Blog announcement! And a few other odds and ends. 


A quick update here guys– 

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you! It’s officially 2016. The XMA Cherik countdown begins! 

Thank you all for your constant support and love– this blog means so much to me, and you all mean the world. I wish I had adequate words to express that, but I’m really not that great a writer. 

So, first things first. 

Star Wars FinnPoe feedback

I’ve gotten a lot of feedback about the Star Wars post, with the reactions ranging from “never gonna happen” to “yeah, I think the same thing.” I’m used to that, I get that with Cherik all the time. Guys, like I’ve said before, disagreeing with me is MORE than fine. This isn’t a religion and I’m not trying to convert anyone. I’m just presenting what I believe is intentional gay subtext leading to an open romance in several different stories, and it’s up to you all what you want to accept or not accept. Since Cherik hasn’t officially happened yet, and Star Wars has just started, all we have now is speculation. And, so, that’s what I’m doing- speculating. Based on a lot of exhaustive research, but speculation nonetheless. So, feel free to disagree or agree- whatever your heart tells you. The only time I get annoyed is when people are rude, but…that’s just my inner Hannibal talking, lol. Plus, I’m public and I’m online– rude people come with the territory. 

I WILL tell you all that my Marvel/Disney source cautioned me on being as sure on FinnPoe as I am on Cherik, and I understand why– Disney DOES have to be safe since Star Wars is a HUGE moneymaker. I definitely understand that, and understand the politics of the situation. My source is right about that. But, the source also agrees that there’s something going on there, and that it’s perhaps Disney testing the waters to see how Finnpoe would go over in future installments. (Which is what I see Fox doing with Deadpool to gauge the success of Cherik, and everyone has their eyes on Sherlock.) BUT– I *am* controversial. I am. It’s just what I am. I’ve said so many times before that I could be wrong. I could be wrong about ALL of it. I don’t believe I am, and it took me a *LONG* time to decide to start this blog. 

But I’m out here now, so I’m just gonna be honest about everything. I’m not here for me, I’m here for YOU– the readers. Someone needs to remind all of you that you are RIGHT about what you see, that you’re CRUCIAL to the success and visibility of LGBT relationships onscreen, and that the prevalence of these relationships will only become greater in number. 

I am a pathological optimist. I can’t help it. I can’t not believe in what I’m seeing- I’ve tried. My heart won’t let me. I’ve seen enough change to know there’s no going back. 

OK- so, my melodramatic speech aside… Moving on!


FinnPoe theory

I happened to get a very interesting response to a question I got in my Tumblr mail, and I’d like to pass this onto you. It’s a point FOR FinnPoe that I hadn’t considered in the Star Wars universe, but it makes complete sense, and I completely agree with it. Here’s the link- it’s not long, but it’s wonderful:

Finnpoe response
(My deepest thanks to Chnandler-bong3 for pointing this out to me.)

So, read that, and form your own opinions. You all know what I think. And sometime in the future, I’ll start in on Star Wars, after I get the Hannibal blog up and running.


Hannibal/Cherik response

I got asked yesterday if I’d ever predicted a same sex kiss/relationship before now. This is my first, but I’d like to say this:

For those of you who are curious about Cherik, or anything about the subtext in general, I URGE you to watch NBC’s Hannibal. That show followed the SAME formula X-Men is following for Cherik (as well as the other stories) and that M/M relationship between Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham became CANON in season 3. And at the following DragonCon. And, whomever picks up the show, we’ll get the murder husbands season. Had I started in on Hannibal in the earlier seasons, you would’ve watched this become canon with me as we followed the subtext and symbolism. I WISH that had happened, but I didn’t get into it until S3 was well underway. HOWEVER- if you want to see how these formulas play out in the end, look at Hannibal. THAT relationship, that so many viewers took as a “bromance” or just a deep friendship, became the romantic canon the rest of us knew it really was. 

Go watch it. Not only is the show BRILLIANT on so many levels, you’ll get an idea of how Cherik will play out. 


New Blog Contributor 

OK- next. I have a new contributor to the blog that will be announced tonight. This one is a big deal to me, and you’ll see why later. Barakei and I are more than just a little excited about this. The new contributor has their own voice, and opinions, and I definitely want this for the blog. It’s been my goal from the beginning to have a community here, with differing viewpoints and opinions. I’ve been blessed with Barakei (who is hard at work I hear on a new post for you all!) and now I’m doubly blessed with who I’ll announce tonight.

Anyone else who is interested in posting (even if they are dissenting opinions!!), please contact me. You are more than welcome, especially if you have knowledge of canon, gay subtext, or the LGBT movement. This goes for Cherik, but also Hannibal (Can’t wait to see your posts, Ikeke!) and Star Wars as well. I am going to eventually be evolving this blog to incorporate as many blossoming same sex relationships as possible, with an entire section devoted to F/F. ANYONE interested in contributing something (fanfic and fan art are definitely in that category), hit me up. Also, if anyone would like to recommend a ship to me that you see possibly becoming canon- or is blossoming into a romantic connection- let me know!!! I’ve been told to watch Nygma and Cobblepot on Gotham. Any others– tell me. I want to study them all. 

I *absolutely* accept shows and films outside of the US! I watch A LOT of foreign film, but I’m not so well versed in international television. I have a lot of readers from around the world– please rec me things from your neck of the woods! 


The Sherlock Special

For those of you who don’t already know, the LONG awaited Sherlock special is premiering tonight in the US (and the U.K. I believe as well?) on PBS at 9pm ET. 

THIS SHOW STARTED IT ALL. They set the subtext trend with Johnlock, and it’s unbelievably brilliant. If you haven’t watched it, I couldn’t recommend it more. If you are already a fan, be on the lookout for the inevitable subtext and symbolism in the show. I’ll be sitting in front of the TV with my iPad and keyboard taking notes, lol! 


Eonline Article

Thank you so much to the reader Lauren who sent me this Eonline article from the First Class days. When I first started this blog, this was one of the first articles I posted. I was SO happy when I read this because it helped me to realize that I was seeing what I thought I was seeing between Erik and Charles, and that I wasn’t crazy when I saw the subtext. 

For those of you who haven’t seen it, please read it…it’s quite good.

Magneto and Professor X Had Sex at the Movies This Summer


Alright, all. I’ll have that announcement tonight, and I’m hard at work on Charles is Hank Part IV and the Rogue Cut post. 

NOT MUCH LONGER NOW! Roughly 4 months, or so. GOD HELP ME. 



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