Section for the blog’s resident employee of Marvel/Disney and all around canon guru.

Hello, All! (Intro post for our resident Marvel/Disney employee and guru, and some very interesting points about canon Cherik)

Looking for Reader Feedback (an ongoing call to readers to submit questions about canon and timeline discrepancies within the the XMCU)

Unseen X-Men: Erik Lehnsherr Built Cerebro (A fantastic post breaking down the theory that Erik built Cerebro for Charles during the First Class film)

Jean’s Dream (a breakdown and theory about Jean Grey’s dream in XMA)

What’s In a Credit Scene? (an amazing theory about the post credits scene in The Wolverine)

X-Men Origins: Magneto and How it Points to Cherik Going Canon (a breakdown of the origins film that never was, and how it was reused for First Class, and how that relates to Cherik)

A Basic History of the XMCU

The Giant Magneto Eureka (XMA) (short breakdown of a great theory on Erik’s family in XMA)

The New Apocalypse Promo (The image of Charles’ wheelchair underwater, and how that ties into the other films.)

Theory on Old Man Logan, and What It Means for Apocalypse

Jean Grey/Phoenix: Erik and Charles’ Love Child

The Last Stand, i.e. The Gayest X-Men

Q&A Series:

Q&A #1 (on taking the viral websites as canon)

Q&A #2 (on film discrepancies)

#3 is being reworked

Q&A #4 (Erik/Charles, both MarvelChick and Barakei credited)


The Unseen X-Men Series:

Unseen X-Men: Raven Becoming Mystique

Unseen X-Men: The Summers Brothers and How Erik Escaped the Pentagon

Unseen X-Men: Erik Lehnsherr Built Cerebro