Film Rec: Bisexuality/Polyamory (II)

Few things really quick: I’ve opened the new site, and work will start soon. Please keep sending recs, submissions, etc. I’m loving everything, I can’t wait to get it all up! I’ll also answer emails this weekend- thanks for bearing with me! Hannibal is taking a large amount of my time (but totally worth it, oh my GOD, this show is my heart and soul), plus school, etc but I’m here! 

I’ll talk about XMA and all related to it when it comes out here on May 27th. Promise. No, we’re not quitting X-Men, we’re just expanding. I want to discuss all that is “blue.” 😆

Ok, bi/poly another film rec for y’all: 

Tom Tykwer’s Drei. (Three) German language. I cannot tell you all how many times I’ve watched this film. It was on Netflix, don’t think it is now, BUT it frequently comes back so watch for it. 

Features a married couple who are deeply in love but something is missing in their lives. They both meet the same man at different times, they both fall for him, and he falls for them both. Kind of like Angels of Sex, but this one features middle aged people, and is a bit comedic/art house…also has one of my favorite film lines EVER. (I’ll go over that in the post, but I think you all will know what it is, lol.) Also, not to spoil anything, but for those who hate unhappy endings with LGBT+ characters, don’t worry…this one ends well. So does Angels of Sex. 👍

I’m also kind of obsessed with the bisexual guy. (The one in the middle.) He is awesome.

I’ll do all kinds of LGBTQIAP film/tv/fiction, so don’t worry- I’ve got something for everyone, all kinds of taste and styles and stories, and I collect more and more everyday. 😀 SO KEEP SENDING ME STUFF. (Yes that includes asexual/demisexual representation, I’m not one of those people who thinks you don’t exist. 👍 I know you do, and I support you 100%.)

I love you guys! 




Film Rec: Bisexuality/Polyamory

Hey, all:

I’m working on the post for episode 1 of season 1 of Hannibal at the moment (God help me with this show, I swear to GOD. Bryan Fuller ripped out my soul and put it in a television series, that’s all there is to it) and I’m simultaneously watching one of my favorite LGBT+ foreign language films: Angels of Sex. It’s Spanish language, and features a bisexual man who falls in love with a straight couple…and they fall in love with him.

It’s bisexuality, polyamory, it’s gorgeous, and I love it…I think you all will too. AND AND AND? It’s available on Netflix! GO WATCH IT, SERIOUSLY.

I’m going to do an entire post based on this film because it’s a jewel, and is the heart of something I believe very much: that we all should have the freedom to love as we wish and arrange our relationships as we see fit.

But I just had to rec it now, and LOOK at them:


YES. Ahhhhhh ❤ ❤ ❤

So, I’ve got another one like this that I’ll rec tomorrow- it’s a German language film that I’ve watched a million times. I’ll be doing a post on that one too, but I literally cannot wait to tell you all about them because they’re SO GOOD.






Updates: Blog Expansion, new Tumblr, etc.

Hey, guys:

So, here’s the deal on the blog expansion. We are starting from scratch, and building a new site. We will upload all our archives from here to the new site, and redo the design/layout etc. This blog will remain *active* until that site goes live, and will redirect to the new site for a period of months until everyone is aware we’ve moved.

The new site will be called Method Blue. The tumblr is already active. Follow us! 😀

MC had a big hand in the name, and I thought blue was a great callback to the work we’ve already been doing, and will continue to do. While this site is focused on a few fandoms, primarily X-Men, the new blog will be *everything* LGBTQIA in the arts, media, and eventually history as well. Yep- fandom culture will still be there, for sure.

I have quite a lot of content from reader submissions to upload to the new site, but we are *absolutely* still accepting things. If you’ve written something, drawn something, analyzed something, if you have a film/book/show recommendation, if you’ve made an indie film or do podcasts, vblogs,*anything* LGBTQIA related, *I WANT TO SEE IT.* XD And post it, if at all possible. (YES- this includes fanfic. Regardless of what happens/what has already happened in XMA or with X-Men, I will never not support fanfic authors, and I will still be doing rec lists!!) If you blog about LGBT+ things, tweet or Facebook about them, I want to follow, so send me your info!

For ALL of you who identify as LGBTQIA/Pansexual/homoromantic/gender fluid/etc- I want you to have access to your history, your stories, your culture, everything. I want this to be a safe haven for you, no matter who you are, where you come from, or how you identify. I am FOR you, WITH you, PART OF you. 

We are family.

I am here. I’m not going anywhere.

Eventually, I’ll make a statement regarding XMA. I know people want to hear from me about that, but I’m waiting until the US premiere. There’s a lot of…emotions that I have about it, and I’ve done the better part of two weeks working through them. All I can say at the moment is that no matter what, I’m not going to let XMA tear down this blog. I’ve wanted to expand for months now, and our idea is bigger than one film. But I will talk about it soon enough.

I hope you stick with us. I’m unbelievably grateful that *so many* of you have stayed by our side. 

So, let’s evolve. I’ll be getting into Hannibal personally as well as doing blogs on LGBT+ film, hoping for two a month since they’ll be the usual graphics-heavy analysis you’re used to on the blog! The first will cover the Swedish vampire piece Let the Right One In. MC will continue on with X-Men, Marvel, possibly other things. Not-a-bit-good will continue with Daredevil. I have a few interested writers for other projects. When I am finished with Hannibal, I’ll be moving into other shows.

So a lot is coming.

Also, please feel free to contact me. I’m here now. I say this a bit hesitantly concerning a few recent bad experiences with two people, but again, not going to let anyone tear down what we are trying to do. So, if you want to talk, if you need to vent about sexual identity, or issues concerning your creative work, or just to yell about feels and disappointments and victories regarding anything LGBTQIA related- including fictional characters XD- I’m here. I’m no therapist, but I’m a damn good listener. 

Just contact the new tumblr blog as linked above (themethodblue), or email us at I will answer you. I also have a twitter that’s available upon request if you’d like to follow! (The email will eventually change, but not until the site goes live.)

I love you all very much.

And no matter what- let us NEVER, *EVER* lose our faith. Keep it, always.



Hey all. 

Hello, all.

I know many of you have been wondering where I’ve been, and why I deactivated the tumblr account. 

I am definitely busy with school, with trying to expand this blog project of mine, with just life in general. But…there are other factors as well, however they’re not things I can or wish to talk about yet, unfortunately. I just don’t feel right not saying anything at all, if that makes sense. 

I’m here. I’m not going anywhere, and I hope none of you are either. I’m just quietly assessing. Rebuilding certain things…releasing others. 

MarvelChick has been fielding emails and messages, so if you all have questions or comments (anon is welcome) etc, she can help. I cannot answer directly right now, I’m sorry. I will be able to eventually, I’m just not sure when. I may post now and then until the first part of the blog expansion goes into effect, but I cannot guarantee it. 

I miss and love everyone. 


(“You don’t lose hope, love. If you do, you lose everything.” Beauty and the Beast, 1991. 🌹) 

Quick update 

Hello All, 

As some of you might have already realized, the tumblr associated with this was deactivated. 

Heidi is very busy, with many things, including future blog expansion and does not want spoilers so, for now, she’s breaking from tumblr. 

However, not to worry, I’m still around if anyone wants to connect on there- as MARVELCHICK. 
Please continue to send theories and breakthroughs (or even just a nice hello) because, though the tumblr is gone, the blog is strong. 

As for spoilers, let’s not ruin anything for anyone until we’ve all had the chance to see Apocalypse- it’s only fair. So though reviews have come out, I have made a point to ignore them be uses I don’t trust anything, I hope nobody is prejudging the movie. 

Maybe the movie will blow up, maybe we will get a kiss for the ages but either way, it’ll all be over by the end of the month and we can all come here and talk about it. 

We aren’t going anywhere and really hope you aren’t either! 

Wolverine Buried Alive in the beginning of Days of Future Past  

In the beginning of Days of Future Past, while Professor X is monologuing, we see Nate Grey scavenging through the rubble in New York. While digging he comes a across an X, which upon closer look is actually an X-Man Belt. 

Nate Grey- more to come on him soon

Look even closer and you discover that the belt is attached to a torso- and a very familiar one at that. It’s Wolverine unconscious and buried (Logan can’t die so he can’t be dead) 

When the X-team disembarks from the plane, the above shot lingers a tiny bit longer than everyone else, as if the filmmakers are trying to convey the connection. 

I’m not actually sure what exactly this means for the future movies but here are some other interesting connections that go with this discovery. 

  • BOOKENDS: With that being his body, the first time you see him in the movie, he’s buried and being recovered. The last time you see him is when he’s being recovered from water. 
  • When he wakes up in 2023, everyone we see are familiar X-Men characters for the earlier movies except for Nate Grey. This movie was his first appearance and yet he is the first person he sees in the new future. 
  • Assuming that is indeed his body, Nate would be the first person he sees after being uncovered in the beginning as well. 

This discovery also goes along with Anias’ Wolverine mirrors Magneto theory because Logan’s body is found in a dumping spot for the dead. 

The images are jarring and graphic for a PG13 movie but they are right out of WWII footage. I saw the Holocaust connection but I missed Logan for 23months!  And in canon (It’s in New Mutants and Magneto’s Testament) Erik was buried in a mass grave, alive!

July 1942, Max* and his family escaped from Warsaw and were captured by Nazi soldiers. As they were executed, Jakob saved Max’s life by pushing him out of the firing line without anyone’s notice. The corpse and Max were buried in a mass grave. 

*Erik’s name was Max Eisenhert 

Niether Heidi or myself can be sure what this means for Erik’s story or Logan’s. Does anyone have any ideas?