Commentary on the last post…


Yeah, I knew that last post would be a bit of a controversial one.

For those of you challenging it- remember, I encourage that. It’s how we get to the truth of the matters at hand. Thank you for that! 🙂

The post last night was, admittedly, a bit of a “crack theory.” I do those every once in a while to have some fun or shake things up, but more importantly, I do them because when *so many things* don’t make sense, I question everything. It’s a habit of mine.

Doesn’t mean I’m right. (Not talking about my belief that Cherik is endgame, I definitely believe I’m right there- I mean about the details.) In fact, some of this could for sure be mistakes or errors. Those happen in films. I get that. I make it a point to say what *I* think, but that doesn’t automatically mean I’m right. It just means I question everything. I say I don’t know a lot in my posts, lol.

So, that’s why I only do “crack theories” once in a while because I prefer to work in fact and things I can source. Almost all my posts are based on that and logic. But it’s fun every once in a while to share the craziness that can sort of get me going for a bit. 🙂 From now on, I’ll label those crack theory posts so you all know what you’re getting into ahead of time.

I’ll be back to my usual style of posts today. I think the internet issues are finally fixed. I’ve got the last Cherik sign coming and a few other things.

I’m grateful to all of you and for all your feedback. I started this blog not only to try and give hope to people but also to start a conversation about what exactly is going on in these films. That *includes* challenging what I say, I knew that going into this, and I definitely encourage it. There’s been less of a pushback than I initially expected when I started this blog, but most of what I post is based on sources and things that are either unmistakable or make people think- because that’s exactly what it did to me!

It took me a long time to go…ok, something is for sure up. Something is going on. And even longer to share those thoughts on here.

But it doesn’t mean you can’t offer other explanations. If you have them, please do. If you agree, say that too. ❤ It’s HOW we get to the truth.

More to come!


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