Your daily Keep the Faith: If Fox produced shows Modern Family and Glee can have gay weddings, so can X-Men.

For those who still may have serious doubts about Charles and Erik becoming canon in 2016 or even a possibility, maybe, of an engagement…

Remember, the 20th Century Fox produced hit shows Modern Family and Glee BOTH recently featured gay couples getting engaged or married. In Modern Family’s fifth season, Mitchell and Cameron got engaged in a very moving episode that left the writers (and the cast) in tears:

Modern Family’s Historic Gay Marriage Proposal

They eventually tied that knot in a landmark episode that turned out massive ratings and shouts of praise from the audience and critics:

Modern Family’s Big, Important Gay Wedding

Earlier this year, the show Glee also saw a *double* gay wedding between lesbian couple Brittany and Santana, and the gay couple Kurt and Blaine:

Glee’s Double Gay Wedding

This episode *also* drew massive ratings and praise all around. The cast had a hard time keeping it together on set because tears were flowing.

Recently, GLAAD reported that Fox’s movie studio had made strides to be more inclusive of gay and lesbian characters in their films. In one year, they went from “Failing” to “Adequate.”

GLAAD rating for Fox

This is due in LARGE part to Fox shifting their image in 2010-11 because they realized…if they want to survive as a company, they need to evolve. I talk about this in depth here. And their movie studio needs the most help.

The above articles also talk about the surprisingly little amount of backlash received regarding the gay marriages, and those who *did* complain, no one paid them any attention.

Fandoms have an *enormous* effect on their shows, especially when it comes to the same sex couples/gay characters. (I mean, look what happened in Teen Wolf.) The above articles all talk about that, and so do these: (the NYT article is from 2012, and it’s even more true now):

NYT: Gay on TV

EW: The Impact of Fandom

The X-Men films are Fox’s film studio’s BIGGEST source of revenue:

X-Men gives Fox the Best Year in Movie Industry History

Why? Charles and Erik. Read ANY article in my “Interviews” tab or go online and read about X-Men- the draw is Erik and Charles. The X-Men FB page is FULL of people commenting on the chemistry between the pair.

The Cherik fandom is HUGE. They are dedicated, loyal, loving. The Cherik fanfic writers are *fabulous.* They want to see their men happy together. All of us do. And if the fandoms of Glee and Modern Family, Fox’s BIGGEST shows, can have the influence they did on the gay couples in their shows, then the Cherik fandom can have the same effect. The Fox movie studio needs it if they’re to survive the *intense* competition.

The fandom will win. They have already. You’ll see. I swear to you, on all that is holy and wondrous and good, you’ll see it.



(Way more to come in a bit 🙂 )


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