Charles is Hank, Part II.

Alright, I believe we left off at the Cerebro scene, yes?

So, let’s move forward!

Hank, Charles, Erik, and Raven all enter Cerebro. This machine, according to the Man in Black, is designed to amplify brainwaves and could enhance Charles’ telepathic powers. It’s never explained in the film what on earth inspired this guy and Hank to just up and build Cerebro. Were they already aware of telepaths? Was it originally intended to be used by humans? We don’t know. All we know is that it’s there, and it was supposedly commissioned by the Man in Black (or he helped build it, he *did* say it was his machine) and invented/built by Hank. 

And like I said before, the two who build Cerebro in the original movieverse  canon are Charles and Erik. Hank does become important to Cerebro later in the stories (in canon and film) because he upgrades it all the time, repairs it, all that. But the main two involved in its development and construction are Charles and Erik. THAT is a Bryan Singer invention for the original X-Men films, and the change here is…definitely curious, especially since he had a huge hand in the FC script and he was the film’s producer. 

(Kinda makes me wonder if, at the end of XMA, when the X-Mansion is rebuilt after Apoc’s destruction if Erik and Charles do in fact rebuild Cerebro. They’re rebuilding these two entirely, so why not? They’re going to end up together, so them building this machine would be…fitting. And Singer canon.)

And in comics canon, CHARLES is the main designer/inventor of Cerebro, not Hank. So, once again, his and Hank’s roles are reversed. 

The foursome are in Cerebro:

Notice how similarly dressed Hank and Charles are? Notice the same about Erik and Raven?

Hank tells Charles that he named the machine Cerebro– in canon, CHARLES is the one who names the machine Cerebro. 

Pretty cool how they do this, right?

So, Hank talks about how the machine works, and Raven follows Hank– so does Erik. Raven asks Hank:

Notice Erik there? HE is asking CHARLES that question. See it? He’s fascinated by Charles, enchanted by him, and as if to drive that point home, we get this extremely strange interaction and undeniably adorable between Erik and Charles right after this:

I mean, it’s a mirror image. But to heteronormative eyes, one is a clear come on and the other is a “bromantic” exchange. EYEROLL. No, they’re both the same, and they’re done one right after the other for a reason. 

Beautiful, isn’t it? Gay subtext is like a language unto itself. I’m so in love with it that I’m going back to graduate school to study it in detail. I’d like to develop college courses on the subject. 

ANYWAYS– back to the actual point, lol, sorry–

So, we get that lovely exchange there, with Erik showing a VERY rare glimpse into his sweet side, and a even rarer glimpse into what it’s like when these two are alone together. And we’ve got Hank working the machine, Charles waiting to interact with the machine, and Erik/Raven observing on the sidelines. Mirrors. 

Aren’t they adorable? To be a fly on the wall of their bedroom…

Now, watch as Hank comes into line with Charles in the coming scene:


Standing just like Charles. Beautiful. 

And then in the next shot, we see Charles looking at Raven:

That look is INDENTICAL to the one that Charles gives Erik a few moments later:

I mean, it’s beautiful. 

But before we move on, let’s talk about that exchange between Hank/Charles/Erik. Tumblr user stalker-sex was wonderful enough to post this exchange in a gif-set: Hank asks Charles if he can shave his head, Charles tells him to not touch his hair. In this moment, we see Erik *clearly* look Charles up and down, and Hank notices this, and looks between Charles and Erik like “oh God, here they go again,” and gets out of the way pronto. Charles and Erik smirk at one another. 

(Thank you bad-luck-blue-eyes for finding that link for me!!!) 

It’s something that I never noticed until I saw that post on tumblr, and I’ve watched these films hundreds of times at this point. (Thank the Gods for the Cherik fandom, seriously.) It’s beautiful and *OBVIOUS* once you see it, and totally hidden within a joking moment. 

And then that’s followed by that look from Charles above, and Erik’s returning look:

Sigh. So, so beautiful.

(In the Erik is Raven series, I note how Erik’s look here is identical to Raven’s facial expression a few moments later.)

So, the machine turns on, and both Hank and Charles seem happy as hell about it, too:

(And after this, both Erik and Raven’s expressions mirror one another again.) 

Of course, this leads to the infamous Recruitment Montage (which I’ve detailed before). The next time we see Hank is when he and the rest of the young mutants are hanging out at the CIA, with Hank in yet another Charles’ type ensemble. (This exact outfit comes up later, so remember it.)

So, everyone’s figuring out their code names, and Alex, forever teasing Hank about his mutation, makes the mistake of suggesting the name Bigfoot. This embarrasses and angers Hank, but Raven comes back with a biting (and VERY Erik type) retort:

So, if this film is subtext for the whole gay cure/homophobia deal, then this little exchange here between Raven (Erik) and Alex is particularly fitting, since she’s hinting at the whole “foot size=cock size” theory. I honestly would give about anything to see this done without the subtext, lol, with just Erik telling the homophobic world that his boyfriend has a bigger cock than all of them. Also, considering Alex is HEAVILY implied to have a relationship with Darwin in the film (and was alluded to by the FC writers during the 2012 Comic Con), that makes this exchange even MORE interesting.

Please, Singer, please– after XMA and all this is finally out in the damn open, can we PLEASE have a redo of this scene with the right people. I swear, I will stand up in the theater and clap like I’m testifying at a damn church. PLEASE.

Ok, moving on– Hank seems pretty pleased with that comment Raven makes, and the fact that she sticks up for him:

Honestly, I have to wonder if Erik were allowed to talk during this scene, if he wouldn’t have been JUST as biting:

(Funniest scene in X-Men film history right there.)

So, Erik and Charles both walk into the CIA after being called in early from their recruitment, and come upon all the young mutants partying, with Hank hanging upside down from the lights, just like he does in DoFP when Logan comes to the X-Mansion:

Except in DoFP, he’s not that happy, like Charles. Here, in FC, he’s so happy, and so is Raven. They’re both having a blast with the mutants, and being themselves. They’re free.

To me, it looks like the entire Recruitment Montage. Erik and Charles had SO much fun in those scenes, and THAT is the time of Charles’ life that reminds Charles in DoFP where he’d seen Logan before. 

I’m just pointing it out. 

And then, of course, Erik and Charles are called back to the CIA, and neither of them looks happy about it:

So, since they’re not happy, no one else can be, including Raven and Hank:

Again, I’m just pointing it out. They CONSTANTLY mirror one another. 

Tomorrow, we’ll get into Russia and Sebastian Shaw, and what that has to do with Hank and Charles, and then tackle the mutants heading to the X-Mansion, the training montage, and Hank’s mutant cure. That is really where a lot of Hank’s and Charles’ storylines (film and canon) really weave in together, so I’ll spend a whole post on that. 


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