Your daily Keep the Faith- CONGRATS, IRELAND!



The world is evolving. And we are watching it happen right before our eyes.

Irish citizens who were abroad *travelled home* JUST to vote for same sex marriage. That…is BEAUTIFUL.

Home To Vote

The U.S. is dragging its feet big time- seriously, what the hell, COME ON AMERICA- BUT same sex marriage is going to happen here very soon- there’s no stopping it. Equal rights are on the way.

Love wins. *It always does.*

“You cannot elude the natural evolution of your species. No law passed, nor force rallied, can stay Mother Nature’s perfect and unmerciful hand.”

-Erik Lehnsherr, article. (He’s right.)

(And I swear to you, from my heart of hearts, from the depths of my soul, you’ll see X-Men reflect that in 2016. I wish I could put my hand on your heads like Lowry’s The Giver and send you all the “knowing” I feel. I hope I’m helping with that in this little blog of mine. It’s my main goal here. Our time is coming. ❤️)



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