Blog Schedule for this week

I’m playing catch up, all- forgive me! This cold/migraine took most of my vacation, and I am a mother as well as a student, so times are busy to say the least! 😬

So this week, I’ll have up the following from me:

1) The WTF interviews part II/Alkali Lake (tonight)

2) Charles is Hank IV (also tonight)

3) adding the Hannibal (Hannigram) and Star Wars (FinnPoe) tabs 

4) updating the X-Men news/articles section AND an update to the archives including contributor pages (I have a feeling when XMA comes out, people are going to want to go back through the interviews, so I’d like to have everything I have in one place to make it easier.) 

5) an update to the Magda/Erik story and how it factors into Cherik.

6) Charles is Hank V

I know there are several other things in the works for you all from us, and we are diligently working away on those. 

Anyone with articles or questions, comments or concerns, please contact us. WE LOVE talking to you!! (And I learn so much from you all, I can’t even tell you how much. This is as much a learning experience for me as it is for everyone.) Check out the “About” section if you are interested in contributing something! I am in the process of expanding the blog. THIS NOW INCLUDES THE ORIGINAL X-MEN TRILOGY! (Especially the first two.) I will never move away from the X-Men, all, I plan on including them in my future classes on gay subtext (should I realize that dream, hopefully! 😆)

KEEP THE FAITH. Things are getting exciting! 


Addition: The Cherik FanFic Rec List Pt. II will also be going up either this week or early next week! Any recs, send them my way! 😬


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