XMA will reveal something about the relationship between Charles and Erik, and the media is finally starting to figure it out.

Check out this article that was sent to me today. 

So, looks like people are starting to figure out that Apocalypse is most definitely going to have an effect on the Charles/Erik relationship. What we’ve all been saying here for a long time is finally starting to trickle out– in some ways. The article above still stays within those safe boundaries of calling the relationship between Charles and Erik “brothers” and/or “friends,” but it does point out that the films will either tear these two apart forever, or bring them together for good. The author here believes that the ending won’t be a good one–I’m guessing because of the rumors that recently spread about a possible death for Erik or Charles, and the fact that these two have always ended up at odds in the past. 

But, the author also points out that Apocalypse wants to change the face of the world. Erik and Charles winding up at odds again is not a change– that’s been their entire dynamic from day one, in all their stories. Erik or Charles winding up dead– again, that’s been done before in the comics and films, and they’re never actually dead. (No, I really don’t think Xavier will stay dead in the Marvel Comic Universe, not at all.) Not to mention, their deaths never go over well with fans. Erik and Charles even ending at possible allies/possible friends? Again, been done. Not a change. 

Erik and Charles ending as lovers? The lovers they’ve been since FC? THERE’S the apocalyptic change. There’s the big “reveal.” Will it be the only change for the X-Men, or the only reveal? No way– there are other characters in the film, too. BUT– this is the big culmination for the two who are the big focus of the films, and it’s not gonna end with them as just friends and allies, but as something much, much deeper than that.

Of course, *we’re* expecting it, the shippers and the fandom, so it won’t be a shock to us. But it will be to the rest of the movie going audience. 

I’m just glad, however, that these realizations seem to finally be leaking out, and people are slowly starting to realize that XMA means business when it comes to Charles and Erik. Their world (and ours) is about to change. 

Speaking of which…

Anyone see this announcement from Marvel today? 

Why I find this so curious is that my Marvel/Disney source told me a while ago that the person who was responsible at Marvel for the divide between Fox and Disney/Marvel over the X-Men rights was recently fired, and apparently that’s why Legion and Hellfire were allowed to move forward. That…makes me really wonder about the above announcement with Marvel doing an Apocalypse Wars Event in 2016, and how/if this might fit into Secret Wars, and if those rumors on Tumblr about the comics finally syncing up to the films might be true. 

The reason I’m wondering…

Is because of this:


That panel from Secret Love. Cherik in the dead center. Kinda wondering if that really WAS a clue, and not just a *wink, wink* one shot. 

Kinda also makes me wonder about this again, too:

Remember me going on and on about that last summer? So, I tweeted Fabian Nicieza a while back about this, and he said the above was a one shot, but to look out for Secret Wars with Apocalypse:

I…wonder. I really, really wonder. To me, this all seems too connected to be coincidence, but we’ll see! That’s all definitely speculation on my part right now, but I gotta wonder, seriously, ESPECIALLY with the Secret Love panel coming after this Dreams Brighten offshoot which was never fully explained by Nicieza. (Maybe we’ll find out why later on, huh?) And now we get Fox/Marvel apparently making up and this cryptic Apocalypse Wars announcement. I’m keeping my eyes on this development BIG TIME, and what this could mean for the X-Men stories in general with Fox and Marvel, and what that means for Charles and Erik in the comics. (Possibly even others? I’d give an arm to see Mystique and Destiny finally get their day in the sun.) 

Things…are starting to get exciting.

Hold on to your hats, people– the world is about to shift. 😬 And, like the author says in the moviepilot.com article, I CANNOT WAIT.

More to come- Charles/Hank will go up some time this weekend. I’m putting the finishing touches on it now. Then the Rogue Cut post, and the eerie similarities between how X-Men and Hannibal both canonized/will canonize their core M/M relationship. 



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  1. barakei says:

    It’s changing, the world little step by step. Some people may still be fighting these changes but History and Evolution don’t really give a damn about few (I know they are not few at all :/ ) stubborn blinded ones. And I think movies and TV shows and arts in general will lead these change. As always art did.
    I cannot wait either! May is still too far away, 172 days left, and next weeks are going to be just the craziest! But we reaching the turning point here, one that really won’t let anybody go back! And Cherik will be just the right endgame and beginning to a new era (we’ll be facing the Apocalypse after all! !!).

    As you’ve been saying this time long: keep the faith!!! ^^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hln351 says:

      “As art always did.”

      YES. That. So much that. ❤️


  2. lkeke35 says:

    Yeah, I loved what happened with Hannibal. That was awesome, but what would really floor me is if Charles and Erik become the endgame, and the world doesn’t fall off its axis. Every body just taking it in stride as if it’s no big deal. (Even though it kinda is.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hln351 says:

      I know! I’m like…uh, people, this is huge, lol. I’m betting it’s more because it hasn’t been said outright yet, so I’ll gauge everyone’s reactions after XMA, but you’re totally right. You know what’s funny, I said the same thing when Spawn came out in the late 90s- and was even MORE floored that film was the first to feature a MoC in the hero lead, like seriously, it took THAT LONG?! And everyone freaking out over a MoC playing the Human Torch in F4. Some people it seems never leave the 1950s. I don’t know how the hell they stay so guarded. I’m, like, all over diversity man, that’s why I’m looking forward to The New Mutants. I am *over* the same story every time.

      By the way, that post you reblogged a while ago about fandoms not being as progressive as they think because they’re still not including PoC, I definitely agree. I do see some movement towards that, but it’s definitely needed *big time*– which is why I was hoping XMA would bring back Darwin and put him back with Havok because they were adorable and I loved Darwin SO MUCH. I meant to comment on that post and got distracted by my toddler.

      I actually got severely pissed off when he died in FC. I’m still pissed off about it.

      Wow…sorry about that, kinda went on a rant there. Lol.


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