Look, if Disney’s Star Wars can do Finnpoe, Fox’s X-Men can do Cherik.


Read at your own risk!

Alright- SO. Star Wars, right? To be totally honest, I wasn’t a franchise fan going into this film. I know I’ll probably get some flack for that, but it’s not like I hate it, it’s just not my usual cup of tea. When it comes to trilogies, I’m a very Lord of the Rings kinda gal.

BUT, I went to see this particular film because I heard about the diversity in the cast NON-STOP and I was intrigued. Diversity IS my cup of tea, so my SO and I went to see it. BOY OH BOY, was I happy I went.

Let’s put the writing/timing issues aside for now, ok– not everyone is gonna like the film, it does have some issues, but it gets an A+ for effort from me, and I see the beginnings of what could make me a HUGE Star Wars fan if Disney/ Abrams continue down this path.

Moving on…

During the film, my SO leans over and says “Hey, this is exactly like the first film. Rey is Luke Skywalker, Poe is Princess Leia, and Finn is Han Solo.”

Now, I knew going into this film that there was a subtle romance happening between Poe and Finn, and I was looking at the subtext to see how the filmmakers were developing this. And, oh man, yeah, there’s *definitely* something going on there. But it wasn’t until my SO said that little bit to me that I really started to see what they’re doing.

Guys– “The Force Awakens” is the new “A New Hope.” The franchise is literally being retold and updated for modern audiences, with a M/M same sex love story planting its roots in the first film. (And an interracial one as well, which good LORD am I so happy about I could just SCREAM.)


Sound familiar??

And, in the original Star Wars, a Hans Solo/Leia kiss doesn’t happen until Empire (correction- yep, thanks roosterbox!) and the big one happens in Return of the Jedi, film 3. I’d bet a million dollars right now that’s when the Finnpoe kiss will happen. It’s the same basic formula that Moffat and Gatiss are following for Johnlock, that Fuller followed for Hannigram, that Singer is following for Cherik, and now Abrams etc is doing with Star Wars. (And let’s not forget to mention Deadpool’s pansexuality here as well.)

But, that’s not all guys, check this out…

Ya’ll know who is playing Poe, one half of that Star Wars romance?


Yep, Apocalypse.

He’s got one foot in on Cherik, and it’s been my theory from the beginning that he’ll have something to do with bringing Charles and Erik together, and/or “revealing” them.

And now, he’s one half of Finnpoe.

This guy knows which way the wind is blowing.

Look, I’ve got a whooooole Star Wars post coming, and I’m considering building a blog for Finnpoe in addition to this one and the Hannibal blog because these stories deserve to be heard and YOU GUYS DESERVE TO SEE WHAT YOU’VE CREATED. For all of you who’ve waited FOREVER (myself included) to see these stories be told, this is your time.

Oscar Isaac knows what’s up. Ok? Listen to him talk about this romance in his own words:

Oscar Isaac on Finnpoe

The moral of the story is this:

If Disney/Abrams/Issac and Boyega are willing to put themselves out there and put a interracial same sex M/M romance at the CENTER of one of the BIGGEST FILM FRANCHISES IN HISTORY, then Cherik can happen. It WILL happen. Cherik is endgame, and has been the plan from day one.

Just like Johnlock, just like Hannigram, and now…just like Finnpoe.

They’re competing guys, all these filmmakers- because they KNOW Cherik is gonna be HUGE. Johnlock is gonna be HUGE. Things have changed- forever. You are watching something unfold here– enjoy it. I sure as hell am.

And you all should be proud– ALL OF YOU who write fanfic, who create fan art, who write meta and theories. ALL OF YOU who fought and fight for LGBTQIA rights and equality, women’s rights, and civil rights.


And look how beautiful it is.

More to come, all. Heads and hearts UP- always.


**(For those of you who wonder about the F/F relationships, don’t worry… We’ll see a lot more of that coming. AND- I’m working on something with regards to that, so I’m on it. I’m female and bisexual, so it’s of extreme importance to me.)


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