Magda, Moira, XMA Cherik theories, and the “culimination of the three act love story.” Part II.

**Ugh, sorry for the typos, all. They’re fixed now. This is a great example of why posting at 2am through bloodshot eyes is a bad idea.**
Alright. So, what we need to get into at this point is the X-Men: Evolution television series, and how that may be playing out in the plotline for XMA. 

When the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse were announced a while back, I remember a lot of people were suprised at a few of the choices– myself included. At that point, however, I hadn’t been involved in any recent research since life took over, etc. BUT, since getting back into the swing of things since XMA trailers/info should start coming out soon, I’ve done quite a bit of catching up. During that time, I did some research on all the X-Men who were, at one point, a Horseman for Apoc (there are a few since there are many Apoc stories). In XMA, the horsemen are Angel, Psylocke, Storm, and Magneto. 

Angel, or Archangel as it seems he’ll be known in XMA (nod to canon), was one of the original Horsemen- Death- in the canon storyline Fall of Mutants. So, he was an expected choice. Psylocke was also a Horseman at one point in the Apoc story The Final Horseman, also as Death. (I’m guessing she’ll be Pestilence in XMA.) Storm and Magneto, however, don’t show up- to my knowledge- in canon as Horsemen. They do, however, show up in the television series X-Men: Evolution. Storm was Famine, Magneto- of course, because what the hell else would he be- was War. (I’m betting they stick with these for XMA.) 

When that Horsemen announcement came up, people were really surprised about the choice of Magneto, including myself– BUT it fits. AND I think it also lends substance to the theory that Erik doesn’t die in XMA (and neither does Charles.) The reason why lies in the storyline for X-Men: Evolution, which at this point, I’m betting is another source the filmmakers are pulling from for the XMA story. 

Ok, so, X-Men: Evolution was a Canadian/American series, and it ran for four seasons from 2004-2008. The characters in the show were TEENAGERS rather than the adults we’ve all come to know and love. That’s one similarity to XMA, where many of the incoming characters are teenagers (or not much older than that.) In the story, several characters come up that are in XMA, including a young Nightcrawler, who eventually discovers that Mystique is his birth mother. This is something, according to Kodi McPhee (who plays Nightcrawler in XMA), that will probably be included in the film. Mystique, in the show, is the leader of the Brotherhood (presided over by Magneto in the background)- in XMA, it’s rumored that she’ll head up the X-Men at one point (I’m guessing after Charles’ abduction?), and Erik is rumored to be playing both sides in XMA, so this Evolutions plotline could be used here. Xavier, in the show, trains the X-Men for battle- which is something rumored to happen in XMA- and his mansion also ends up blowing up. (This has also been hinted at in this Instagram post by Singer, and was also called out here in the X-Men website 25 Moments. Remember when I talked about those having a BUNCH of hints for future storylines?– there’s a great example.) There’s also an epic battle in a mall– kinda wondering if that is hinted at in this Instagram post by Singer. Season 3 of the show, mutants have been “outed” to the general public– we already know this is the case for XMA. Quicksilver saves his father Magneto from death at one point after searching for him for a while (we know that they will have a relationship of some sort in XMA, and Peters did say in this interview that he is looking for Magneto in the film.) 

At the end of S4, after coming under the mental control of Apocalypse (just like in The Twelve), Xavier talks about seeing a vision of the future, and some of what he sees is Magneto, now REFORMED and ON CHARLES’ SIDE, is leading the New Mutants, which we already know is a coming film. That would be one big reason why I don’t see Erik dying in XMA- apart from the belief I have in Cherik. 

So, there’s quite a few similarities to what we know happens in XMA– this, along with The Twelve, and Age of Apocalyse, seems to me to spell out that Charles and Erik end up together and on the same side, possibly leading the New Mutants together, or perhaps the school as well- maybe both. I see them stepping down from their constant battles with each other, and into comfortable roles as teachers and leaders of their family… 

Coming full circle, nicely, into XMFC:

He’s not gonna die in XMA. Neither is Charles. These two have battled each other FOREVER– it’s time to let them settle down together, and let the new generation move forward. THIS is partly why I think we’re going to get a sort of “redo” of the end of DoFP, where Erik’s absence was duly noted by everyone– this time around, I think we’ll get them both. And an “old Cherik” moment. What else could this Singer post possibly mean? 

He’s a trickster, Singer is. 

And who has been waiting forever for his Cherik moment? IAN. Who was the original Cherik shipper? IAN. Who did I predict knew about this secret the entire time, and that’s why he took the role DESPITE not seeing a script– which he never does? IAN. I think he’s finally gonna get his moment. I think we’re finally gonna see this, but as Charles and Erik:

(source: ABC News)

Ha, that lady grinning like a loon between them is gonna be me in the theater, LOL. Hell, it’ll be all of us.

So, point to all this? There’s yet another source where Charles and Erik not only end up alive, but on the same side, TOGETHER. Every single storyline so far that’s either definitely being used as a source, or rumored to be, ends the same way for Cherik. The first trilogy ended them in a horrible way– apart, one of them dead (but not really)– and sad. 

Not this time. 

I mentioned a while back that in the “What If?…” comic series, there’s an alternate storyline called “What if…Professor X and Magneto Formed the X-Men Together?” This story is definitely started in First Class, and is mentioned- if you remember-in the Bent Bullet article as well. In that story, after an epic battle, the X-Men come out victorious (though, with consequences), Charles and Erik are still together and form the official X-Men team to continue the push against threats and the fight for mutant rights.

This was one of the hints that first lead me to believe that Cherik was endgame, and I definitely still see that happening. All of the storylines end the same way: victory for the X-Men, victory for Cherik. All of them would be a fine “culmination of that three act love story.” 

Now it’s a frustrating waiting game for more information on XMA, and I’m really wondering if they’re going to do the websites like they did with DoFP (I hope so because those were brilliant, and I had a GREAT time parsing through those.) We’ll have to wait and see! 

Until then, I’ll finish my posts that I’ve been promising for quite a while, starting with Charles is Hank. (Because how they did that is amazing, just like the Erik/Raven story.) Then, we’ll move on from there into other posts like The Rogue Cut, and if any information comes up about XMA, you can bet I’ll post it here. 

I’ve got my ear to the ground, as do a lot of my readers, and the entire- wonderful, I might add- Cherik fandom.

More to come, all! 






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  1. barakei says:

    It’s just fascinating how the comics authors and even the ones from the animated series have simply considered it a fact: Erik and Charles just belong together! No matter what universe they are in, or the medium it is represented with, they just can’t help but ending up side by side! And it’s a weird feeling, but even though comics books have a longer run of time behind them, it’s the movies universe that feels like the longest wait for this fact to be stated , at least it feels so to me ^^
    And now, 188 days left for this to happen and us to be witnessing this epic love to come true in (movie) screen as well! I’m just so glad I can be one of those who’ll jump from their seats in theaters next may! !!

    Thanks for sharing all these precious informations and hints with us!!! 😚


    1. hln351 says:

      Yeah, you’re spot on. What I find amazing is that exact thing: it’s just known and accepted that these two belong together. In the comics, whenever they’re apart or one of them dies, the other…has a really rough time accepting and adjusting. They did that in the films, too. And this time, they’re gonna finally end up together at the end, which is where they should be. 😀 It’s been a long time coming, though, you’re right about that- they’ve been teasing it for forever, or building up to it I should say. I cannot wait for the Cherik moment(s), it’s gonna change everything!!!


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