I can’t do it, guys. I can’t give up. I just can’t. 

Ok, so after the crazy video leaked today of Bryan Singer at the San Pedro Film Festival talking about a “rekindled romance” with Moira and Charles in XMA, I gotta admit, I was about to shut this entire blog down. 

Mind you, not because I think I’m wrong about the subtext- we all see it, we all know it’s there- but because what I saw while watching that video was a brilliant film director totally sell out his idea and cave, completely, to heteronormativity. I, no joke, was a few seconds from shutting this entire thing down and admitting defeat. That I was wrong, that I kept up hope for absolutely no reason. After the news about Erik’s family in Poland, which I wasn’t worried about until now, this news to me- especially after watching Singer in countless interviews and believing him to be serious in this one- made me falter for a while today. First time I let doubt completely take over. And I can’t lie, it’s still nagging at me.

But for some crazy reason- and, really, at this point I *have* to be crazy to say this- I cannot shake the damn feeling that something big is coming. It won’t leave me alone. I swear I need a cat scan at this point, or an MRI, because I’ve done lost my fucking mind- but I can’t give up. If I end up wrong, I end up wrong. Said that from the beginning, still saying it now. But I swear to GOD, I can’t stop thinking that the Cherik moment is coming. 

So, I can’t stop. Maybe I am a demented street preacher, but I’m not giving up on this ship, dammit. I’ll go down with it if needs be. 

I…can’t give up.

So, come hell or high fucking water, I’m going to post my theory on this Magda business, and this whole deal about Singer and the “tearful Fassbender moment” he talks about in the video. Could it be about his Polish wife? Sure. Not the first thing I thought when I heard that, though (a lot of Tumblrs share my opinion, apparently.) I immediately thought- there it is, he’s talking about the Cherik moment. 

So, yeah, at this point, I’m crazy to even be continuing this right now, but I can’t shake it. Maybe it’s misplaced faith. But, until I’m proven wrong, I’m sticking to it. Something is coming, I feel it in my gut. 

I’m still here. I’m still keeping the faith. 

Nobody’s pirating this ship from me, dammit! 


Love you guys. More to come because why the fuck not.

(To my inspiration and source for this blog, thank you. You know who you are.)


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  1. barakei says:

    I’m so proud of you! I was worried about you, I never felt you this disheartened before and I feared you would leave us with all this crazy stuff and Singer trollings.
    But you are here! I’m so happy!
    If it’s hell and despair waiting for us at the end of this journey, be it so!
    You’re right, and I know, we know you are!
    The flame of hope is just so weak and small, let’s protect it from the outside storm of lies.
    Here we are, together!

    Do not ever give up!
    Cherik IS canon and apocalypse will show it!

    *sends hugs*


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