How the Pheonix movie we got and the Pheonix movie we never did play into XMA

I mentioned a few posts ago how the original idea for X3 was very different than what we got in The Last Stand. However, it does sound rather similar to the upcoming movie. We don’t know a lot about X-Men Apocylpse, but from what we do know, this sounds similar. 

The idea – you open up with Alkali Lake but it’s completely barren and dried up and there are these odd reports of strange phenomena going on around the world accompanied by bright lights in the sky.”

“The idea would be that both the X-Men and the Brotherhood realize that essentially a very god-like force had entered their reality and that it was causing disruptions around the world – mutant prisons being decimated. I had pitched an idea about a fleet of cargo ships getting torn apart in the Atlantic and you found out that they were shuttling mutants as slave labor.”

Phoenix was going round the world taking things into her own hands and that she had basically returned as a god…She had viewed herself as above the conflict, that she was here to end things on her terms, she was basically sick of the fighting and she was going to take things into her own hands and she didn’t give a shit what the X-Men or the Brotherhood had to say about it.”

  • We’ve seen Apocylpse Moira both make the God reference  in trailers

    Apocalypse: I’ve been called many things over many lifetimes: Ra, Krishna, Yahweh. I was there to spark and fan the flame of man’s awakening, to spin the wheel of civilization.

    Moira MacTaggert: [opens a CIA folder] Ever since the world found out about mutants there have been secret societies, who see them as some kind of second coming or sign of god. They believe that tens of thousands of years ago an ancient being was born, the world’s first… 

    Charles Xavier: …mutant.

  • The kind of distruction discribed sounds like the things we’ve seen thus far         
  • Jean taking matters into her own hands and not caring about X-Men or the Brotherhood sounds like       You are all my children, and you’re lost because you follow blind leaders. No more false gods. I’m here now.” 

The other marked difference about the original conceptualized Dark Pheonix movie and the end result was the romance angle. 

The one idea that I loved, that I really wanted to do, was that Cyclops would build the Danger Room. Cyclops felt guilty, he felt that because the X-Men were too weak… it really was about him not being able to let go of her, so that causes all the chaos and disruption in the movie. But in the end it’s about him letting her go.”

One of the biggest criticisms of the original trilogy is that Scott Summers was never shown to be the great leader. There was a glimpse of it in the first movie; Professor X is comatose and Scott makes a promise to take care of them. It’s sort of blink and you miss it. Weather or not you agree that Scott should have had the distinction, when people look back at the original X-Men films (and at this point for many the entire franchise) you are going to associate leading male with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. So when scheduling conflicts arose for Cyclops actor  James Marsden guess who stepped in as the Pheonix’s love interest….


It’s important to point out that throughout the history of X-Men, Logan has always had an unrequited love for Jean Grey. This was showcased in the first two films as well and even addressed in X2 

 Jean Grey: Girls flirt with the dangerous guy, they don’t bring him home… I married a good guy.

Wolverine: I can be the good guy.

Dr. Jean Grey: Logan, the good guy sticks around.

However, when Marsden didn’t stick around, the relationship between Jean and Logan went from his crush to his passionate affair with Dark Pheonix* in The Last Stand and obsession, grief, and closure in 2013’s The Wolverine.  This is the wrong love story, a bad romance in the bad timeline. It is a failed love story to such a degree that when Logan wakes up in the new 2023 and Scott tells him not to touch Jean his response is, “it’s good to see you,” because even he knows Jean and Scott are supposed to be together.

I’ve already discussed how the Pheonix saga was the secret reveal of Singer’s original three movie plan. There have also been hints that Pheonix might resurface a bit in this movie, with Bryan Singer himself recently saying,”Jean, she has not only has her telekenisis and her telepathy but she also knows inherently that something darker and more powerful is growing inside her and she doesn’t quite know what it is.” 

This isn’t the plan of the entire First Class trilogy however, simply reiterating the fixing Days of Future Past had started. This time Jean knows about the darkness. Chalres didn’t lock it away as a different personality. Jean and Pheonix are coexisting and united in young Jean and when we saw the older version at the end of DOFP, it is a post Pheonix Jean who has conquered her powers and reconciled the forces so all sides cohabitate and exists united. 

If my theory that Jean is Chalres and Erik is Pheonix is correct that means that in 2023 they would also be united and cohabitating. 



Our hypothesis  is that the three movie plan for the current trilogy is the big reveal of Chalres and Erik’s relationship and hopefully a happy ending. 

 If First Class was Erik’s story and Days Of Future Past is Charles’s story, then Apocalypse will be both of their stories. The first movie was about Erik becoming empowered. That’s the origin story of a man’s power. Days Of Future Past is about a guy who is a mess, masterminding the end of this massive movie. So they are both at their peak powers at the start of Apocalypse, so Apocalypse for me is culmination of that three-act love story. 

Simon Kingberg 

In the first timeline (FC, X-Men, X2, The Last Stand) Erik and Charles fall for each other and have a love that lasts both of their lives but can never put aside their own ideals enough to ever stay together. As a result of their selfishness, by the time they do compromise (ending of The Wolverine- DOFP) it’s to late for them or the World. 


this will never stop being tragically romantic

This is another bad romance in the bad timeline. But in the new timeline they’ll get it right because like Chalres Xavier, we as a fandom have hope. 

We also have a few very subtle clues

  • Professor X: So many battles waged over the years… and yet, none like this. Are we destined to destroy each other, or can we change each other and unite? Is the future truly set?  Who has he battled so many times? Not the humans, he sides with them time and time again. We only see him fighting against  Erik. This whole thing is not about humanity and Mutants uniting instead of distroying each other. He wants to change their relationship. 
  • We never see Erik when Logan wakes up but we do see a chess board outside of Chalres’ office.      This could be nothing but in five movies Chalres only ever plays chess with one person.   
  • There is a coversation as Logan is being sent back that confirms the plan to stop Raven is also about Chalres and Erik getting a second chance at getting it right.         Magneto: Charles, are you sure this will work?                                  Professor X: I have complete faith in him.                                              Magneto: It’s not him I’m worried about. It’s us. We were younger, more brash. We didn’t know any better. 

Professor X: We will now

Magneto: Charles, this might actually work. 


Hank McCoy: Are you sure you should let them go? 
Charles Xavier: Yes. I have hope for them. There’s going to be a time, Hank, when we’re all together.

    Now, since Charles let Erik leave and because nothing can be easy with these two, getting to their happy ending isn’t going to be smooth sailing. The writers have said one of the sources for this film is Age of Apocalypse 

    here we see Magneto dedicating his life to the memory of Charles Xavier, who is dying in his arms. He spends the series trying to undo this death, builds a shrine to dead Charles, and is so obsessed he names his son after Charles. But no homo

    Patrick Stewart at the end of DoFP as well as his confirmed future involvement (and James McAvoy’s rumored involvement ) in future X-Men films basically mean he won’t die or at least stay dead. 
    So what I expect is a near death. Let’s take a look at the death scene in The Last Stand. 

    Wolverine tells Phoenix he loves her 

     stabs her and cradles her limp body screaming.  


     Love could not save her because Logan isn’t her true love and she had already killed Scott earlier. Remember, that was the bad lifetime- a lifetime of Chalres and Erik fighting on opposite sides. A world that culminated with Days of Future Past; Chalres and Erik finally working together but it was far too late.  Jean had set off a series of events that lead to the world being distroyed. If only they’d stayed together when Jean was young.

    Those images look like the cover above as well as the ending to First Class. 

    But Logan went back, he changed things, set them up to work together, “side by side in a time when we couldn’t have been further apart.” And yet here they are ten years later apart and there’s Jean Grey again with powers she has no idea she’s capable of controlling.

     I don’t know how exactly but I think Jean and her powers are going to play a role in getting them back together. I don’t think the near death will mirror her death necessarily though.  

    I do wonder if Charles will drown. 

    An image appeared out of nowhere a few weeks ago and was never mentioned anywhere.  

     A wheelchair under water. Chalres is the only one to use a wheelchair but, luckily he isn’t in it. Someone must have saved him. 

    When Erik and Charles meet, Charles is saving Erik from drowning. 

    And just to finish up and bring things full circle back to the Pheonix- when she awakens back at the Mansion in The Last Stand, she’s in the infirmary with Logan looking down at her and she says,  “Back where we first met… only I’m in your place, and you’re in mine.”

    That would be a grew way to tie all of the films together. 

    *This is another mirror to the Charles/ Erik dichotomy in her personalities- Jean wants good, Pheonix wants dangerous. 


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