My Giant Magneto Eureka 

Ever since the Comic Con revelation that Erik has a family in the woods in the beginning of Apocalypse, there have been two theories on what it is.  The first theory is the basic fan belief that Erik’s family exists in the gap between Days of Future Past and X-Men Apocylpse. Simple, straight forward, exactly what it sounds like, the filmmakers aren’t using any trickery, nothing deeper or secretive going on whatsoever. 

The second theory, less widely circulated is that it’s a flashback that used in 1983 to manipulate Erik into becoming a horseman. The theory introduced by this blog.  Recently Heidi wrote about this in her breakdown of the latest trailer. 

Though the comics have had many variations, in all of canon, the only wife Erik or any of his aliases is Magda. The story of their short marriage and life with daughter Anya takes place in the 1950s. First Class shows Erik in the early 40s and then 60s, omitting the era which makes flashbacks likely. 

I figured out that there is a third possibility and contends that both could technically be true at the same time because Erik’s mind has been manipulated. It could either be due to reality warping or a mental breakdown due to everything that has happened in his life. I haven’t come up with what caused it mostly because Erik has suffered so much psychological trauma, isolation, and manipulation that a nervous breakdown and or psychological snap isn’t only likely, but well over due. On top of that, we are dealing with a world where mutants exist with the power to warp reality.  So for whatever reason, there is a possibility that he believes that Magda and Anya are there in his present, but in fact they did die in the 1950s. 


Heidi pointed out about Mrs. Magneto: “do her dress and overall style not look *distinctly* 1950s-ish? Looks like hair tied back in a ponytail maybe? Bangs. Flowered dress with a v-neck, covered over with a beige sweater/shawl thing. That is 1950s style.”  Conversely, Erik’s flannel look is curiously 1980s. Also look at the reverse shot 


It could simply be the angle of the camera, but nobody is standing behind Michael Fassbender. If this scene is showing how Erik is protecting his family from soldiers or an oncoming mob, it would be curious to omit them from such a menacing shot. Unless they aren’t really there and we are seeing the scene the way anyone else but Erik would be seeing it. 

I admit this theory could be completely off but when you have such contradictory quotes surrounding the scenes like “Erik is settled down with a family” and “Erik is isolated and cut off from everyone for about six years” coming from producers, writers, directors, and actors all of whom presumably read the script it makes you wonder if we are the ones being mentally manipulated. 


***(Note from Heidi: which, lol, is competely and totally within the he scope of Bryan Singer’s work. He’s said *multiple* times that he likes tricking his audience. So this theory is great.) 


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