Keep the Faith, guys. Cherik is on the way.


Just a few quotes from some interviews to start this out. A few of these are not specifically about X-Men or XMA, BUT when researching, it’s important to put what these people say into the XMA context (and I tie into that later on):

THR: Force Awakens and the first spin-off are said to have strong women characters. Is this a move to cultivate more young female fans for Star Wars?

Kinberg: “I don’t know if it’s calculated. Part of what we all want to do is make movies that look like the world we live in. Over half the world we live in is female, and we don’t live in an all-white world. The moviegoing world looks like our world. That hasn’t always been true in big-budget movies. Certainly, there are female protagonists, but very few in big-budget movies. In the past, they’ve tended to be pretty whitewashed.”

-Simon Kinberg (source)

(And he’s co-helming the XMA film which will also change things by reflecting our current world. And that current world= LGBT rights. When this film was being written, gay marriage wasn’t legal in the US, it became legal during filming. And Bryan Singer made a deal of that on his Instagram account with quite a few user comments wondering about what that could possibly mean for Cherik. You all know what I think.)

 And this (from the same source):

THR: What is the long-term plan for the X-Men movies?

Kinberg: “We want to keep making them. Obviously, part of what we’re doing now is stand-alone movies with new characters. So we have the Deadpool movie [Feb. 12], we’re doing a Gambit movie [seeking a director]. We’re doing another Wolverine. And then we have the mainline X-Men movies with Professor X, Magneto, Mystique, Beast that we started with First Class, Days of Future Past, Apocalypse. I would love to keep making movies with that cast. It’s almost like the way the Star Wars movies now are. The Episodes are the mainline movies, and then you have the stand-alone movies. The X-Men flagship is [Michael] Fassbender, [James] McAvoy, Jen [Lawrence] and Nick Hoult, and then we have the stand-alone movies.”

(Point is- all this talk about a possible death for Magento or X is not being treated as serious in this interview, or in interviews with Singer. They talk about their futures all the time, which leads me to believe that IF there is a death scene, whomever dies won’t stay dead. And in AoA, that’s the deal- Charles dies, but is saved by Erik in the end. I don’t see Mystique dying either- it wouldn’t make sense. I could be wrong about that, but we’ll see. Either way, they consistently talk about the futures of these characters. And with Legion and HellFire being announced, especially with the claims that we’ll see more of Charles and Erik, I can’t imagine they’d want to include them when they just end up dead in the future. What I DO see is a possible fill-in for all those lost scenes in FC when Erik and Charles first meet and go look for mutants. If my said “source” is right about getting more Cherik in the future, I’ve gotta wonder if those shows will be a part of it. After all, Erik is definitely in the Legion canon storyline- and since they seem to be blending the Legion story with Proteus’ story, Erik pretty much HAS to be there. Remember that canon story from Ultimate Marvel that I posted a while ago where Charles is married to Moira and leaves her and their son to move in with Erik on Genosha? Lol. Just pointing that out. And Legion is the reason Apocalypse happens in canon, so his being in XMA is pretty much a nod to that. And possibly further trouble to come, I’m guessing.)

Anyways, moving on-

So, there’s that now infamous video of Bryan Singer at the SPFF talking about XMA. By the way, he was there to talk about the 20th anniversary of The Usual Suspects- the one film he hasn’t stopped talking about since starting the X-Men films, and the film with the HUGE twist ending. (I have the entire Q&A- I’ll let you after I watch it if he says anything curious in the rest of it.) He’s there talking about all this, and they ask him about XMA. So, he brings up that whole “rekindled romance between Charles and Moira” and that set me off, set everyone off, pissed off the entire fandom with a few words- and rightfully so. WTFs were heard round the world that day. So I did what any desperate shipper would do, lol, and I reached out to my source. And in the last post, I put out their statement about the filmmakers going with that whole Moira/Charles deal in order to produce Legion/Proteus. A few days afterwards, the announcement is made for the FX show, Legion. 

According to this alleged source:

“As for Legion, it is not out of the realm of possibilities [because according to them, NO ONE except Singer and Kinberg, knows what the ending of XMA will be yet] that Moira doesn’t say she’s pregnant because Charles is with Erik at the end. I AM NOT SAYING THIS IS HAPPENING, I’m not saying anything, but remember, the movie was being written/filmed while the negotiating for both these shows was going on. This might be why she came back in case it went through [the show deals.] Several days before it [the Legion show] was announced, Bryan made it [Charles and Moira thing] sound important. Just saying.”

Yeah, when I read that, I *immediately* calmed down. It makes total sense, and absolutely fits what Singer always does, and it would fit his love of “deflecting” away from the emotional climax of the film that will be the Cherik moment.

So, in the video after he talks about the Charles/Moira thing, he says this:

“Michael Fassbender did something so wonderful in this movie. Fassbender does something in this movie where we’re at the end of the scene, and he asked me not to call cut. And when the scene was over, he continued and did something that made me cry in the tent. I’ve never done that before. The head of my company, Jason Taylor, grabbed a Kleenex. Simon Kinberg, the writer who has no emotions at all, actually became emotional,” the director said. Calling it “beautiful” the “Jack the Giant Slayer” actor said the “Steve Jobs” star took the whole scene to some other level. “It was so beautiful. I’ve never seen an actor do this for me, and he just took the scene to a whole another level. It’s a heartbreaking scene, not a typical comic book movie scene at all, so let’s hope it makes the cut,” he said. ”


If I’d seen that quote before the whole Moira comment, I may not have reacted so quickly. Then again, I’ve been way out of this whole deal for a while, so that may have something to do with it, too. But seriously, when I listened to the video all the way through- which I didn’t do the first time like an idiot- and I heard Bryan Singer talk about this moment, I knew- I KNEW- it was the Cherik moment. WHY? Because of this:

“It’s a heartbreaking scene, not a typical comic book movie scene at all, so let’s hope it makes the cut.”


Not a typical comic book movie scene at all. 

That eliminates any possiblity of this being a man crying over a woman scene. That eliminates an emotional death scene. It eliminates a hetero love confession scene. It eliminates a “self sacrifice scene.” It eliminates a “I love you but I’ll kill you” hetero scene. It eliminates a man protecting a woman scene, or his child scene. ALL those are typical, we’ve seen them a hundred times, and we could give examples all day of those. 

What ISN’T a typical comic book movie scene?

CHERIK. THE Cherik moment. The fucking ivory tower, guys, the holy grail. That confirmation we’ve all been waiting three (or six, really) films for. And Bryan says what? “Let’s hope it makes the cut.” What did I post yesterday about what said source said? That the moment was allegedly filmed, that Bryan and Singer will fight for it to be included in the theatrical release, and that Fox will more than likely fold because the shippers DEMAND it and because it’s TIME. And that Moira’s being there in XMA had NOTHING to do with the scene.

And Bryan says he went up to Michael “in the woods” and thanked him for “that gift.” GIFT. What the hell could Bryan think is a gift?? A same sex love story FINALLY coming out of subtext! Look, the guy is FAMILY, and he’s not gonna pass up that opportunity, I’m telling you. He’d see it as a gift, just like I would, just like ANYONE who has been waiting for this moment would. They’ve been planning this from the fucking start. 

And he said he cried. I’ve read…Jesus, a gazillion interviews with Singer and the ONLY time I ever heard him talk about crying was the  article in Out when he finally “came out” officially:

“As a miserable teen, Bryan Singer’s parents sent him to a shrink. The therapist offered to have a colleague step in, one who more often worked with kids struggling with their sexual orientation, but Singer resisted. “My sexuality is not what is tearing me up inside,” he insisted. “I’m in love and he doesn’t love me back and it’s killing me. I need relationship advice!” Later, floundering his way through an affair with a friend who was far less confident in his identity, Singer called his mom, heartbroken and crying, needing a sympathetic ear.”

I read that he cried on the set, and I just knew. That’s it, that’s the moment he’s been working towards. And that quote above is from the same article where he says that when he tackles the sexuality issue, he wants it to be a “dialogue with the audience.” And allegedly, according to the source, that’s exactly what he did. The fact that Fassbender also was the one to push it further, which DEFINITELY makes me think kiss kiss kiss, is phenomenal because he and James have pushed Cherik from day one, and of course I think it’s perfect as well because Ian McKellen has shipped these two since the dawn of time.

Some people are worried that Singer’s comment that he talked to Fassbender “in the woods” and thanked him for this gift is hinting at the fact that this moment has something to do with the whole Polish wife story. 

But as my friend in Italy wonderfully pointed out in an email a few days ago:

You know what other location is surrounded by woods?

The X-Mansion. Both of them. Trees everywhere. And that’s definitely a filming location in XMA.

It’s the Cherik moment, guys. 

And then Singer says Kinberg got emotional, and the man never does, according to Singer. I posted an interview a little while ago where he talks about the two only two superhero films that made him cry:

WGA: What is the template or high watermark for the comic book film, in your opinion?

Kinberg: “The best of these movies redefine tone. The ones that are the models or paragons are what Bryan Singer managed to do with the first X-Men movie, which was really dramatic and almost purely character-driven, and what Christopher Nolan did with the Batman movies, and what Jon Favreau did with the first Iron Man movie. The Marvel Studios tone was defined by what Jon and Robert Downey Jr. did in that film. Those franchises, to me, pushed the genre forward and took it places it hadn’t been before. For me, from a taste perspective, my two favorite superhero movies are both number-twos: X-Men 2 and Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2. It’s because those two are the most emotional of all the superhero films, to me at least, and unabashedly so. Both of those movies made me cry when I saw them the first many times. No other superhero movies have done that for me.” 
UNTIL NOW. X2 was a crazy passionate love triangle between Logan, Jean, and Scott with poor Logan having to give up in the end, and ends up losing Jean (but not really.) And that’s also the film where Magneto goes to save Charles from Jason Stryker in Cerebro, and the ending Singer wanted-and apparently considers canon despite the film being changed on him- where Erik carries Charles out of Cerebro bridal style. (And according to the source’s script piece, Erik never knew Charles was in danger or he would’ve gone postal.) So that’s the movie that made Kinberg cry- lovers who can’t be together, lost loves, etc. And then we’ve got Spiderman 2 which is just a huge “Peter loves MJ but can’t be with MJ because she’s with someone else so Peter leaves Spiderman behind but then picks him back up again and MJ ends up leaving her man for Peter at the end because they fucking belong together” movie. And that made Kinberg cry. 

See a pattern? And all these were ESTABLISHED relationships. Hardly think he’d shed a tear over some random person crammed into the stoyrline, but a Charles and Erik moment? Hell yeah. And it would do EXACTLY what he says above: change the tone and push the genre forward. 

It’s coming guys. The moment is coming. I know Fox will allow it, I know it- and why? Because of YOU GUYS. You all made this happen, and when you go to the theater on May 27th, 2016 and watch this gorgeous, world-changing, passionate moment happen between these two men, I want you all to realize that YOU did this.

/endrant 🙂

More to come, guys. I’m still in the research/writing phase of the Magda and Moira posts (they got a little bigger because I decided to combine them) and then I’ve got a post coming (just one, not a series) of the Charles is Hank thing. The way Hannibal is similar to the constructino of X-Men and the Cherik moment, and, of course, whenever I get persmission from my source to post anything, I’ll do it. 

As to their comments on the whole “everyone cries at Fassbender moment” being the Cherik moment:

“No comment, lol.”

God help me. God HELP me get through this until May. I am DYING over here. 

But, hey…We’re going “all the way.”



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  1. If the emotional scene involves cherik, why doesn’t Singer mention mcavoy’s acting? A scene can only be as powerful as both of their acting. Is it safe to assume that charles is dead in the x mansion fight sequence? In this case the mansion may be where the final showdown is, since there is only so much action you can stuff into 2 hours. There’s already Egypt and the shopping mall.


    1. hln351 says:

      Singer is a *master* at keeping secrets- it’s his MO basically. He does it all the time in his films, so he would know what to say and what not to say. And I agree that a scene would only be as powerful as both their acting- which may suggest that this is a death scene? Not sure about that yet, but we’ll find out soon. The fight in the X-Mansion, I definitely think Charles is alive, just knocked out.If they’re using the canon story The Twelve (as well as Age of Apoc) then this is where Charles is kidnapped by Apoc. Apoc has psionic and telepathic powers, so him knocking out Charles would be easy. I’m not sure yet of course where this falls in the film- it may be a final showdown- but I foresee an epic battle being that, like in The Twelve and AoA.


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