To My Readers: Thank You for Two Wonderful Years

To My Readers:

I have thought long and hard about what to say in this post, and after two weeks, I’m still no further ahead. So, I’m just going to say what’s on my mind and in my heart, and leave it at that.

This blog represents two years of my life. I spent countless hours researching and writing these posts, mostly into the very wee hours of the morning, Doing this work not only reawakened my mind and my imagination, it also put me back in touch with my sexuality/sexual identity. Due to all of that, I now am in school for LGBT Studies, and am re-entering the community actively next month. All of this has been the real payoff for me, and I am immensely indebted to X-Men and the films for helping me get back to where I belong.

I have not seen XMA, nor do I plan to. I became aware that there was no big Cherik moment or kiss when the film was released in Europe, etc on May 19th, and that the film had taken a lot of the character development routes I didn’t think they’d take. The level of heartbreak and guilt I’ve experienced over this has been fairly potent, and I’ve spent the last two weeks trying to work through that. It’s not just about a film/films to me, or about X-Men; it’s about heteronormativity, queer erasure, and subtext staying subtext when there’s no real need for it anymore. In short, queerbaiting. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been a bit out of touch with my sexuality, and out of the active community for a few years, that I expected more from XMA. In navigating and rediscovering my fluid sexuality/pansexuality, I’ve vividly recalled the times when I’d been gay bashed and experienced direct discrimination and bigotry, and in doing so, I’ve come full circle with the homophobic nature of society, and with Hollywood.

It’s with a heavy heart that I have to decided to not continue with any X-Men analyses, and will not be doing any posts on XMA. Should X-Men decide to take Cherik out of subtext in the future, or incorporate LGBT+ characters in the films, I’ll pick up where I left off. Until then, however, I have decided to move on and officially close this blog. To those of you who have asked if I will delete the X-Men work, the answer is no. It means more to me than just the films: it represents something precious and hard-won, and was the lens through which I saw the evolving LGBT+ community, which led me back into the desire for activism.

This is not to say I’ve given up hope, or faith. Not at all. If anything, it’s refueled my desire to bring to you all your culture, your films and shows, your books, and your history. You all deserve a place to immerse yourself in everything LGBTQIA+ when the outside world lets you down, and to be honest, I want the same thing. I do this not only for you and me, but for the people I’ll inevitably come across in my schooling and in my work.

I’ve met and talked with some beautiful people because of this blog, and your work, your words, and your encouragement meant more to me than I can ever express. There are a few of you writing XMA meta, and should you wish for me to share or reblog your posts, I’d be happy to do so.

I will eventually be moving all the X-Men archives to the new blog. I am still working on the template and the content for it, but since this letter represents my last post on this blog, I will go ahead and post the link at the bottom to Method Blue. 

Also, as of today, I will be taking a break from the online world. I’m not entirely sure how long I’ll be gone, but it will probably be a while. There are many factors that led to this decision, and I need time to work through everything. A lot happened all at once, both personally and professionally. I need to focus instead on my schooling, my work, the community, my family, and the new blog. I will not be “active” on Tumblr (or Twitter) during this time, and have set the blog to queue. I may respond to tags, but will leave messages and PMs for when I return. I am, however, still actively accepting submissions/fanfic recommendations to the new blog, so please continue sending those. You may use the old blog email address ( whilst it is still open, or the new email address ( The latter is a private address, so if anything you send has personal content (including emails I’ve exchanged with a lot of you), please send it there.

I want to thank you all for 2 wonderful years. Thank you for accepting me into your fandom and your lives. I’ve had an absolute blast, and the work bore more fruit than I ever thought possible, even though we didn’t get a canon acknowledgment of Charles and Erik. I will always love Cherik, and I will always love X-Men. I see fandom as an active arm of social justice, filling in the immense cracks of the stories left behind by Hollywood, and bringing visibility to LGBT+ characters. Never stop doing that, ever.

Collectively, you are all Charles and Erik dragging Caspartina from the depths of the ocean.

I love you all very much. Thank you for everything.


Keep the Faith. Love is endgame.
-Heidi, charlesanderik2016

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XMA: New Set Stills Breakdown

I won’t be posting all the stills, just a select number of them as they pertain to theories, etc.

Ok, I’m doing this one first because I flipped when I saw it (thanks to everyone who sent this to us!!!) and it proves one theory- that the aborted X2 ending that Fox nixed (aka Erik saves Charles from dark!Cerebro and carries him out bridal style, refusing to leave him, and he and Jean look after him in the X-Jet):

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The Future of the X-Men Franchise

So far the X-Men Universe has produced nine films, the ninth being Apocalypse. Discounting the three character movies, all of them focus on the dubious relationship between Charles and Erik.

  • X-Men: The X-Men have to stop Magneto
  • X2: Magneto enlists the help of the X-Men to save Charles, in the end turns on them
  • The Last Stand: X-Men have to stop Magneto and Phoenix
  • First Class: How Charles and Erik meet and the birth of Magneto
  • Days of Future Past: Old Charles and Erik send Logan back in time to force young Charles and Erik work together to stop a war. Erik turns on Charles.

All of these were great films but the x-Men franchise needs to be about something other than Magneto verses Charles or they will become redundant. Fans and writers have both alluded to this.

All of these were great films but the x-Men franchise needs to be about something other than Magneto verses Charles or they will become redundant. Fans and writers have both alluded to this.

When the comics were becoming too repetitive, and ever since have become repetitive due to the Charles and Erik dynamic, they have resolved the issue by:

  1. Killing one; for example in Age of Apocalypse, Erik isn’t a villain because he’s working in Charles’ image.
  2. Depowering one or incapacitating one; like in New Mutants when Erik takes over leading them because Charles is in space.
  3. Having them work together.

The interesting part of this, is that in X2, Erik did take over (temporarily) working with the X-Men to save Charles. BUT the new trilogy purposely ignored the easy knock out route. They knocked them both out already and refused to show it. In the time between First Class and Days of Future Past, Charles was depowered and Erik was in prison. This would have been the perfect chance to have a movie that wasn’t about either of them; let alone the two of them against each other.

You could’ve made a movie about Hank trying to lead the X-Men without their leader, or a movie focused on the Trask experiments and Raven finding out about it, and trying to avenge her fallen friends and comrades. We know what everyone was doing in those ten years and there are great stories and characters that could’ve filled a movie or several movies without so much as a glimpse of McAvoy or Fassbender. Instead the filmmakers purposely chose to mention quickly all the things that happened over a decade to keep the focus on Erik and Charles’ relationship.

They are doing another time jump where again there are plenty of non Charles and Erik stories that can be told. Erik hasn’t been seen in 8-10 years again but my theory is they can’t move on to other stories until they are canon. It isn’t that they don’t have the ability to have a movie without that dynamic and it’s not a lack of ideas, they just have to finish what they started.

“Culmination of six films and start of a new direction.” Nice right? [“Culmination of that three act love story.” :D]

Moving forward, the movies will have Charles and Erik as a couple but probably more as background characters with the younger characters more front and center.

Lastly, Heidi and I had a conversation a few weeks ago about the possibility that Bryan Singer and Mathew Vaughn made a backroom deal after First Class, where Singer would be allowed to finish what he couldn’t achieve with the original trilogy and then Vaughn could return once they are established as a couple.

Just a thought.


The Best Patrick Stewart Quote EVER and Some Curious Source Info

I was sent this by Anais today. I CANNOT BELIEVE I NEVER SAW THIS.


The quote come from this podcast that happened in September. We already know he’s in  XMA now (Ian is the one who isn’t confirmed, but I’m not buying that for one single solitary second), so the IMDb info about it is a bit outdated.

But…guys…this quote, LMAO:

“I am so ready to be naked, painted blue. And the world is ready for it, too.” (on whether he’d take on the role of Mystique.)


I can’t, oh my God. I’ve been DYING over that all day. SNEAKY BASTARDS I LOVE YOU ALL. The world IS ready for you to be naked and blue, Sir Pat! That answer is BRILLIANT.


And then I was given permission to say this from my X-Men Source about the Global Fan Screening that’s happening on Monday, May 9th. This is not a direct quote, I’m paraphrasing what was said:

Allegedly, the screening that will happen may not show the entire film. Credits scenes may be cut. The people who see the film may sign NDAs. Either way, avoid spoilers IF they are allowed to happen, and if they are allowed- take them with a grain of salt because they may not have seen the entire film.



MC and I (along with others) will be posting during the time frame between May 9th- May 27th, BUT we will be heavily avoiding spoilers from the film premieres (I’ll be offline entirely except for the blog and email). So, PLEASE do not spoil anything for us, if you don’t mind! We’d like the actual experience in the theater since it’s such an important one, and we’ve waited so long for it. 🙂 Thank you!!