Quick update 

Hello All, 

As some of you might have already realized, the tumblr associated with this was deactivated. 

Heidi is very busy, with many things, including future blog expansion and does not want spoilers so, for now, she’s breaking from tumblr. 

However, not to worry, I’m still around if anyone wants to connect on there- as MARVELCHICK. 
Please continue to send theories and breakthroughs (or even just a nice hello) because, though the tumblr is gone, the blog is strong. 

As for spoilers, let’s not ruin anything for anyone until we’ve all had the chance to see Apocalypse- it’s only fair. So though reviews have come out, I have made a point to ignore them be uses I don’t trust anything, I hope nobody is prejudging the movie. 

Maybe the movie will blow up, maybe we will get a kiss for the ages but either way, it’ll all be over by the end of the month and we can all come here and talk about it. 

We aren’t going anywhere and really hope you aren’t either! 


2 Comments Add yours

  1. shin says:

    Sorry, the clip is “Welcome Home Raven”.


  2. shin says:

    You should watch the newest clip “Raven Comes Home” I think
    The mix of emotions on Charles’ face when they talk about Erik is so…….


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