Hannigram FanFiction

(This page is a WIP)

Below is a list of some *absolutely amazing* Hannigram fanfiction that I’ve come across in my reading. These are in no particular order, and I’ll add as I find more! Author’s pages with their bodies of work (including all the fandoms for which they write) are listed after each fic when available. I can’t recommend these authors enough.

Dating Will Graham Should Not Be This Hard by Chi-chi-chimaera (gestalt1) (Author pages found here and here)

Hannibal: Tonight It’s Only You And Me by IBegToDreamAndDiffer (Author page found here)

I Change Shapes by t_pock (Author page found here)

Warrior by becks (Author page found here)

Obsidian Dragons by shotgunsinlace (Author page found here)

A Day in the Life by shotgunsinlace 

They made it for me by zombieboyband (Author page found here)

Savage Grace by BadTiming (Author page found here)

Captives by whiskeyandspite (Author page found here)

Bacchanal by bluesyturtle (Author page found here)

loose ends by the score by coloredink (Author page found here)

A psalm from the book of lies by cicak (Author page found here)

The Ladders Series by emungere (Author page found here)

Who, O Lord, Shall Stand? Series by AGlassRoseNeverFades (Author page found here)

Terroir by canis_m (Author page found here)

Take Me by April_Gabriella (Author page found here)

The Averno Series by damnslippyplanet (Author page found here)

Violence by willneverbeordinary (Author page found here)

Petrichor by KareliaSweet (Author page found here)

The Anatomy of a Monster Series by TimmyJayBird (Author page found here)

Fire Meet Gasoline by snaxo (Author page found here) (Also a prolific writer in the Cherik fandom)

Snow in Bedlam by VictoriaAGrey (Author page found here