The “WTF” X-Men interviews, Part II

Ok, so the first half of this left off at the Fassbender “Apocalypse turns him on in a new way” comment. I forgot to link to that article in the previous portion, so here is that link.

Now, in that same exact interview, Fassbender says this:

Can you tell us where this film finds you at the outset?

FASSBENDER: I start off in Poland. Erik is basically living a normal life, has a family, has fallen in love, and has basically disappeared for the last eight years or so. He doesn’t use his powers, has left that life behind and lives a sort of simple life.

Um- 8 years? MarvelChick pointed this out to me the other day, and yeah.. XMA is set TEN years after DoFP, not eight. So…we are missing two years? Is that where the Magda story comes in- like, at the beginning we see him, but it’s actually two years in the past? I’m so confused right now because I’m still not sure if this is entirely in the past or the recent past because of THIS statement:

What’s the experience like of playing the same character for a third time? Are you still finding out new things about Magneto and delving deeper into his psyche?

Fassbender: Yeah, I mean just as we started to talk about it—and that’s thanks to Simon. In First Class I was introduced as a certain character and his journey was definitely something that was very different from what my role was in Days of Future Past, he was definitely on a more singular trip. And this again is something totally new, so it allows me to see different sides of him and the hopefully audience will get to see different parts of his history and tendencies originate and are born.

HISTORY. History. These guys be screwing up my damn timelines and making me NUTS. I need a drink.

Oh, and there’s THIS:

Fassbender: So for this one, for me it was nice to see after the White House debacle—I kind of left with my tail between my legs—what would happen, because he’s left on his own.

(Ha, tail between the legs, I just now caught that one. Clever.) Moving on, so, he’s on his own? Right, that’s what I thought. That’s he’s alone, but…

But then he says it’s the Magda story, which is in the PAST, and Fassbender KNOWS that:

Does he not make any connection between Apocalypse and the people that he saw in the concentration camp? 

Fassbender: No because we needed him to join Apocalypse in order for the script to work (laughter). I think that’s the classic thing of any sort of megalomaniac there are huge contradictions and hypocrisies within it. It’s almost like sometimes the worst dictators start off as complete idealists, and that almost makes them more extreme in their dictatorship later. So absolutely, what Apocalypse is doing is echoing that, but for him at that point I think it’s just about, “Okay I’m gonna bring as much pain to the human race as they’ve brought me and basically wipe them out once and for all.” In a way, it’s a more extreme, more effective version of how we’ve seen him in the past. It’s definitely the most extreme version of that, but I think he’s just come to a point where he’s been pushed to that place where he doesn’t care anymore, he’s kind of dead inside. In order to make that link with Apocalypse it was a really helpful thing to have that story at the beginning with Magda.

God, I REALLY need a drink now. Magda is in the past, he JUST referred to it as history, and I’d put money on it, but until May I’m just gonna have to be cool with coming across as crazy. And then look, MC pointed this out to me, he says that Fassbender makes no connection between Apocalypse and the camps- so no connection between Apoc and Shaw. We’ve got a HUGE Shaw post coming on this, but suffice to say at this point, I’m sure of one of two things: Shaw will be alive and a servant of Apoc’s (like he is in CANON), or he IS Shaw. (Yes, I know, that sounds crazy to just blurt out, but I’m doing a post on it because…there’s too many question marks about it.)

I’m starting to think it’s these people’s job to fuck with our heads. But it’s fun as hell, isn’t it? We need, like, 500 more stories like this because it gets the audience directly involved with the story and that is GENIUS and what art is SUPPOSED to do. (IMO.) Art should require thought, it shouldn’t be spelled out for you every second of the day. And I see these films changing that. (Thank God.)

Ok, moving on…

Here’s this, apparently one of the things to “expect” from XMA:

Apocalypse completes the story of Charles, Erik, Hank, and Raven that began in First Class and in some ways is about “bringing the family back together.”

Lol. Yeah, yeah it is.

And this…

Scott and Jean are main protagonists of the movie, and their arcs are very connected to Charles and Raven in the film, with Charles being the father figure and Raven being the leader.

Raven is Erik, so the belief of the Scott/Jean love story being reused for Charles and Erik is DEFINITELY hinted at here.


Thematically, Apocalypse is about families coming together.

Together. That DoFP word. Families together. TWO DADS AND THEIR MUTANT KIDS.

This, which made me laugh out loud:

The arc of Charles in Apocalypse is the mirror of his arc in DOFP in that it’s one of him having too much hope at the beginning of the film to becoming a little more hardened by the end. They’re moving towards a Professor X who is “slightly different” than the Patrick Stewart Xavier we saw.

Uh, that’s not Xavier’s arc in DoFP. (Did this interview dude watch that film, or…what’s goin on?) Because his arc is totally the opposite of what’s stated there. Now, in XMA, yes…I image that will be his arc. Hopeful, then getting the perspective he needs to understand Erik’s pain.

To this:

There are “a few” iterations of the Four Horsemen in the film. 
If we’re getting warped realities, then oh yes, we’ll have a few versions of the Four. Or there’s another explanation I’m not seeing.. But I’m still stuck on that warped realities thing.

And then this:

The other Fox comic book adaptations Deadpool, Gambit, Fantastic Four and Wolverine take place in a post-Days of Future Past, post-Apocalypse The stadium dropping on the White House in 1973 is a key piece of their history.

The RFK Stadium. Named after a MAJOR figure in the civil rights battles. Who, if I remember correctly, is also a key figure in the M-Underground website (the DoFP viral site), and is also FAMOUS for telling the Washington Redskins (if I remember right) that they needed to accept black players or face fines. So, you can see how Erik dropping the RFK stadium on the White House is totally about XMA and Singer, et al about to drop a “stadium” of their own.

We’re about to enter a gay era in film. I have my rainbow flag ready. Lol.

Then there’s this:

Kinberg says everything that hasn’t been told in First Class or Days of Future Past is up for grabs, including the Dark Phoenix saga.

What hasn’t been told in FC and DoFP is Erik’s history and Charles’ history, and their LOVE STORY. And there’s that Dark Phoenix mention again!

There’s this again:

There are three romances in the film: Raven and Hank, Jean and Scott, and Xavier and Moira.

What I hear: There’s one actual romance in the film, and all these mirror that romance: CHERIK.

Then THIS:

Celestials may or may not factor into Apocalypse in some way.

Yes, I’m sure of that– Singer teased that concept art of Apocalypse by his “ship.” (That’s the name of it- ship. LOL. I LOVE that.) The ship has a history with the X-Men in canon, and if I remember right, has the ability to bring someone back from the dead…


No one would confirm or deny whether Hugh Jackman has a cameo in the film as Wolverine—out of everything, this was the tightest secret kept on set.

Secret that YOU knew about. Ok, I’m gonna stop there, lol.

This entire article is CRAZY. Quicksilver is talking about how he’s looking for his dad for 10 years, but Fassbender says he’s only been gone for 8 years, people talking in damn circles driving me nuts, no one answering anything outright, and this comes in with ALL the other articles. MINDFUCK IS RIGHT. But I love it because it’s amazing, and blast to go through.

And then, there’s the rumor that Alkali Lake is going to make another appearance in XMA. It makes sense, it’s in the original X-Men films, it’s where Dark Cerebro was and where Charles was forced by Stryker’s son to use the machine to kill mutants, which Erik then turns into Charles killing the humans. (If I remember that right.) Apparently, according to IMDb, and “the source,” Singer wanted Erik to CARRY Charles out of Dark Cerebro bridal style, but that was cut…cannot remember why. But when I saw that Alkali Lake might make an appearance in XMA, I immediately thought, yeah…that’s canon, that makes sense in the storylines, it was teased in Deadpool, AND oh MY GOD WE ARE GETTING THE BRIDAL CARRY. (That’s pure speculation on my part, but I’d be shocked if that weren’t in the film.)

All that? That’s what you do when you’re hiding a HUGE secret, guys. They’re literally putting the joke on THEM, not US.

Want another example of this that isn’t related at all to X-Men, EXCEPT Oscar Isaac is featured in both?

Check THIS out. WATCH Boyega (Finn) at :14 seconds. Notice how he looks RIGHT AT THE CAMERA when he says the word “straight.” But, no no…watch 1:16 for Isaac (Poe). Just..just watch it.

That, y’all, is a fisting joke. It’s..not even subtle, it’s right there. I lost half a cup of coffee when I spit it out laughing at this a few days ago. Feel like I’m watching Brian Kinney from Queer as Folk giving an interview. You know why “Apocalypse” (Poe) turns on Magneto? BECAUSE THEY’RE BOTH GAY.

Joke is on the casual viewers, all, NOT YOU.

May will start things off, RIGHTFULLY, with X-Men. But the next few years in film (and television) and perhaps many years more, are going to be very exiting to watch.


(More to come.)


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