Your daily Keep the Faith: Bryan Singer’s X-Men influence, and Joss Whedon’s desire for equality.


Found something you all might be interested in…

This article was recently shared by Bryan Singer on Twitter. It talks about the enormous influence of the original X-Men trilogy on “comic book” films (especially the Avengers) and how it changed the entire landscape of those stories finally being taken seriously, in particular how audiences started to view them as real works of art.

This new trilogy will have the same effect, but on a larger scale.

Speaking of that, they talk about the original X-Men films giving Joss Whedon a job, and possibly Whedon being the man who takes on the franchise after Singer finishes his new trilogy and his new stories. I find that extremely interesting because in 2011, at his Comicon panel, Joss Whedon expressed a very sincere desire to write a strong gay male character.

That story is below:

So, him taking on a newly outed hero couple in the form of Professor X and Magneto would be RIGHT up his alley.

Times are changing, people. X-Men will be the first (again), but it won’t be the last by a looooong shot.

Plus, can I just say that I LOVE a man who is comfortable enough with his sexuality to be able to admit “I think it’s time for a little equal opportunity. Besides, who doesn’t love cock?”



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