A very interesting possible development in the Cherik love story.

Well, this is interesting…

This was sent to me last night by a reader (thank you, Liss, so much), and after doing a little research, I’ve decided to share it on here.

We have a shot here on the left of Michael Fassbender on what looks to be the set of Apocalypse. (source for both photos is fassbender.argentina on Instagram.) To the right is Simon Kinberg (the main writer and producer of the trilogy) and to the left is Bryan Singer (the director.)


The second picture is what’s interesting. On his right hand, on the third finger, Michael is wearing a gold ring. That’s the hand and finger used for an engagement ring. I spent most of the night last night trying to figure out if he got engaged to his girlfriend, and it turns out there were rumors of this, but those were then proven to be false. So, if that’s a ring meaning a secret engagement to his girlfriend, there’s no substantiated news of it anywhere.

What strikes me as interesting about it is that it’s an *engagement* ring. Not many men wear them. (I know Depp does, so maybe Michael is following suit, but I don’t know about that.)

However, male engagement rings, or the “man-gagement” ring is VERY popular in gay marriages. There’s been a healthy demand for them, it seems, since the continuing legalization of same sex marriage. (I’ve linked a story from The Atlantic below talking about this.) So…it could definitely be that.

Not to mention the timing is really, really interesting. They start principal filming for Apocalypse, and suddenly Michael is shown wearing an engagement ring? And it’s a kind of ring that is super popular in the gay community?

…Too many things fitting together here.

Now, if I’m proven wrong with this, and he’s just secretly engaged to his girlfriend, I’ll concede to that. All I’m saying is…it’s too “coincidental” for me to just pass it off. And I’ve long suspected that these two were going to tie the knot, I just figured it would happen in the comics, not on the screen. I believe we’ll get a love confession and a kiss, but maybe we’ll see more.

I may be wrong about that. I would LOVE to be right, though. Form your own opinions, of course- just thought I’d pass this on.

Here’s the article regarding the rise in popularity of “mangagement” rings due to legalization of same sex marriage:


More to come tonight!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. hln351 says:

    Lol, *you* spend too much time on the Internet? 🙂 I’m on here during all my downtime researching and writing this stuff, so don’t you worry, lol!
    But, yeah, the engagement rings are crazy popular in the gay community with engagements so when I saw that ring, I was like…omg. They’re gonna tie the knot! 🙂 ❤


  2. linda yo says:

    somehow i totally forgot that straight men don’t wear engagement rings, so i just thought ok cool micheal’s getting married that’s nice. i didn’t think about all the buzz about this until you pointed out that men don’t normally wear them.

    i spend too much time on the internet, don’t i?


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