XMA: New Set Stills Breakdown

I won’t be posting all the stills, just a select number of them as they pertain to theories, etc.

Ok, I’m doing this one first because I flipped when I saw it (thanks to everyone who sent this to us!!!) and it proves one theory- that the aborted X2 ending that Fox nixed (aka Erik saves Charles from dark!Cerebro and carries him out bridal style, refusing to leave him, and he and Jean look after him in the X-Jet):


AHHHHHHHHH. YES. Jean helps rescue Charles, and I’d bet actual money that Erik is on that jet, we just don’t see him. I bet he sees what Apoc has done to his man, flips the HELL out, carries Charles out bridal style, puts him on the Jet while he and Jean look after him (and maybe we get her saving them from the water again, like X2?? I mean, in canon, Apoc sends a wall of water, so…) And there’s this image from the stills of Jean screaming in front of moving liquid that looks like water:

image7 (2)

It’s speculation, guys, but when I saw that first image, I just flipped. And the second one is…more than curious.

This one, of Oscar Isaac as En Sabah Nur becoming Apocalypse… the blue light “smoke” around him:


reminded me of the XMA Magneto poster and that blue light in his hand:


Kinda wondering if that represents the “soul” of Apocalypse (everything be blue in these films :D) and what that means in terms of the Magneto shot. Apoc’s control over Erik? Erik possibly using this one someone else, maybe Charles? Who knows. Could just be an image. But it’s curious. Barakei talked last year about her theory where she thinks we’ll see a Magneto vs Dark!Charles battle, and that image there may be connected to that!


So that image is connected to these shots:


The Apoc web? His containment cells? And obviously someone busts them out- each film has a prison bust. Not sure if the QS shot is before or after that.


That shot, with the translucent striped shirt, goes with these because of the clothing:

image4 (6)image2 (26)image3 (7)image1 (43)image2 (27)image1 (45)

So looks like that’s all going to take place in the span of a day maybe? We only ever see that shirt and the v-neck purple shirt. Guessing Charles is teaching, Jean has a dream and Charles and Hank go into see her, Charles and Hank go to Cerebro to check out her visions, Raven comes home (not sure if before or after Jean’s dream). Then we get the purple shirt shots. Moira’s office scene is Charles in a purple shirt, so he goes there after Jean’s dream and after Cerebro.

Then we get this shot…


So Hank’s outfit there matches the Cerebro shot above, so this has to be when Charles is searching for evidence of Jean’s dream, and this shot.. lol. Ok, look, stick with me here because this may sound a little crazy, but… just hear me out.

See that image to the left of Hank? Does that not look like the front of a boat? Or a submarine? It has a railing on top, and it’s two tone. What looks like windows are just below the railing. And Hank- Charles’ mirror- is right in that shot, looking forward like it’s an 80s film “memory montage.” …Call me crazy, but I honest to God think that’s the top front of the Caspartina sub from FC. I enhanced the photo- sharpened it and elevated the contrast a bit so I could see it better:

image1 (46)

That looks like Caspartina. The SUB.


Railing. Windows. Two tone. PLUS IT MAKES SENSE TO BE THERE, RIGHT?! 😀 It’s the submerged love story. It’s what brought Erik and Charles together. It’s the sub version of the Shaw’s ship, and the ship from Vaughn’s love story Stardust. It’s the ship Erik was trying to raise until Charles saved him from drowning. It’s the ship they raise together, later- the “point between Rage and Serenity”- in the infamous Sub Lift scene, to their epic romantic musical theme.


If I had to guess- it’s there because Apocalypse (evolution) is on his way, and he’s bringing Erik, and things are going to get fixed, and that’s just all she wrote. Cherik is going canon, and that “ship” is being raised again, and this time it won’t crash.

I know I probably sound crazy…but it’s right there. It’s not like that’s some random shot that was just taken and put in the magazine, it was CHOSEN to be there. That’s what was released! When I saw that Cerebro picture, I lost it. (Seriously. Tears were involved.)

Then there’s this shot of Apoc:


Looks like fire behind him? Kinda wondering if he’s blowing up the X-Mansion. I definitely suspect he’s there in that whole thing. The villains are ALWAYS in the fire scenes (Shaw at the CIA and the Sentinels in the X-Mansion blowing up scene).

The shot of Charles we’ve seen before, and he’s got a copy of The Once and Future King…


…a copy that looks very familiar…

image1 (44)

(the book is also a nod to canon. It was used as a metaphor for Erik, and was listed as one of Xavier’s favorite books. It’s mentioned in Bent Bullet as being in Erik’s cell, and it’s in the films, too…both trilogies, and the exact same copy it seems, shared between the two of them. My heart.)

This shot of Moira:


which fits this shot from Trailer 1:


And reminds me of Moira is the Hellfire Club in FC, examining the Russian documents:

image1 (47)image2 (28)

And these shots of Erik in DoFP examining the Sentinel blueprints:


Ahhh, so cool. Moira did say she was tracking “one of them” (the cults) in the Moira’s Office clip. Wondering if that shot of her happens before Charles and Havok come to see her, or if it happens after Charles is kidnapped. In both those scenes above, it happens before each finds the actual “villain.” Not sure about the XMA shot, though.

This shot of Raven and Nightcrawler:


Which looks like it comes right before these shots:

image4 (7)imageimage

She has on the same clothes as these shots:

image1 (48)image3 (8)image2 (29)image

So, maybe she rescues Nightcrawler (maybe she knows it’s her kid, and tells Charles? Don’t know. No idea.) Think she takes him to the school for protection, Charles takes him in. She stays for a while with her family, and then the whole kidnapping goes down, she decides to help rescue Charles and gets taken by Apoc, is busted out and then helps fight/rescue him again? We’ll see, but there are already parallels there with Erik’s story.


This shot of Storm is really interesting because she looks like she’s standing in front of a lot of discarded metal, and Erik works in a steel mill? And she’s definitely there when Apoc goes to get Erik. Could also be in Egypt somewhere? Not sure. Just speculating there. But this next shot, she’s in the same outfit, and that definitely looks like the steel mill:


That’s all for now! We’ll post more as they come in! XD

More coming! I’m going to try like hell to get out the last installment of Charles is Hank by this week. KEEP THE FAITH!!




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  1. koti says:


    You were wondering if Apoc blows up the mansion. There is this snippet from one of the TV spots: https://66.media.tumblr.com/ce58afc7c8a13a4959c2e035ca12930d/tumblr_o6grec0Z2N1qmoz1zo2_500.gif
    In the background we can see Hank, Moira and Raven. This must be right after Charles’ abduction and after Havok runs down the hall to probably fight Apoc and his horseman. I guess that’s when he dies. There is some fire bending going on during the ceremony. Maybe Apoc can control fire? Makes me think of the scene in the last trailer where Erik throws a lot of metal towards a big explosion.

    Also, I could imagine that Erik isn’t on the plane but stays behind to fight Apocalypse. He says “Good luck” to someone in another TV spot. That could be right before he sends Jean and the others off to evacuate Charles.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. barakei says:

      Apocalypse seems to be on control of…energy? Likewise Shaw?
      You can see him doing something of the likes in this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cy3RLpbjFYQ
      Fire and…bunch of metal?
      I share your opinion on Havok’s death (even if I hope he has enough screen time before he dies).
      And you can be right about Erik staying behind to face Apocalypse, once he knows Charles is ok with his students. Then, of course, Charles awakes and panicks because he can’t leave him behind. And we’ll have the reverse of the Cuba scene: Charles cradling a “dying” Erik after the fight is over. (just speculating on one of my scenrarios XD)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. shin says:

    Hey, have you read the X-Men Apocalypse article in Total Film magazine? There are a lot of scenes there.
    There is a picture of Singer and Erik there. Erik is working with apron (?) and helmet and machine.
    So, do you think that

    it is a flashback of him working after escaping from camp years ago?


    Erik is really working and has normal life (minus the family thing), then Apocalypse comes and recruits him by showing him flashbacks.


    Maybe Erik is really having a normal life and family and they are taken from him and that’s where Apocalypse steps in?
    Even though the family thing, for me, is a weird storyline after his speech in Days of Future Past and even though Trask has been jailed, they still have someone like Stryker running around. It could happen because after Mutant Saves Cabinet event, humans and mutants live peacefully and Erik doesn’t really have anything to do since, you know, it’s peace. Therefore, he decides to have normal live somewhere to avoid Charles? well, because I-told-you-so from Charles will just irritate him.

    or what?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hln351 says:

      Gonna post this today and talk about it! Lots of interesting stuff there, lol. ❤️


  3. barakei says:

    You remember the owl-shaped hardcover picture Singer posted on Instagram along with the “past catches up” one? Fans assumed that was Mystique disguised, as she once shapeshifts into an owl in the animated series. They say Raven is looking for Erik at the beginning of the movie, as she feels he’s in danger.
    So maybe she was there? After or before rescuing Kurt? Then once back at the mansion she tells Charles about and he begins to search for Erik and while Apocalypse is turning Angel into Archangel (“oh god, he can control all of us”) they share that painful telepathic conversation.

    Just speculating here, but Raven seems to have a moment at the end when she reminds Erik that he’s loved and he’s a family, so maybe she knows what happened to his human family in Poland?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hln351 says:

      Oh, this is good, I’ll put this in the post for tonight!!!!!! I forgot about that owl!!!!


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