Your Daily Keep the Faith- More Craziness


So, roaming back through the M-Underground site again, researching for things, and I saw something I’ve never noticed before…

These are two of Angel Salvadore’s autopsy photos from the site:


This is the autopsy photo from the film:


Yeah, those dates don’t match. The first puts Angel’s death on August 5, 1962. The Cuban Missile Crisis didn’t happen until October of 1962. Three months difference. I thought maybe, ok, they…froze her body so it didn’t decay, or something?

But, that address that Kennedy makes in the film, when everyone is gathered in the study at the X-Mansion? That took place on October 22, 1962. This one:


In fact, Bent Bullet puts the actual date of the American/Russian?Beach divorce confrontation as October 28th:

“By early 1963, rumors swirled around the event as U.S. and Soviet witnesses to the Oct. 28 confrontation — nearly all of whom were naval officers — shared their unusual experience with other military personnel, civilians and even the media.”

Angel was alive and well in August 1962. The photo in the film says the autopsy took place on November 5, 1962. But, according to Bent Bullet, she didn’t die until the summer of 1963. (Angel is referred to as Tempest here- that’s Angel Salvadore’s Brotherhood name in canon):

“Indeed, mutant historians now call 1963 America’s “Summer of Hate.” Several mutants across the country were killed that year, including two members of Lehnsherr’s Brotherhood of Mutants. Azazel and Tempest were slain by Project: WideAwake operatives in July. Records state the mutant duo ambushed the operatives.”

So, when the hell did Angel actually die?! August 1962 when she was still with the X-Men, November 1962 right after the Cuban Missile Crisis, or July 1963 with Erik’s Brotherhood?

And this is one of the deaths that Erik PINS on Charles during their plane fight! “Angel, Azazel…”

Oh my God, I can’t take any more conspiracy. Lol- What the HELL is going on in these films?! Why is *everything* like this? Seriously, this is either disorganization on an EPIC scale, or…there’s a conspiracy. You all know where I stand.

I mean, we’re not talking a moment in history here that’s hard to find- one internet search, and you’ve got all the Cuban Missile Crisis information you could ever want. I just can’t believe that everything being a huge mess of misinformation would just pass everyone by, like no one saw this? Any of this? ALL of it?

Conspiracy…. I’m telling you all, at the risk of sounding completely insane, there’s a conspiracy in these films. If it were one of two things, I wouldn’t even give it a second glance. I get that films have historical errors and continunity errors, etc, but on THIS grand a scale?

And every single one involves Erik, Charles, or both?

Unusual X-Men Suspects.

And if that’s not enough craziness, check this out. The ONLY autopsy photo in the film whose “date” is shown is Angel’s. But, on M-Underground, they all have dates. Angel is the only one shown “autopsied” in both the film shots and M-Underground.

From the film:



Ha…666 on Azazel’s number. I see what you did there.

From M-Underground (Azazel is not included on the site):


The WEIRD part about all this?? M-Underground wasn’t released as a tie-in website until September 2014– AFTER DoFP was in theaters. It was released as a viral site that tied not only into the films, but into the DoFP BluRay release, as that link states above. That means the post autopsy pictures were shown before the pre autopsy pictures. That also means…those blueprint plans for the WH bunker and all that extra Kennedy information came AFTER the release of the film. So…there’s no reason for there to be as many discrepancies as there are.

They had the film right in front of them. There’s no way they would’ve made the WH blueprints or the Kennedy information as “erroneous” as it is and then NOT SEEN IT. They had the film.

What…the hell…is going on.

All this misinformation is in plain sight. It all centers on Charles and/or Erik. It all echoes the fact that the storylines and time keep overlapping and lining up. Doubles everywhere.

Why…why. Why so much.

Oh my God, my brain is going to explode.

If you read that link above, you’ll see quite a few commenters talk about the craziness of all this, all the conspiracies in the film that seem to lead nowhere, and why all this is being done. Six websites? All this mess? Why would anyone go to all this trouble?


I know why. Dammit, I know why. Secrecy and conspiracies and misinformation all pointing at and revolving around Erik and Charles in the first two films, and then the last film is Apocalypse, which Oscar Isaac says they’re going for the biblical and LITERAL translation of the word- to reveal, to lift back the curtains?

So, secrecy and conspiracy to a “reveal?”

And everything, every last scrap of evidence points back to Erik and Charles?

I swear, the only thing NOT confusing is the obvious love between the two. That’s the only thing I’m 100% clear on- they’re in love. Nothing else makes sense.

If anyone has any theories about why these dates are so convoluted, I’d love to hear them. I suspect the “mirrors of Erik and Charles” theory or a everything is an illusion, maybe, but I don’t know. All I know is everywhere I turn, there’s insanity like this.

The only thing that’s…real, really, is their love for each other. Maybe that’s it. Maybe that’s the point. Everything is an illusion except for that love. And Apocalypse will draw back the curtains and reveal the truth.


More to come in a bit.


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  1. Bee says:

    I’ve been setting up a rough timeline to keep a couple of XMFC fic’s I’ve dug out storage to work on and I was thinking the dates could be the dates they were identified by the CIA/Govt./Project Wideawake.
    The Jupiter missiles go into Turkey in 1961 and go “operational” in April 62 so meeting her May 62 is quite possible. I’ll willing to ignore the fact that the agreement to put them there was Oct 58 because that would be a very long time frame for the movie, April 62 to October 62 is a more likely/workable time frame.
    I would say beach divorce should be the 23rd as implied in the film, getting a good nights sleep after Kennedy’s announcement then heading out, as IRL by the 24th 16 of the 19 Soviet ships had turned back. It maybe took them until the 28th, the offical end of the Missile(Mutant) Crisis to let the dust settle and get everything checked out and secured at the beach (though how Charles etc got off there may forever be a mystery…)

    If we go by the 1st digits being the year identified as a mutant followed by their mutant number at No 609 Charles and Erik had a lot of knock backs before recruiting Angel or there where 608 unsuitable (maybe under aged) mutants spat out of Cerebro 1st. If that is true then the CIA/Govt kept the lists… and used them as a starting point.
    Azazel’s 72 date would be the only anomaly but that might be explained because they never got any verification beyond Moira’s Hellfire club story that they dismissed at the beginning and then rediscovered him in 72.


    1. hln351 says:

      Thanks for the feedback! Interesting. If what you’re saying is true- and it very well could be- that just makes things more complicated, lol, because the films don’t really specify much date-wise. Project: Wideawake is a definite possibility, but BB says that PW didn’t begin until late into the Kennedy administration, which..could be 62? I don’t know, lol. BB definitely says the Beach confrontation happened on the 28th of October. It *could* be a continuity error, but it’s weird because the guy who wrote the BB article says he dove into the films to make sure info lined up… but things still don’t line up. I don’t know, sometimes I have to step away from all this for a while because I feel like my head will implode, lol! And yeah, you’re definitely right about Azazel, which makes it even stranger that he’s “missing” from the M-underground autopsy database.
      I don’t know, I need to go back through all this. It’s just weird that there’s *so much* discrepancy. If you get through any of this and can make clear sense of it, please let me know. I could use the help! 🙂


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