New XMA Videos


BIG THANKS to lprock who sent me these videos. The first is an official XMA clip of the “Moira’s Office” scene. I’m going to go over this in the trailer post too, but we get a better look at it here. Not going over it entirely, just a few things.

Basically, I’m thinking this is a straight up mirror to the FC when Charles meets Moira. What’s curious this time is that instead of her going to look for him to help, this time he goes to her for help. Reverse.

Also…this shares something in common with an Erik scene in FC. (Actually, it shares several parallels with Erik.)

So, in FC, Charles is with Raven in the bar. We get that shot of the “Stryker illusion lady” lol..and then Moira.


In the XMA scene, Charles goes to the CIA to seek help- with Havok (an Erik mirror). And when he first enters the CIA in FC, he’s with Erik.

I’m guessing they go to the CIA possibly after Jean’s dream? The scene where they’re entering the CIA, as seen in trailer 1 is an arial shot…


Like when Charles, Quicksilver, and Logan go get Erik in DoFP…


And later when Erik retrieves his helmet…


So, the first shots in Moira’s office in the video that we get are these:



Which looks like Erik’s scene in FC when he steals Shaw’s CIA file and tries to leave, but Charles stops him:


The person who finds the secret Trask files in DoFP is Raven. Moira/Raven/Erik. Mirrors. The people Charles is with when he goes to the CIA- Erik/Raven in FC, Quicksilver and Logan in DoFP, and now Havok and Moira. All Erik mirrors again.

Only person missing in that XMA scene is Hank, Charles’ mirror. Curious.

And Havok has Erik’s same egomaniac attitude. Lol.


Charles and Erik are separated at this point in time. They’re always separated when the CIA is involved. But, it’s also the catalyst for getting them back together in every single film. Not sure if it was intentional, but I always thought the “House of Secrets” always being involved in/being the setting for bringing Erik and Charles back together was cool.

And thus starts the process all over again of trying to get these two back together again. 🙂

The second video is another inside look from Coldwell Banker at the X-Mansion. I won’t be doing screenshots of this one, but will joint point out two things:

  1. The guy doing the talking is doing what the previous video did, which is constantly drawing focus to the chess board in Charles’ office.
  2. Listen to the only comment Singer says in this entire video. Not entirely sure what context that was in, but…lol. I swear, I see that guy rubbing his hands together, with a wicked grin on his face. VILLAIN. (<3)

So much more coming- Next thing you’ll see from me personally is the trailer. I’m on it guys, I swear. ❤ ❤ (Also, if you’ve submitted theories/ideas to me, it’s coming- we’re working on the fan post now!) KEEP THE FAITH.



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