To My Readers: Thank You for Two Wonderful Years

To My Readers:

I have thought long and hard about what to say in this post, and after two weeks, I’m still no further ahead. So, I’m just going to say what’s on my mind and in my heart, and leave it at that.

This blog represents two years of my life. I spent countless hours researching and writing these posts, mostly into the very wee hours of the morning, Doing this work not only reawakened my mind and my imagination, it also put me back in touch with my sexuality/sexual identity. Due to all of that, I now am in school for LGBT Studies, and am re-entering the community actively next month. All of this has been the real payoff for me, and I am immensely indebted to X-Men and the films for helping me get back to where I belong.

I have not seen XMA, nor do I plan to. I became aware that there was no big Cherik moment or kiss when the film was released in Europe, etc on May 19th, and that the film had taken a lot of the character development routes I didn’t think they’d take. The level of heartbreak and guilt I’ve experienced over this has been fairly potent, and I’ve spent the last two weeks trying to work through that. It’s not just about a film/films to me, or about X-Men; it’s about heteronormativity, queer erasure, and subtext staying subtext when there’s no real need for it anymore. In short, queerbaiting. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been a bit out of touch with my sexuality, and out of the active community for a few years, that I expected more from XMA. In navigating and rediscovering my fluid sexuality/pansexuality, I’ve vividly recalled the times when I’d been gay bashed and experienced direct discrimination and bigotry, and in doing so, I’ve come full circle with the homophobic nature of society, and with Hollywood.

It’s with a heavy heart that I have to decided to not continue with any X-Men analyses, and will not be doing any posts on XMA. Should X-Men decide to take Cherik out of subtext in the future, or incorporate LGBT+ characters in the films, I’ll pick up where I left off. Until then, however, I have decided to move on and officially close this blog. To those of you who have asked if I will delete the X-Men work, the answer is no. It means more to me than just the films: it represents something precious and hard-won, and was the lens through which I saw the evolving LGBT+ community, which led me back into the desire for activism.

This is not to say I’ve given up hope, or faith. Not at all. If anything, it’s refueled my desire to bring to you all your culture, your films and shows, your books, and your history. You all deserve a place to immerse yourself in everything LGBTQIA+ when the outside world lets you down, and to be honest, I want the same thing. I do this not only for you and me, but for the people I’ll inevitably come across in my schooling and in my work.

I’ve met and talked with some beautiful people because of this blog, and your work, your words, and your encouragement meant more to me than I can ever express. There are a few of you writing XMA meta, and should you wish for me to share or reblog your posts, I’d be happy to do so.

I will eventually be moving all the X-Men archives to the new blog. I am still working on the template and the content for it, but since this letter represents my last post on this blog, I will go ahead and post the link at the bottom to Method Blue. 

Also, as of today, I will be taking a break from the online world. I’m not entirely sure how long I’ll be gone, but it will probably be a while. There are many factors that led to this decision, and I need time to work through everything. A lot happened all at once, both personally and professionally. I need to focus instead on my schooling, my work, the community, my family, and the new blog. I will not be “active” on Tumblr (or Twitter) during this time, and have set the blog to queue. I may respond to tags, but will leave messages and PMs for when I return. I am, however, still actively accepting submissions/fanfic recommendations to the new blog, so please continue sending those. You may use the old blog email address ( whilst it is still open, or the new email address ( The latter is a private address, so if anything you send has personal content (including emails I’ve exchanged with a lot of you), please send it there.

I want to thank you all for 2 wonderful years. Thank you for accepting me into your fandom and your lives. I’ve had an absolute blast, and the work bore more fruit than I ever thought possible, even though we didn’t get a canon acknowledgment of Charles and Erik. I will always love Cherik, and I will always love X-Men. I see fandom as an active arm of social justice, filling in the immense cracks of the stories left behind by Hollywood, and bringing visibility to LGBT+ characters. Never stop doing that, ever.

Collectively, you are all Charles and Erik dragging Caspartina from the depths of the ocean.

I love you all very much. Thank you for everything.


Keep the Faith. Love is endgame.
-Heidi, charlesanderik2016

(new blog: Method Blue)


Common Threads: Stories from the Quilt

Hey, all:

Not necessarily Cherik related, with the exception that this is a very good insight into the start of the AIDS epidemic in the early 1980s, covering the year 1983 in which XMA is set.

About halfway through the video, you’ll hear a doctor describe AIDS as a “mutant virus.” This is what the canon Apocalypse viruses (Legacy Virus/Techno-Organic Virus) were based on. I’m not sure the viruses will make an appearance in XMA, but it may be there in subtext if not spelled out.

Since this blog will be expanding soon, and I’ll be including pretty much anything LGBT+ media related that I can find, this fits both ways.

Fair warning. This video caused me to collapse into sobs. It will probably affect you as well, so just be aware of that when you start watching. It’s worth every single second, and I couldn’t recommend it more.

Common Threads: Stories from the Quilt

More coming. Keep the Faith. ❤


New XMA Trailer #3 Breakdown

Hey all:

SORRY this took so long. Between school, life demands, new XMA things, and trying like hell to get the last installments of Charles/Hank and Erik/Raven done, it’s been a difficult slice, lol.

This will be short compared to the others since I’m only doing the new footage. There is also new footage in the post that MC has coming.


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Reader Submission: The New XMA Photo

Hi, all:

Still working on the trailer post. It’s not that it’s long, it’s that so much has come out in the last few weeks that I’m having issues keeping up with everything. But I’m getting it done.

Got an email from a reader today (THANK YOU so much for this!!!) who sent the new set photo from XMA that was released, and everyone has correctly assumed that this is the Danger Room (it was also in the 2nd trailer as well; one theory down, MC! 🙂 ).


As the reader pointed out, that’s Charles in the background, with the same clothes as this shot:


Here’s why this is so important, and how this links to the Cherik set photo.

The original concept for The Last Stand, as explained by screenwriter Mike Dougherty (who is also a writer for XMA), was that:

“The one idea that I loved, that I really wanted to do, was that Cyclops would build the Danger Room. Cyclops felt guilty, he felt that because the X-Men were too weak, they weren’t strong enough, they weren’t fast enough, that was the reason Jean died. If they were a little bit better at fighting, then she might still be alive. It was all about this guilt he had about her death and so he built the Danger Room to train them to be better. But in the end it really was about him not being able to let go of her, so that causes all the chaos and disruption in the movie. But in the end it’s about him letting her go.”

However, we’re not entirely sure yet who builds the Danger Room in XMA. Erik builds Cerebro off-screen in FC, and we see the upgraded hallway in the Rogue Cut during the Rogue rescue scene. Cyclops and Jean, however, have their origin story here- not quite to the Dark Phoenix yet. I’m thinking that along with Cerebro (and along with MC’s idea) that Erik built the entire basement- Cerebro, Danger Room and all. So, if he builds it…then perhaps our theory that Charles and Erik will follow the original Jean and Scott storyline is true, and that Erik either builds the Danger Room later on in XMA because he thinks Charles is dead, or after he and Charles make up and start to rebuild the house together.

The reader was also asking about what the X-Men are looking at. I’m not entirely sure (MC can weigh in on this later) but the only one missing from that photo is Erik. Maybe he’s teaching? If he built it… It’s just a guess though. Maybe it’s another X-Man we don’t see. Perhaps it’s virtual reality (I’m pretty sure the Danger Room actually becomes sentient at one point during the comics.)

Charles looks pretty ok with the X-Men doing their thing… Erik would definitely be ok with it. It’s their two ideas put together- a family that “nothing can destroy.”

But those photos above, and Charles in the background…

Jean doesn’t technically die in TLS, either. And her death was fixed *entirely* in DoFP, and she and Scott are back together. They belong together.

Everything- clothes, the Danger Room door in the background, the original X-Men film dialogue, the fact that neither are dead but together, tied to the Jean/Scott epic love story- ties into this shot:


“There’s going to be a time, Hank, when we are all together.”

Cherik is endgame. Their family is endgame. Singer said that this is an end to the trilogy, and an end to all the films, and that the idea of family and marriage has now changed in our society. What better way to end the films?

(Also, the reader was asking about Storm… I’m betting she’s there because that shot comes from the end- or near the end- of the film, and she’s officially an X-Man now. She does eventually switch sides. MC can weigh in on that later, and I’ll add in her thoughts.)

More coming. Have a few interesting interviews to post (thank you Barakei!!!!) and MC has an awesome fan theory post coming. I’m still working on the new trailer (only going to do the new footage, no need to repeat the existing. 🙂 )



A News Link, and a Few Very Curious Things from FC and DoFP


I’m hard at work on the last installment of Charles is Hank (until XMA is out on blu-ray). And I happened to come across two very curious things I’ve never noticed before!

In FC, the whole infamous scene of Charles and Erik becoming one and pulling their love ship Caspartina out of the depths of the ocean… Well, I was taking screenshots, and I saw something happen with Charles. I cannot believe I never noticed this before!! Check this out:

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