Little Bit of Info from the X-Men Source

Hey, all!

Little bit of an interlude here from the usual. Thought you’d all be interested in this!

I was given permission by my ever generous X-Men source to tell you what they told me about Montreal. This is the *only* thing they can tell me, so I will not be able to get answers to some of your questions- I’m sorry! I’d like to maintain a working relationship with this person for a long time to come (hopefully? Maybe?) so I will not push on questions about the reshoots, etc.

Here is what I was told about the goings on in Montreal:

“Ok so Montreal is being kept under lock and key sort of secrets. Bare staff, only who is needed for specific things know they are needed. The only thing I can tell you, and I mean only, is ‘Montreal’ isn’t only Montreal supposedly.”

Eventually the source did verify that the last sentence could mean that there are other shooting locations other than Montreal, but cannot elaborate further. 

They also said that ADR was being done, which is “automated dialogue replacement.” Basically, that’s the re-recording of dialogue by actors after filming to improve audio quality or dub in dialogue changes. ADR is fairly common, I think. 

The shooting locations comment definitely peaked my interest. I don’t follow the actors schedules at all, but my contributors do, and it seems James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender were both in the UK until very recently, and I suspect that one of the other shooting locations would be there considering that’s where the First Class Xavier Mansion is, and also where Oxford (Charles’ university) is as well. 

Of course, there’s speculation that Wolverine will figure into XMA (he definitely does in canon!) and that XMA will figure into the last Wolverine film, so some locations could be related to that. Hugh Jackman posted that “selfie” recently on Instagram of himself with James McAvoy where they are supposedly in Budapest, Hungary- but there’s been definitive challenges to that since MarvelChick has informed me that James was spotted in London when he was supposed to be in Budapest. 

Who knows. It sounds to me like Singer is keeping everything secret and totally locked down, and possibly creating diversions with the actors so that people don’t figure out where they are or when. Not entirely sure on that last part, though. What I DO know is that Singer is an infamous trickster, and whenever he’s hiding something or has something up his sleeve, this is what he does. The weird thing is that usually there’s some rumors about what’s going on (like with the Scott/Jean DoFP reveal), but we have nothing this time. Well, nothing forthright. THAT, to me, speaks louder than anything else. To me, that signifies that this secret is huge.

And it’s no mystery what I think it is- or at least what one of the secrets is, the BIG one. 

I also told the source this:

“I just hope they’re doing what I believe they’re doing. Fingers crossed for Cherik.”

Their answer?

😉 . A winky face.

God help me seriously, lol. 

I’ve also been told to follow that winky face with the statement: “I am not confirming or denying with it [the winky face]. Like I said, lock and key secrets.”

Take what you want from that, guys. It’s not something I can back up with an article or reference, but their information has panned out so far. You all know what I think-*cough*CHERIK*cough*- but feel free to draw your own conclusions. 
More to come! 



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