Film Rec: Bisexuality/Polyamory (II)


Few things really quick: I’ve opened the new site, and work will start soon. Please keep sending recs, submissions, etc. I’m loving everything, I can’t wait to get it all up! I’ll also answer emails this weekend- thanks for bearing with me! Hannibal is taking a large amount of my time (but totally worth it, oh my GOD, this show is my heart and soul), plus school, etc but I’m here! 

I’ll talk about XMA and all related to it when it comes out here on May 27th. Promise. No, we’re not quitting X-Men, we’re just expanding. I want to discuss all that is “blue.” 😆

Ok, bi/poly another film rec for y’all: 

Tom Tykwer’s Drei. (Three) German language. I cannot tell you all how many times I’ve watched this film. It was on Netflix, don’t think it is now, BUT it frequently comes back so watch for it. 

Features a married couple who are deeply in love but something is missing in their lives. They both meet the same man at different times, they both fall for him, and he falls for them both. Kind of like Angels of Sex, but this one features middle aged people, and is a bit comedic/art house…also has one of my favorite film lines EVER. (I’ll go over that in the post, but I think you all will know what it is, lol.) Also, not to spoil anything, but for those who hate unhappy endings with LGBT+ characters, don’t worry…this one ends well. So does Angels of Sex. 👍

I’m also kind of obsessed with the bisexual guy. (The one in the middle.) He is awesome.

I’ll do all kinds of LGBTQIAP film/tv/fiction, so don’t worry- I’ve got something for everyone, all kinds of taste and styles and stories, and I collect more and more everyday. 😀 SO KEEP SENDING ME STUFF. (Yes that includes asexual/demisexual representation, I’m not one of those people who thinks you don’t exist. 👍 I know you do, and I support you 100%.)

I love you guys! 




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