Hey all, we have a new official contributor to the blog! 

Hey guys, I’d like to introduce you all to the blog’s first official co-contributor/author, Barakei! In addition to myself, Barakei will be posting news links and theories about the X-Men films (past and upcoming.) I will add comments/notes on the posts as well, especially as it relates to my work with gay subtext or X-Men comics canon and film canon. Barakei has basically been my right hand for months, and has some really good theories and ideas, as well as keeping me constantly updated on news- So now Barakei can do that for all of you! 

Also, if any of my loyal readers would like to send theories/ideas/news to me or Barakei, or would like to submit something to be posted on the blog, please contact me at charlesanderik2016@gmail.com. I love alternate theories/fan theories, fan art, fan fiction, and welcome any and all comments. You may also contact me on my Tumblr blog as well. (If you wish to do so anonymously, that’s your best option!) 

Additionally, I am in the process of building a blog (like this one) detailing the subtext and symbolism in the NBC show Hannibal. It’s a HUGE undertaking– instead of a handful of films, I have dozens of episodes to work through, and the show is incredibly complex. So, if any of my readers are fans of the show, and would like to be a contributor on the blog or submit ideas/theories/fan art/fan fiction once it’s up and running, please contact me at the email/Tumblr above. 

Thanks, all! More to come! 



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  1. lkeke35 says:

    I was going to do a series of articles on Hannibal I’ve become thoroughly obsessed with this show and watched these episodes multiple times. I don’t think they’d fit on my blog but I would love to be a contributor to yours if you start one. I’m already a contributor to a blog for Supernatural, but I’d love to do some Hannibal essays and reviews for you. Hit me up when you’re ready. I’m game!

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    1. hln351 says:

      Yes, I’d absolutely love for you to contribute! I’m in the episode breakdown phase at this point, and when I get everything to a point where it’s organized enough for me to start, I’ll publish the blog! And I’ll let you know when that happens ASAP.

      I’m definitely looking forward to your articles!!! I’m crazy obsessed with the show too, lol, so I think we’ll work well together!! 😀

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