I’m back!


Alright, everyone, I’m back. Things will start picking up again from now on, and posts will be on a regular schedule again. Forgive me for such a long time away- but family comes first. 🙂 And thanks to all of you who sent well wishes- my little girl is healthy again!

Tonight will be a short post and a small reintroduction to the blog. This is something I noticed a few days ago while writing the final installment of the Erik/Raven series and the first of the Charles/Hank series.

So, if you remember the top scene is the infamous deleted scene with Charles and “Moira” in the study with their champagne and ice bucket. The bottom is the also infamous scene of the kiss between Erik and “Raven.” As I’ve said before, I’m completely convinced that both these scenes are in actuality ONE scene, and it’s between Erik and Charles who are hidden by era subtext (and Charles’ telepathic illusions.)

Can’t believe I never noticed it before, but there are so many mirrors like this in the films that they can be easy to miss, especially when you’re focused on other aspects of the story. Anyway, to be clearer, look at the hand placements here of Moira’s hand on Charles and Erik’s hand on Raven:

Seriously, how did I miss that? 

Everything mirrors in these scenes. And remember the whole “profile” shots always being about Charles and Erik? Here we are again with that. Same hand placements, scenes that definitely point to Moira being Erik and Raven being Charles. Speaking of that last one…

When do we ever see Raven being so sexually forward before that above scene? I mean, she goes for a kiss from Hank earlier in the film, but it’s a kiss- and a far cry from showing up nude in the bed of someone she doesn’t even hardly talk to beforehand. It’s out of character for her. 

But..it’s not out of character for Charles. In fact, it’s his exact style. Guy is extremely sexually forward. And the expression on Raven’s face when Erik walks in the door is so. Charles.

So, tomorrow, I’ll finally be breaking down the Erik/Raven scene in FC. I’ll post that. I should be done with the Erik/Raven as well- not much more to go there, and then Charles/Hank. And quite a bit more to come as well.

Good to be back! 🙂 and Keep the Faith. Keep it close. These two are going to change everything in 2016.


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  1. lkeke35 says:

    Hi, welcome back!
    Glad to see your little chicklet is doing better.


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