New XMA Apocalypse Featurette 


I’ve got a sort of breakdown coming of this later today, but thought I’d post the video now in case people wanna see it beforehand:

XMA Apocalyse Feature
So much in that… Some that proves theories we have (and some readers as well!! You’ll see what I mean!). Also showcases some beautiful parallels to the first two films, AND the old trilogy as well. Also, is it just me, or does this film seem so far to be visually beautiful? Seriously, that pyramid scene is gorgeous. 

Fan theory post coming tonight as well as the mini-breakdown of this video. Another insight from Anais, as well as a few new things from Barakei. MC has something coming as well. Also have an article that alludes to the fact that the rumored “secret X-Men film” is in pre-production! (Please god let it be a Dark Phoenix fix and PLEASE GOD let there be a Cherik wedding. I mean, in canon, Charles becomes Lilandra’s consort, so it wouldn’t be out of the question… and would nicely tie up in a bow (as MC says) the whole Erik married thing in XMA. And we’d get a real Jean story.) 

School is done for the week for me, so…X-Men time! 😆

KEEP THE FAITH. Cherik is on the way!



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