The Quicksilver scene. (An analysis of the Quicksilver kitchen scene in Days of Future Past, and what that means for the Cherik romance.)

Together. (A meta regarding the use of the word “together” in relation to Erik and Charles in Days of Future Past.)

The “Weapon.” (A theory on the Sentinels and Raven’s “weaponized power” in Days of Future Past, and what that means for Cherik.)

The Love Songs. (A meta discussing the consistent use of love songs in First Class and Days of Future Past. Days takes up the second half of the post.)

The BIG Cherik discovery in Days of Future Past. (An in depth meta discussing the strange and amazing Cherik connections between the Paris boardroom scene and the Paris airport phone booth scene.)

**The Erik is Raven series posts listed in the FC Archives also tie in to Days of Future Past.**

The Paris Phone Booth Scene: it’s Erik and Charles (a short meta showing how Raven is really Charlesin the phone booth scene, and Erik knows it.)

The MacGuffin in Days of Future Past (an explanation of the plot device “MacGuffin” and how it relates to Cherik as endgame)

The “air kiss” in DoFP and the McAvoy interview that confirms it (The infamous “air kiss” gif in DoFP between Erik and Charles, and the interview with James McAboy where he alludes to this kiss.)

An important canon swap for Charles in DoFP (breakdown of the very telling canon swap of Sharon Xavier to Charles Xavier in DoFP, and how that relates to Cherik)

The gay transitions in the DoFP plane scene, including the infamous “air kiss.” (A quick recap/breakdown of the gay subtext hidden in the scene transitions between Paris and the Erik/Charles plane scenes)

The Cherik Train in DoFP


The Rogue Cut: Charles and Erik (Part I) and The Rogue Cut: Charles and Erik  (part II)





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  1. barakei84 says:

    Hello There! I’ve been reading through your blog, and before I begin to write anything about it (I admire your job with these films, as I said here and there on tumblr , I think I have to let you know that this link:

    doesn’t seem to work! It directs to an unsafe page, like it is not the same safe source as the rest of your other links (sorry, I don’t know if it makes any sense ^^”). Maybe it’s just a problem on my end, but it occurs only with this link! And I am as curious as death to read it!

    Said so, I really appreciate your enthusiasm and passion about all this! I hope it can be a dream come true, next year!

    Keep the faith!


    1. hln351 says:

      Hey, thanks for letting me know! I’ll copy the entire thing and repost it. 🙂 should be up sometime tonight!


      1. barakei84 says:

        you’re welcome! Can’t wait to read it!!! 🙂


      2. hln351 says:

        I reposted it…let me know if you can read it now.


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