The Cherik FanFic Rec List, Part I

A while ago, before my break from the blog, I was planning on doing a post where I made a list of my favorite Cherik fanfics. Unfortunately, I never got to do it, and I think it’s only fair that before I post anything else (the Magda/Moira posts are coming, y’all, it’s all good), I do the list.

Fanfic is so important to me, and I have no words to even adequately express how much I’ve relied on it in the last year. Aside from being, IMO, way more creative and well-written than the actual films themselves (I’m totally serious), fanfiction has completely changed how films and shows are being produced, and we’re only at the beginning of that shift. Look at Hannibal- Bryan Fuller called it his fanfiction verison of the story, and even had Mads Mikkelsen read some of the Hannibal fics. Sherlock has been referred to as fanfiction several times by Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, and they also read Sherlock fanfic. Kinberg once referred to his animated Star Wars series as fanfiction. Comics, by their nature- including the films and shows based on them- ARE fanfiction since most of the stories involve several canons written by several different authors over the years. Gotham is a great current example of that. Quite a few films and shows change things based on desires of the fandom, and many of them “call out” to the fans in the actual dialogue. (I’ve written about this before.) There are several more examples, of course- those are just a few of the shows/films that have been inspired by fanfiction. And that trend is only going to continue as authors and their amazing stories push the mainstream to evolve. (Thank the Gods for that because Hollywood sure as hell isn’t gonna do it on its own.)

And that’s the way it should be. Fandom sets the bar, fandom moves and shapes, fandom pushes and provokes- for the right reasons: they CARE. I honestly believe the reason why we’re seeing a lot of LGBT inclusion in stories right now is not only due to the rising importance of gay rights and awareness in the US and worldwide, but also due to the push in fanfiction from authors who give their on screen characters an actual, tangible sexuality. They allow them to BE. The stories “go there,” they take a lot of risks (with everything, not just sexuality), the world building in the stories is outrageous, and it’s beautiful. So, so beautiful. To say I love fanfiction, and the authors, would be a devastating understatment. You guys are *amazing.* AMAZING.

So, before I do ANYTHING else on this blog, I’m paying tribute to the stories (and their authors) that got me through my first push on this blog, my time away from it (especially), and right now as I sit here and wait for XMA. Honestly, though… these stories are much, much better, and they don’t answer to some ridiculous “middle man” who insists they tone down the gay, or the dark, or whatever it is they don’t like, and “play it safe.” These authors do anything but- and they delve into the chemistry between Erik and Charles in so many different ways, and all of them are just so well done- not to mention extremely insightful.

Here’s the list. I’m still discovering new Cherik fanfic every day- I read everything that I come across. So if you have recommendations for me, please send them. If any of you write fanfiction, tell me, I want to read it. Many of you probably know these stories already, but for those of you who don’t, enjoy them.

These are not in any particular order. Links also contain story summaries. (Some require an AO3 account to view- I highly suggest making one. The stories are too good to miss.)

(Most of these are either rated explicit or mature. Just a warning.)

Let Freedom Ring by apolesen
Any Measure of Peace by manic_intent
The Hidden Heart by Yahtzee
Give me your stars to hold by pearl_o
lay down beside me (so still and so soft) by C_Gracewood
Time to Grow by zarah5
A Summer Day So Late in Coming by helens78
Adjournment by spicedpiano
there’s a darkness upon me that’s flooded with light by pearl_o
when all of our flaws are counted by allourheroes

The Tower and The Hurricane by dreamlittleyo
Something Primal by zimothy (Alpha/Omega)
This is Not Okay by swoopswoop
Us by Pangea

We Should Scream by treasuredleisure
Sub Rosa by tahariel (Unfortunately unfinished, but definitely still worth the read.)
Mutually Beneficial Transaction by Pookaseraph
Made To Be Broken by Yahtzee
The Attempt by Yahtzee
The Art of Flirting by Clocks
By Faint Indirections by kianspo

In Plain Sight by arcapelago (arcanewinter)
A Quiet Riot by cloudstroke (aQuired)
Fuck You, Erik (You Fucking Prick) by Butterynutjob
This Is Not Comedy by baehj2915
These Cindered Bones by swoopswoop
Take The First Option by ShowMeAHero
Imprint by PoorMedea (Alpha/Omega)

The Philosophy of Marshmallows by Butterynutjob
it was a red scarf semester by ikeracity and the sequel it was a yellow umbrella spring
Excellent Judgement by cimorene
Island, Island by pibroch (littleblackdog) (Unfinished, but well worth reading.)
Burning Butterflies by Niphredil (The fic that made me cry my eyes out. I’m still not over this one.)
First Breath After Coma by Signe (oxoniensis)
In The Punch Line by zamwessell (greencarnation)
In Shadow and Silence by Yahtzee
Accidentally Welcome To The Rest Of Your Lives by kianspo
Feels Like Coming Home by Butterynutjob (This is a James/Michael pairing.)
The Backseat Verse (series) by tahariel (Dominant/Submissive.)
Nation Building and other Diplomatic Negotiations by Pookaseraph (some Dominant/Submissive elements.)
In Your Honor by Black_Betty (Alpha/Omega)
Bound and Determined (series) by helens78 and Cesare (Soulbonding)
Be One Traveler by perryvic and Zaganthi (Caffiends)
For I Mean To Conquer Troy by twelve_pastels
Anarchy In the UK by Yahtzee
It’s Not About Hurting Him by Romanec
given back, but not to keep by Etharei
Father Charles (series) by Yahtzee
The Changeling, or Charles Xavier (A Novel by a Lady) by aesc
irreconcilable differences (make for surprisingly good bedfellows) by pocky_slash
surrender doesn’t have to mean defeat by deacertes (Dominant/Submissive)
The Winter of Banked Fires by Yahtzee
Darling, I listen by xaves
Dysfunction Junction by PippinPips (Unfinished, but so good.)
Confide In Me by dreaminghour
Everyday Love in Stockholm by tahariel
City by the Sea by Black_Betty
This is Rage (and this is serenity) by ikeracity
Like Oil on my Hands by Hams
An Act Too Often Neglected by thehoyden
Age Difference (series) by grim_lupine
Transmutation by ximeria (Incredibly unique.)
Good Boys by zamwessell
A Study in Advanced Lecherism by athriax
A Practice in Futility by zimothy (Alpha/Omega)
Wake Up and Smell the Pancakes by Ayra Sei Ethari
Business Propositions by Swiftmint
After Hours by LustMonster (Serial Killers.)
Nine Eleven Ten by Subtilior (Hands down one of the best stories I’ve ever read, period. Work in progress.)
One Night, Peace by lears_daughter
Say You’re Mine by Dangereuse (Unfinished, Alpha/Omega)

One Drink High by a_q (Alpha/Omega)
fill by Red (Alpha/Omega)
Needles (series) by Skull_Bearer (Dominant/Submissive.)
The Geometry of Chance by manic_intent
Love and Other Secrets by Microsaur
Mark of Caine by You_Light_The_Sky
The Boy with the Blue Eyes by nekosmuse and pallorsomnium

Fill (Untitled) by Anon (xmen_firstkink Round 6)
Finally Moving by zarah5
Like Lightning In The Night Sky by lielabell
Chess (Check and Mate) by Anon (xmen_firstkink Round 8)
Start As You Mean To Go On by sharpestscalpel (xmen_firstkink Round 10)
wait (they don’t love you like I do) by Anon (xmen_firstkink Round 7)
Burn Your Kingdom Down by spicedpiano
Spy vs. Spy by professor
Shout It Out Loud by dreamlittleyo
Tessellation by nekosmuse
White Nights by spicedpiano and tahariel (Alpha/Omega)
this island we cling to by daymarket
White Room by Sophia_Bee

these ties (how fast they break) by Anon (Alpha/Omega. xmen_firstkink Round 10)
This list is forever growing. I’ll add to it as I go along. Like I said above, please send recommendations. I’ll read them all. If you like the stories, please tell the authors. Leave feedback, encourage them to write more (because the world needs it and there is no such thing as enough.)

To the fanfic authors: Thank you for what you do. I hope you realize just how important you are.

More to come.

Keep the Faith.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Sukee says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing all these wonderful recs! Now my “saved for later” list is full again lol
    In return, these are my fav fics that aren’t on your list, so if you have not read them yet you can take a look (sorry, there’s a lot) 🙂

    – I second Barakei for Niphrehdil’s work, the stories are simply amazing.
    – A Mighty Fire by redaurorarora (it’s a serie with Onslaught in it)
    – Standing Tall While Sitting Down by InsaneTrollLogic
    – These Bridges We’ve Built by alishatorn
    – Dismantle the Sun by madcap_allie
    – If You Loved Me by frau_kali, spaceAltie
    – Other Crabs Cannot Be Trusted by groovyphilia
    – The Waste Land by nekosmuse
    – Mazes Of The Mind by telperion_15
    – Enemy of My Enemy by Thuri
    – Appropriate Boundaries by Yahtzee
    – it’s like one of us woke up by kaydeefalls
    – and these, from atoms by kay_cricketed (sadly it’s unfinished)
    – The Burdens We Long to Carry by arcapelago
    – Trust by eigengrau
    – The Xavier-Lehnsherr Academy for the Gifted: 1973 by listerinezero
    – X-men: World of Gray by Niralle
    – The welfare of a child by oddegg

    Voilà! Hope you find some that you’ll like, and thank you again!


  2. Sukee says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing so many recs! Now my “marked for later” list is really huge 🙂
    In turn I’m gonna share with you some of my favorites that aren’t on your list, so if you have not already read them you can take a look (sorry, there’s a lot!)

    – I second Barakei for Niphrehdil’s work, the stories are simply amazing.
    – The “A Mighty Fire” serie, by redaurorora, that has Onslaught in it.
    – These Bridges We’ve Built (illustrated) by alishatorn
    – Standing Tall While Sitting Down by InsaneTrollLogic
    – Dismantle the Sun by madcap_allie
    – If You Loved Me by frau_kali, spaceAltie
    – The Waste Land by nekosmuse
    – Mazes Of The Mind by telperion_15
    – Enemy of My Enemy by Thuri
    – it’s like one of us woke up by kaydeefalls
    – Appropriate Boundaries by Yahtzee
    – and these, from atoms by kay_cricketed (unfinished sadly)
    – The Burdens We Long to Carry by arcapelago (arcanewinter)
    – Trust by eigengrau
    – The Xavier-Lehnsherr Academy for the Gifted: 1973 by listerinezero
    – X-men: World of Gray by Niralle
    – The welfare of a child by oddegg

    Voila. Hope you find some that you like, and thank you again!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hln351 says:

      Glad you liked the post and TY for the recs as well. Yay, new ones to read!! 😁 Fanfic is so amazing- I owe so much to these authors, they pulled me through the wait for XMA and Cherik, lol! ❤️


  3. lkeke35 says:

    Thanks for this!
    I do prefer to read Wolverine/Sabretooth fan fiction but I’ll check these out too. I’ve always wondered about this pairing, since the first film. Hell, since the comics, really.

    It’s interesting to see the idea of fan fiction become more acceptable over the years, too. I remember when it was heavily disdained, so it’s nice to see it having an influence. The fan fiction element was why I loved Hannibal.


    1. hln351 says:

      I’ve *just* started looking at the Hannibal fanfic. Any recs for me? 🙂 and yeah, totally agree about how nice it is to see fanfic finally be taken seriously. So many of these stories are amazing, whether they’re canon compliant or not. I was so happy to see the way Fuller just totally embraced his fandom. Have you ever read the last post that was made on the official Hannibal tumblr page? It’s like a love letter to the fandom. ❤️ Such class.
      I’m gonna read your Hannibal posts tonight so be prepared for comments lol!!!


  4. barakei says:

    If you haven’t, you should definitely read Niphrehdil’s Dark Flowers (my favorite) and Backwater (almost done).
    And Afterlife by Anna Green (artic_grey), one of the best post Dofp fic!
    And the series savor every day together (beautiful pain is the first story) by porcelainsimplicity.
    And Reply and Numbers by Unforgotten
    If you like Michael/James fanfic, Roads and rivers by tinymouse is a must!

    Gods bless fanfiction and their authors 😊


    1. hln351 says:

      Thank you!!! I’ll read them all.


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