Clarifications on the Warped Reality Theory in XMA

Ok, I had a wonderful conversation today with a blog reader, and I was given permission to post this (I kept the reader anonymous, however- I very much believe in privacy). Rather than transcribe it into text, I just took screenshots of the conversation, and blacked out the reader’s name. But, this conversation made me realize that a few of you may also be confused on the warped realities theory for XMA. 

I completely understand. Canon for X-Men is…uh, convoluted at best. So many stories, so many canons, stories replacing stories, canons becoming non-canon, it’s insane. But, for XMA, the two main stories the filmmakers are working from are Age of Apocalyse and The Twelve. In both of those stories, we get warped realities. Apocalypse does this after he loses to the X-Men once- he warps reality several times in order to give himself a second chance to win. Barakei and I have believed for a while that this is going to happen in XMA, and that the warped realities theory explains the Polish wife/child story that is being tossed around by the cast right now. 

So, let me post these screenshots of this conversation (it’s not very long) where I explain how this works. Hopefully this will clear things up for any of you who have questions about this. 

ALSO- if ANYONE has questions about anything I post here, things you don’t understand or would like clarification on or explained further, please don’t hesitate to email me/message me on tumblr. That goes for Barakei and MarvelChick as well. Please don’t be shy– let us know if we can help! 

Alright, onward.

So…I hope that clarifies some of this for you all. It can be confusing- especially if you’re new to canon or not familiar with it, or if you’re new to gay subtext and how it works. (Believe me, when I first started this blog, this stuff kept me up at night trying to figure it out, lol.)

In addition to this, I’ve been INUNDATED recently with messages, etc from readers who have gone on to watch the show Hannibal and observed how the show made their M/M relationship canon. They all came back into X-Men and can now see the subtext clearly. I LOVE THAT SO MUCH. So, once again, I URGE you all to find the NBC show Hannibal and watch it. (It’s 3 seasons.) This show is a guidebook to how XMA will reveal Charles and Erik to the audience- the basic formulas are the same. 

The reason this is SO IMPORTANT to me is because I want you all to be a part of this story, watching it unfold before your eyes. We are watching history being reflected in the stories we tell- this is what happens when civil rights are won. It’s so beautiful, and all of you who fought for gay rights in the US and around the world are about to witness pure magic. 


(Rogue Cut will be up next. Then Charles is Hank IV. Also, MarvelChick and I are co-authoring a post about the canon connections between Shaw/Trask/Apocalypse and what that means for XMA and Cherik.) 

PLEASE KEEP SENDING US RECS, ETC. Thank you to a reader who recently recommended Merlin to me- I will absolutely watch the show, thank you! If any of you would like fanfic recs, LGBT film or show recs, or anything along those lines, please contact us– We will provide whatever we can! 




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  1. sloanebradbury says:

    Cool theory! Love it and it makes so much more sense.


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