Brian Singer quote

Q: Does the structure of this film hark back to The Usual Suspects, which played around with time?

Singer: Yes. In fact, in two ways. One, structurally, and also in the way I’ve shot it. Because I shot the elements that take place in the future first, and The Usual Suspects was a movie that carried one actor through both the flashbacks and the present day. It was like shooting a little movie first. That movie starred Kevin Spacey, Chazz Palminteri, Dan Hedaya, Giancarlo Esposito. And they all left and the suspects came.

Well, we’ve got the same thing here. We had the X-Men of the future – all the actors I’d worked with before – and then they left, and then new people arrived, so you really feel like you’re making two separate movies.”

-Brian Singer, denofgeek interview.

(updated: sorry, forgot to source that quote!)

…I’d like to point this out because Singer has a history with unexpected endings. The Usual Suspects has one of the greatest movie twists of all time. It’s something he loved doing (he says so in several interviews- I’ll find one) and that film pretty much put him on the map. So…lying about his film endings and using the “unexpected” is something he’s already familiar with. And here, he’s comparing the two.

I’m just pointing it out… 🙂

More to come. (Still working away at the index- I didn’t realize how many entries I actually had, but I’m nearly there. Erik is Raven V is coming- that is a much longer one than the rest. Part 2/2 of the Stadium post will come tonight and I’ll totally explain all of it as one big picture in that post.)


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