Jonas Graymalkin: The gay ancestor of Charles Xavier

I thought I’d share this with you all. Some of you fans may already know this, some may not– I sure didn’t until I started researching the history of the X-Mansion for the Charles/Hank post.

Charles Xavier has a gay ancestor. And not just *any* ancestor, but the son of the man who settled the land upon which the X-Mansion was built. The FOUNDING FAMILY of the New York Xaviers. 

This person is named Jonas Graymalkin, son of Charles and Marcia Graymalkin, and is also known later as just Graymalkin when he joins the X-Men. (He’s actually confirmed by Beast as Charles Xavier’s blood ancestor through DNA testing in the Young X-Men story arc.) 

(Source from the Marvel article above)

His story is sad, as stories of young gay men and women tend to be, especially when they’re born in an era that is completely intolerant of homosexuality. In the 18th century, the Graymalkin family settled the land in New York where the X-Mansion would later be built. (In fact, in the history of the X-Mansion, Charles Xavier is said to be the 10th generation master of the house– that family history starts with the Graymalkins.) The street address for the X-Mansion and the mutant school is on Graymalkin Lane, named for this family, so their history is intricately linked with Charles Xavier. 

As the story goes, Jonas realized he was gay at age 16. He met a boy in his family’s barn one day and fell for him– and they were both caught fooling around in said barn by Jonas’ father, Charles. His father, horrified and disgusted by his son’s actions, beat him nearly to death and then buried him alive in the woods surrounding the X-Mansion.

These events triggered Jonas’ hidden mutation (which is basically super strength and longevity in darkness), and he survived in the ground for 200 years until, after the Messiah Complex story, Jonas was awakened by “some manner of apocalypse [that] decimated the area, upsetting the very structure of the earth and unsettling me from my confinement.” (From X-Men: Manifest Destiny #3.) 

(…apocalypse. I gotta wonder, you know I have to wonder.)

Jonas joins the young X-Men after his awakening, and ends up coming out to New Mutants member Anole, who is also gay. Anole comforts him and tells him that he will be safe with the X-Men. 

(considering we have a New Mutants film coming up, and I’ve said before I’d be SHOCKED if Anole wasn’t included, I’m *really really* curious if we’ll see Graymalkin at some point.)

But, look– for those out there who, after XMA, inevitably will say that there’s no precedence for a gay Charles Xavier- and we’ve already got them now, don’t we?- guess what? THERE IS. He’s part of the family that founded the Xavier family, was buried alive in the woods surrounding the mansion, and awoke after an APOCALYPTIC EVENT that led him to join the young X-Men. 

Not to mention, like Singer has said and so so so many others involved in the X-Men comics and the films (especially FC), there can be *several* versions of a character because there are so many alternate universes within comic books, creating many different “canons.” And a gay Charles Xavier would not only be exceptionally relevant, it would follow in the footsteps of Jonas Graymalkin. 

Plus, how fitting is it that the son of the family that settled the land upon which Xavier’s School of Gifted Youngsters was eventually built was not only a mutant himself, but GAY. 

Kinda makes me look at this scene from FC differently now (or should I say, I see it with much more conviction):


(The Charles/Hank post is delayed a day due to me working the trailer into the post, but it’ll be up tomorrow y’all. Thanks for bearing with me.) 


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