Hello all!


Ok now that that is done; hi.

Like Barakei before me, I cannot start this post any way other than to thank Heidi for both this blog and for the opportunity to share on it. I feel like I found this blog very early on and proceeded to become completely infatuated with it. It became required reading as I would hide myself away in corners and quiet areas with bulging eyes mumbling to myself “yes,” “Oh My God- yes- I see it.” Because, unlike our fearless leader I don’t have knowledge in subtext.

I’m a straight girl who loves queer cinema, but didn’t really didn’t have any training in how things have been coded in cinematic history but I am a quick learner and feel like I’ve been in a class on it ever since the first post.
So what do I bring to the table? I did spend several years researching conspiracy, and digging deeper which has given me 1- a healthy distrust of mainstream media and messages, and 2- a great bullshit detector. I know a conspiracy that is crackpot and this isn’t one of them. This is hidden in plain sight. Plus, I have a weird sixth sense about things which my loved ones and I have dubbed me being “a witch.”

Sometimes I feel things in my gut and can’t shake it- in July 2014 I was rewatching FC and I decided that Shaw would be in Apocalypse. The first draft might not have even been written at the time and certainly nothing had come out about the movie to tip me off, but I thought it nonetheless and as the calendar pages turned and nothing supported my theory at all, my belief became stronger and stronger. Now there are actual sketches and clips in a concentration camp- no Kevin Bacon but still it’s close.
Other times I have random dreams or abstract thought. I had a dream not long after getting my drivers license that my car started smoking and caught fire, and Ian McKellen came to my rescue, and being actually Magneto lifted my car and flew it to safety. A year and a half later, X-Men: The Last Stand premiered and there was a scene of Mags throwing flying cars. Some people think of the winning lottery numbers, me, I predict plot points.
Along with that, I’m a huge X-Men fan (liked the cartoon and some comics) and fell in love watching the very first movie as a young teen who actually didn’t know it wasn’t canon that Erik and Charles were a couple. In fact, until a few years ago when I discovered the tumblr fandom, the shippers, and those demanding it be canon I still never gave it much thought that it wasn’t.
The X-Men are intertwined into my life, and a familiar friend (some kids wanted to go to Hogwarts, I waited for my mutation to show up.) I love to share my ideas with people, as Heidi has so graciously allowed me to, and hope that I help you all as we journey towards that big reveal we knew was always there.




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  1. marvelchick says:

    I don’t make it official- I think it is but I don’t make it so that was the sirs lol

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    1. hln351 says:

      Hey, I think your blog post got published under my personal handle- I wonder if that’s BC I had to put the draft under mine. Hmm, lol. We can continue like that if need be, and you can just sign as MarvelChick (sorry, I called you MarvelGirl, lol). But hopefully we can get you posting under your account so you can post whenever you want. 🙂

      And no, you don’t make it official but you see it, and there was that Secret Love panel, so…. Lol. I wonder about where Marvel is headed with that.

      Thanks for that, um, completely unnecessary but incredibly sweet part about me and the blog, lol- you guys are the awesome ones, I’m just here documenting your journey as all you guys realize you were right all along and now you’re gonna see the fruits of that! 😍


  2. lkeke35 says:

    Welcome aboard!
    It’s not that I don’t see or want the pairing it’s just I have absolutely no faith that Hollywood would ever do it. I absolutely do not trust Hollywood to make Cherik canon, even though everyone can obviously see they need to be. When I first started reading the Xmen, way back in the late 80s, I wished for some closer reading into that relationship and the X2 movie only got me overexcited, but then some letdown. The PTB, keep inching closer to showing it or hinting their relationship and that’s good, but I think Hollywood is too timid to do this. I trust Singer and the actors, just not the machinery they work with.

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    1. hln351 says:

      Well it’s no secret what I think, lol- but I totally get why people don’t think it’s gonna happen. I could burn down Hollywood for that alone, seriously. 😑

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    2. hln351 says:

      But, luckily, I think more people are starting to realize it might happen. I was pretty excited when this Marvel source was one of them…like, cool, ok, does that make the Cherik Conspiracy official now? Lol.

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