The XMA Trailer and the Empire Interview with Bryan Singer

Alright, people, here we go:

So, the trailer was released today, everyone is talking about it– I got emails and messages all over the place today so instead of answering all of them (I tried– not gonna happen, lol) I’m doing this quick post here. 

So, let’s walk through the trailer first, then we’ll go over the Singer interview. 

Forgive some of the screenshots, all– they’re taken from the Apocalypse Trailer at Fox’s YouTube page:

Ok, some of this we’ll skim over (because it’s either not relevant to what I’m talking about or I don’t know what’s going on in the scene). First shot we see is this:

My immediate first thought was that’s gotta be Jean Grey– that looks identical to Famke Janssen’s iconic dress and hair silhouette. I’m not sure if it’s her or if it’s Sophie Turner channeling Famke. The door opening looks like Cerebro. She uses Cerebro a lot in the comics, so…her being there isn’t strange.

Moving along. We get scenes of destruction, and Sophie’s face as she opens her eyes in a panic. She tells Xavier she’s had a vision of death. Charles tells her it was just a dream. (This scene comes up in the interview.)

(By the way, anyone know what the pattern is on her pillowcase? It looks medievalesque?) 

The next shot we get is straight outta FC:

That would be Oxford, Charles’ university. Kinda wondering what it’s doing in the trailer? It doesn’t seem to fit at all, unless it’s a callback to FC– which, honestly, a lot of the trailer seems to be doing just that, and this is supposed to tie up the other two films, but I honestly don’t know why they chose this scene for the trailer. This scene leads to that whole “Jason Stryker” heterochromia scene, which is preceeded by sad Erik in his bathrobe throwing a coin at Shaw’s picture. So, that could be something… Or it’s a reference to retracing Charles’ and Erik’s steps towards one another in FC– because…

Next scene we get is Apocalypse walking towards who I’m pretty sure is Caliban (with Storm). He’s searching. He’s recruiting:

So, the Morlocks may be playing a role here in XMA, which honestly, they should. Caliban was called out in DoFP as the street name for Trask Industries in DoFP, and he’s basically a walking Cerebro, and in canon is a horseman for Apocalypse. I’m betting he helps Apoc track down mutants, including Xavier (who is a prize for Apoc in canon, alongside Erik). So, maybe that’s why the FC scene is there. The Morlocks reside in NYC, so it can’t be because they’re in England.


Next scene we get is Apoc recruiting Storm, and then we get this shot:

Lol. I swear, the synchronicity between the three films is really beautiful. Because that looks like several shots out of DoFP, like the arial shot as Charles/Hank/Quicksilver go to bust out Erik and the arial shot of Erik as he enters the Pentagon later to retrieve his helmet:

Not only that, Charles entering the CIA in his wheelchair with Alex is REALLY reminiscent of this shot from the DoFP viral website 25 Moments where Hank is pushing Charles’ wheelchair in Washington:

(That site is a total hint-fest, lemme tell ya.)

Ok, so, next we see Charles and Alex in Moira’s office, and they’re discussing Apocalypse. (We get a nice shot here of a pyramid in ancient Egypt– these films and their pointy structures, lol) and then we get this shot:

Uh, anyone else see the framed picture behind Moira? The one with a man and a young boy? If that’s Moira’s office, they sure as hell looks like a husband and son photo. In canon, she marries Joseph MacTaggert and they have a son, Kevin, who later names himself Proteus. 

Lol. Um, I don’t know about you all, but…if the Legion show really is going to combine the Proteus arc with the Legion arc, then…that might be who we’re looking at here. Which means the son won’t be Charles’ son biologically. I gotta say, if they go this route I’d be a hell of a lot happier because it would make much more sense. If they’re planning on putting Xavier and Lehnsherr on the back burner for a bit to let other X-Men stories shine, then Charles would have to take a step back big time in the Legion story arc, and if he’s the biological father, I just don’t see that happening. If he’s not the father, but Legion/Proteus ends up in his school, then Charles could be a background character for a while. However, I don’t know for sure that’s Joe and Proteus, but y’all, that looks like them. I couldn’t see a ring on her finger, though, so…not sure about it yet. But– that to me looks like a family. Strike one for the Charles/Moira “romance.” Fashionhasnogender on tumblr made a comment today about maybe the rekindled romance is Charles hitting on Moira until she shuts him down, and I made the comment that maybe they’ll go the “Iceman” route where he hits on Moira until she tells him “look, I don’t know why you keep hitting on me when errbody knows you’re in love with Erik.” I’m dying to know lol.

Moving on…

A lot of shots of the new mutants coming into play here, as well as some older ones. And… A lot of them are blue. Nightcrawler, Beast, Mystique, even Apoc is blueish. (That also comes up in the interview. I’m not the only once who noticed all the blue people. And remember…blue is Polari for gay.) We get shots of the four horsemen Apoc picks, some more discussions about Apoc between Alex/Moira/Charles, then we get this:

(Charles cries a single tear in every single film, lol. And Erik is ALWAYS involved with that.) And as if to drive that point home, after Charles says “oh, God” here, the trailer scene switches to this:

Yeah. I get it, Singer, I see that transition. And…I don’t know about y’all, but the Comic-Con teaser made it seem like Erik was sending Charles away from him in this scene, yet in this trailer, we see Erik is bringing Charles TO him. Huh. HUH. HUUUUUH.

 So, looks like The Twelve will play a role here because Erik is most definitely abducting Xavier alongside Apoc and the other horsemen. 

The reason I’m SO interested in that is because of that viral post that went around on Tumblr a while ago (I’m searching for the post, guys– I’ll source it when I find it) of I think Fassbender (or another cast member) talking about an intense conversation between Erik and Charles in XMA

, and in the middle of the scene, Fassbender just stops and does a lap dance on James. So, that’s gotta be a scene with a lot of sexual tension, and I’m betting it happens while these two are stuck together with Apocalypse. (I BETTER GET THAT LAP DANCE IN THE DELETED SCENES SINGER.) And, of course, The Twelve has that iconic love story in it that I’m betting they’ll reuse for Charles and Erik. 

Moving along…

We get Hank and Raven talking, Hank says we need the X-Men, Raven says she’s back to fight, and we get this shot:

First Class First Class First Class. But…no Charles or Erik. So, I’m guessing they’re together at this point with Apoc. Maybe this is a rescue mission? A lot of callbacks to FC. That’s good news for Cherik, guys– I’m tellin’ you. They’re wrapping up the ends, remember? And everything syncs up. It’s really beautiful.

Then we get this shot:

My guess is that this is one of Apoc’s containment cells from The Twelve, where he keeps the mutants that he wants to siphon powers from. If Moira is there, there’s a reason for it– maybe her son? Who knows. Anyway, that’s Quicksilver in the center. Is it just me or is that shot very reminiscent of the tunnel down to Erik’s cell from Bent Bullet?

They both look like spider webs. (Thank you tumblr users for pointing that out.) The resemblance is there. And if that’s Quicksilver, then that syncs up totally since he’s Erik’s son. 


We get some shots of war with the mutants, then this emotional shot of Erik:

So, that’s his lumberjack shirt. The same one he wears in the Comic Con teaser when Apoc comes for him, and the same one in all those Entertainement Weekly shots. So, this shot probably has to do with Apocalypse…but why I find it so curious is because it transitions to this:

That would be Charles fighting Apoc. They’re in the X-Mansion. Both their emotional shots are back to back. The scenes themselves don’t have anything to do with each other (as far as I know) but they’re PLACED this way in the trailer. That…would be a Cherik moment, and I swear, the first time I saw that transition I thought of Erik’s big emotional scene. It may be a bit conspiracy theorist of me, but…I honestly think these two scenes back to back are pointing to that– Charles’ “death” and Erik’s emotional reaction. 

Plus..did you all notice Charles can walk here? He has use of his legs. There was a discussion going down on Tumblr today about that, whether this takes place in real life or the astral plane. Both are viable theories, for sure– but the main point is that Charles is walking. He’s walked in the other two films, so him having use of his legs here is more synchronicity. If this is real life, it could be a reference to X-Cutioner’s song where Apoc temporarily cures Charles’ of his paralysis after curing him of the Legacy Virus. We’ll see. And…the only other person we’ve seen Charles punch is Erik, and Apoc is basically Erik’s ego on steroids, so that’s perfect, too. 

But, guys, that’s a Cherik moment. Done in the usual Singer/Kinberg style. The film will be real story.

Moving on…

We see Archangel, Storm, and then we get this amazing shot of Erik:

Ok, guys, my immediate first thought was OH MY GOD they’re blending Fassbender with McKellen in that last shot. Watch the actual video, you’ll see this whole thing go down, but I am 100% convinced that’s a blend of Ian and Michael. It looks JUST LIKE THEM. I about fell out of my chair when this scene went down– it’s GORGEOUS. The first shot is Fassbender in the shadows. He sends the metal pieces flying, and turns, and now he’s in the light! And in that transition, you’ll see McKellen’s face over his! 

*Outrageously gorgeous and INCREDIBLY symbolic.* My bet is that this is Erik battling Apoc, and that the shot from from shadows to light is symbolic of Erik’s reformation and ending up by Charles’ side at the end. They’ve been fixing Erik from DAY ONE- and this is a wonderful example of that coming true. Not to mention, the last time we saw Magneto with a bunch of pieces of metal was in this scene from DoFP:

And he was on Charles’ side at the time. They were together. People asking about his helmet– I don’t think it’s for Charles at all. Remember, Apoc also has psionic and telepathic powers, so if Erik’s wearing his helmet here, I’m pretty sure it’s for Apoc. It would be necessary for Erik to have it in battle.

Moving along…

We get a curious scene of Quicksilver running and then a library blowing up? (I’m really wondering if that’s the X-Mansion’s library, especially since QS is running in the mansion, and I’m about 99% sure the mansion is going to get decimated.) And then this shot:

That looks to me like Apoc in Cerebro. Wondering if this is the secret Cerebro shoot that Singer was alluding to a while back on his Instagram account? It would make sense. Then we get a shot of what looks like powerful water spouts destroying the Brooklyn Bridge:

In AoA, Apocalypse sends a wall of water towards his human enemies, and destroys them all. So, if that is what’s going on here, I’m kinda wondering if Moira lives through XMA– she doesn’t in canon. Also, Erik destroys the Golden Gate Bridge in The Last Stand, so this is a nice callback to that. Syncing up again.

Then we get that last shot of Charles’ eyes going black (a testament to Apoc’s telepathic and psionic abilities, and a possible reference to The Twelve and X-Men: Evolutions.) 


Then, lol, we get this:

(On a side note, that Cerebro looks new. A new Mansion perhaps?) 

Anyway, there’s our bald Xavier, our Professor X. Reminds me of the ending of FC, with Erik being revealed in all his garb. “I prefer…Magneto.” So, is this Charles donning his Professor X title? The reason this is such a huge deal…is because of the interview.

This interview.
Singer walks through the trailer. He confirms that the opening scene is, in fact, Jean. Singer goes on to say that the take of Charles telling Jean her vision was “just a dream” will be exclusive to the trailer, and that the one he’ll use in the film will be a “less sincere take” and that it’s “more suspicious.” Kinda wondering here if that means Charles senses the Dark Phoenix (along with knowing her visions aren’t actually dreams.) With all their talk about wanting to fix the Dark Phoenix story, this would be a good place to start with the actual character.

Then we move on to the Oxford shot, which Singer says he specifically chose the song that plays over said shot. The song is The Hunted by Snow Ghosts. And, uh, if the song has anything to do with Erik and Charles (and I’m guessing it does because of the placement here), then these lyrics are MORE than interesting: (thank you Barakei!)

You wandered through the willows

In the forest you have found

Trying to hide your footprints in the ground

It’s not wise, if you try to run

It’s not wise, You know I’ve won, You know I’ve won
And you’ll smile, on your knees

The Hunter becomes…

The Hunter becomes… The Hunted.
…I’m just pointing it out.

Singer goes on to talk about Apoc recruiting (FC callback!) and Storm/Caliban, then Singer says something very interesting about the motivation of Apoc:

What is a God?” asks Singer. “Why would someone create and rule over a race simply to be worshipped?” Which, it seems, is what Apocalypse wants, and he’s not happy when he wakes up in a time period that doesn’t seem to give two figs about him. “It bears no respect or devotion to him – that’s the big giant ego of the old God,” adds Singer. “All of it lacks symmetry, order and devotion to him. It needs to be culled. It needs to be wiped away and rebuilt again.”

…That’s very bold for a comic book film, but fits right in if you’re taking on serious material such as allegories to religion using its strong arm to bring down human rights. They’re going all in here. This movie isn’t fucking around, and is VERY relevant to what’s going on in our country- and in the world- right now. (And in the 80s as well.) 

Singer goes on to talk about Hank taking over the school temporarily so he and Alex can go see Moira about Apoc. (That’ll show up in my Hank/Charles post.) Then Singer goes on to explain why we only see bits and pieces of Apoc in the trailer:

“I like that you just see bits and pieces,” says Singer. “It forces you to look at not just his face, but his costume, the scale, the strangeness, the inscription, the technology. It makes you want to lean around the corner to get a better look.”

(I swear to God that could be the damn tagline for this entire trilogy.)

Then Singer gets into the fact that so many mutants are blue…

“There are a lot of blue mutants, and we do make a couple of blue jokes in the movie.”

Lol…lol. Uh- I’m reading that as Polari, dude, because you all have been suck on BLUE since day one. Even Vaughn jokes about the color blue. Blue blue blue. GAY GAY GAY.

Singer talks about Charles being the “blind leader” Apoc refers to (sounds like Erik) and that Charles gets a big wake-up call in XMA. And then he moves on to talk about Apoc gunning for Erik since he’s one of the most powerful mutants on the planet, with Apoc telling Erik “I’m here for you now.” According to Singer, Erik is looking for answers, looking for God, and Apoc takes advantage of that. That…sounds a hell of a lot like where Erik was in as a boy in FC, and it parallels with Shaw. 


Then Singer says this about Hank and Raven in the trailer:

“Hank’s carrying Raven’s torch,” adds Singer, hinting at a possible resolution to the sometimes neglected romantic sub-plot between the two. 

Which means, guys, since they’re THE doppelgängers for Charles and Erik, we’ll get the same thing with them. This looks like an intense conversation between them, and since there is ALWAYS a mirror with these four, I’m betting this mirrors the “intense conversation” Erik and Charles are said to have in the film. Charles is also carrying Erik’s torch, and has been from the beginning.

Singer goes into the fight scene with Charles, but doesn’t specify whether is in RL or on the astral plane (it’s speculation on the magazine’s part), and talks about Raven working alone and not wanting to lead a group of mutants (ErikErikErik), says he did something interesting with Apoc’s ability to change size, and then talks about QS’s fast scene in the mansion which Singer says, if he has his way, will be set to a “very cool 80s pop song.” It’s been a running game in my household trying to decide which love song– because we ALL KNOW it’ll be a love song because they all are– will be in the film. My vote is for Journey’s Faithfully or The Police’s Every Breath You Take which were both huge hits in 1983, when this film takes place. 

(I’d be curious what song you all think it’ll be!) 

Then Singer goes on to talk about Magneto:

“He’s one of the most pivotal characters,” says Singer. “Fassbender really delivers here in non-traditional comic book style. There are scenes here you will not see in any other comic book movie. I really think Erik goes through one of the most complex journeys in the movie.”

Oh man. OH MAN. See, now it’s “scenes” we won’t see in any other comic book movie. PLURAL. I’m telling you all, it’s Cherik. What else hasn’t been done yet, especially with the ever prolific comic book films? IT’S CHERIK. Erik’s journey is complex because he basically undergoes an entire 180– and right back to where he and Charles were in FC, but for good this time. I really gotta wonder if the change from scenes to scenes has anything to do with the reshoots planned in early 2016. Yes, I know reshoots are common, but…if these guys got the green light from Fox to do more Cherik (like my source says) then scene becomes scenes. 

Singer’s comment on the library slowing up scene:

“This is tonally different to the Pentagon sequence, and a little bittersweet,” says Singer. “I’ll leave it at that.”

So, that definitely makes me think it’s the X-Mansion blowing up there. It would be incredibly symbolic to destroy the mansion and rebuild because that’s basically what’s going on with the franchise and with Charles and Erik.

The article goes into some discussion about the Apoc Cerebro scene, and if the author of the article is right about this possibly being his own version of Cerebro, that would mirror The Last Stand with Stryker (and mirror canon), and if it is his own version, I’m REALLY wondering if Charles and Erik build it together…because that would be a canon reference.

Then, and finally, we get my favorite part of the article, and IMO, the most important part: Singer talks about that bald Charles scene:

Intriguingly, the trailer ends with Xavier seemingly looking at the camera. Either Deadpool no longer has a monopoly on X-Men characters breaking the fourth wall, or there’s more here than meets his eyes. “He’s not looking at the camera,” clarifies Singer. “He’s looking at something else. And that’s in the film. You’ll see it.”

Oh my God, seriously, LOL. So, I’m betting this is near the end of the film. The author talks about Charles seemingly looking at the camera, and it definitely does look like that. Singer, though, says that he’s actually looking at something else. I’d bet seventy billion dollars it’s Erik. It’s Erik. It’s totally Erik. Breaking the fourth wall, by the way, is a theater term that basically means a character becomes aware of their fictional nature, and this can manifest in several ways, one of which is a direct address to the audience, or even a look. The reason this is so interesting is because of what Singer said in his Outsider interview in 2014:

“ ‘If you look at the Kinsey Report, human sexuality is so complex. And the reason I’ve never talked about it to the press — until now — is because sexuality is so complex. To have a real conversation about it, you really want to have the person you’re talking to in front of you.’ “He doesn’t mean a reporter; he means the audience. The fans. Whoever might, for some reason, care about this thing that has been no big deal to him for so long. He wants it to be a dialogue, not an edict.”

When I read that last year, I had a feeling that would come true in XMA, and I’d bet my right arm that’s what’s going on in that last shot. He’s looking at Erik, and in looking at us (seemingly), they’ll address the issue. Erik will end up back with Charles, TOGETHER, and we’ll see it in this scene, IMHO. We miss Erik at the end of DoFP- we won’t miss him this time. Plus, that ties Charles’ hair loss to Erik in some way (my theory is that it’ll be directly tied to Erik). 

So, guys, keep the faith. You all created this– YOU DID– and when this film comes out, you all better be in those seats to see what you guys accomplished. This is YOUR CREATION, and don’t let anyone tell you differently. Cherik will be your victory, no one else’s. 


More to come, guys. Charles/Hank will go up this weekend, followed by The Rogue Cut right after that. 



2 Comments Add yours

  1. barakei says:

    About the lumberjack Erik shot transitioning to Charles VS Apo supposed fight…
    Singer said the big emotional and heartbreaking moment Michael made everybody crying happened “in the woods”, as we already pointed out X-Mansion is surrounded by woods, we see in the trailer Charles fighting (for real or not) against Apo in the Mansion, some scenes later the same Mansion seems to be blown away by some kind of fire, big explosion (there’s that short video from Singer’s himself that supposedly showed what’s what’s left os said destroyed Mansion). And that frame with lumberjack Erik who’s going desperate and wrecked by what he is seeing/feeling going on there (?)….
    I agree with you, this could be the very spoiler for that never-seen-in-a-comics book-movie scene (one of the scenes, as Bryan said) that definetly is a cherik moment!!
    The only thing that I wonder is when, if that’s speculation is true, this is going to happen in the movie? Because it seems that the lumberjack family is set to the very beginning of the movie, so it wouldn’t fit with Erik following Apo, abducting Charles and then witnessing “Charles’ death”?

    What if Erik thinks Charles is dead and this is the final push to lead him towards the big, god-like Mutant?
    Then he finds out Charles is alive and needs his help to win Apocalypse’s psionic power or something like that?

    That’s silly as a scenario, I know 😜

    Anyway, all these recalls to FC and DoFP are just exciting! Especially FC, this is what makes me think Apocalypse is going to bring Erik back to Charles for good!


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