Q and A #2

Hi! Since you work for Marvel, do you think the comics will do the Cherik thing too at some point? Also I’m curious what you think the biggest misunderstanding is in film canon, like what do people think is a continuity problem but you think is actually part of the bigger picture? I hope that makes sense? Thx!


These are trickier questions but in going to try my best.

I want to point out that while I might have insight into the comic book universe and the inner workings of Marvel to a degree, I’m not at the forefront of it. I don’t work in story development or anything that could influence what happens. Ok that said, this past summer some big changes happened at Marvel/ Disney. Basically there was someone who poisoned the relationship with Fox and this person was fired. If you ever heard that there was a war over X-Men and thought it was all media hype, guess what? It wasn’t. So while that war was going on, I would have said that if Marvel thought it could hurt the X-Men movies by making them canon, they would have. Now relations between the two companies have (supposedly) gotten better so I think time will tell. It is still early on in this new working relationship and currently Chalres Xavier is dead in the comic universe.

As for the biggest discrepancy, I don’t know that there is really one that stands out to me more than others. I wrote Cerebro first because I think it might be one of the most frequently mentioned but there is a huge list that people toss around. One thing I will say is that I don’t consider recasting a continuity issue, so I won’t discuss those in posts unless there is a bigger reason associated with the cast change. 

If anyone else has questions or post suggestions message me on tumblr or send questions here and I’ll get back to them.

Thanks everyone!


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