Early Spoiler-Free Review of XMA: “Tears of Rapturous Joy”



Barakei just sent me this video of a personal friend of Singer’s and the Collider Heroes Panel talking about XMA.

Uh… yeah, listen to the dude talk about the film. One thing he says? THE TRAILER IS NOTHING LIKE THE FILM. (Remember James talking about the Master and Commander trailer in 2014? About how it was made to look one way and then the film turned out another way?) He also gives it a 9 out of 10, and says it’s his favorite X-Men film to date.


But wait…oh man. The friend says…that during one scene in particular (one of them says two scenes, actually) that he had “tears of rapturous joy” streaming down his face, and he didn’t even know it. This guy is filmmaker Robert Meyer Burnett. He also happens to be a vocal supporter of equal rights.

Speculation, but… rapturous joy? XD



(Can I also say that I love that they drag Reebok for making “men’s only” sizes in the Alien shoes that were worn in the film by a WOMAN)


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