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**UPDATE** This blog is undergoing major evolution at the moment, and will be expanding in the next six months or so into the developing or already canon same sex relationships in NBC’s Hannibal, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, BBC’s Sherlock, and Fox’s Gotham. I will also very soon be including a HUGE F/F wing of the blog, and will eventually expand into the subtext in classic and modern LGBT film and literature/fiction. In addition, I will be devoting an entire section to fanfiction and fan art. More content, as it becomes available or visible (including new same sex relationships on the big and small screens) will be added.

ANYONE WITH BLOG POSTS, META, ANALYSES, PAPERS, FAN FICTION, FAN ART, ETC, OR RECOMMENDATIONS IN ANY OF THOSE AREAS, PLEASE CONTACT ME, ESPECIALLY IF YOU AUTHORED/CREATED THEM. My wish/end goal is to build a community here, give as much exposure as I can to people in these fields and areas of interest, and provide a medium through which communication and dialogue about said subjects (and related subjects) can take place. SO SEND AWAY.
Thank you!!


Basically, this blog is nothing but posts regarding my analysis of the subtext in the new X-Men trilogy. I’ve become more than a little obsessed. It’s also my belief that the last film, Apocalypse, will end with Charles and Erik officially becoming canon. I don’t see how the subtext and the storyline is leading anywhere else.

Some of these posts may come across as a bit “conspiracy theorist” (especially my future posts regarding a possible link between X-Men and BBC’s Sherlock) and I’m totally cool with that. They’re just my opinions, and this is pure speculation, however educated my hypotheses may be. That being said, I definitely believe in and put quite a lot of time and thought into what I post.

While there are several sites dedicated to the subtext in Sherlock, I’ve yet to see any dedicated to X-Men, so that’s my purpose here. I truly believe (and hope to prove and maybe even convince a few of you) that X-Men is headed in the exact same direction as Sherlock: making the lead couples canon (Charles/Erik and Sherlock/John), thereby ushering in an entirely new generation of love stories. (And promoting tolerance, understanding, all that beautiful stuff.)

Please feel free to comment, criticize, expand on, or correct me in anything I write! I welcome feedback! I am only semi-fluent on the X-Men graphic novels, so any help there is greatly appreciated.

I’d also like to add that my analysis of the subtext in X-Men would *never* have been possible without Sherlock, and sites dedicated to the heavy subtext in that particular show, especially these two:

Loudest Subtext in Television

Deducing BBC Sherlock

(If you’ve never visited those sites before, please do- their work on the subtext in Sherlock is astounding.)

If you have anything to request, or ask, please leave a comment or email me at charlesanderik2016@gmail.com. Thanks!

***By the way, I freely admit I could be wrong about any and all of what I post. I have no problems with that!***


Here is the Mission Statement for the blog.


Below are the Introduction posts for Barakei84 and MarvelChick:

Barakei84- Hello, Guys!

MarvelChick- Hello, All!


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