No, I haven’t abandoned you.

Hi, all. 

Been getting a lot of messages lately about where I am- I’m so sorry, guys. I’ve been very sick this past week, and not able to do much outside of lay in bed (which is why I’ve been so active on Tumblr as opposed to here.) 

Today is the first day I’ve felt relatively normal, hopefully, so I’ll be getting back into it here shortly. I’ve also been researching/reading in my forced downtime, so it hasn’t been entirely unproductive. I’m just moving slowly as I recover.


But, no, I haven’t abandoned you. I love you all and everything that’s going on right now so much, I don’t have words to describe it. ❤️

Deadpool post coming (how AWESOME was that film, OMG), then Shaw/Trask/Apoc- which is enormous- and getting the Hannibal section up…because seriously, lol. I’m annoyed. And I’ll answer emails as soon as I can- I have a few days school-free, so I’ll see what I can do with them. 

Keep the faith. 



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