Steffi Hochriegl (Larkistin)

“I started drawing comics as a teenager until someone asked me if I could draw real people. I tried and it worked out. Since then, I’ve been developing my style. I’m completely self-taught. I prefer learning by doing and watching others, even though the styles of others hardly work for me. It’s their thing, I try to find my own! I’ve been doing portraits on request for years now, and last July I created my tumblr blog. My greatest joy is the happiness of others! I’ve gotten to know so many wonderful people here, and I can’t imagine my life without them. I chose to draw Michael because he’s been my favourite actor for years. He has such an amazing variety of acting skills, and I’d like to capture them all. I would never use his fame to get famous myself. He has given his fans so many wonderful moments and characters, and I thought it’s time to give something back to him.”

Steffi is from Germany.

Check out her gallery below.

The artwork below is not Cherik/Fassbender related, but they’re too beautiful not to share. These works are from Law and Order: SVU, featuring Raul Esparza as Rafael Barba.