A few very interesting excerpts from Bentbullet.com.

“The 1.2”-long bullet passed through the men “in an unlikely vector,” entering Kennedy’s upper back, exiting through his throat, slicing through his shirt collar and nicking the knot of his Christian Dior tie.

(Was the maker of his tie really necessary to point out here? It is if it’s relevant. Dior was gay, but not openly so.)

Moving forward in the webpage:

According to the group, the Missile Crisis was the least of Kennedy’s sins in a list of treasons including “mutant love” and “conspiracy to dilute the human race with ungodly blood.”

(That’s exactly the bigotry we hear all the time from radical religious sects and far-to-the-right wing conservatives.)

Further into the full BB article:

Project: WideAwake operatives didn’t find Lehnsherr. On February 4th, he found them, in rural New York. Lehnsherr turned himself over to their custody.

(So, Erik was near the X-Mansion until the day of his arrest? Xavier’s mansion is in rural NY. Was he watching over Charles? That may explain how he knew Xavier was paralyzed. “Good to see you too, old friend. And walking!” Was Charles harboring him? It’s curious.)

Later in the BB article:

“However, prosecutor Wein demanded that Lehnsherr demonstrate his mutant powers for the court. “If you seriously want people to believe you can alter the course of a bullet to save the president,” Wein said, “put your money where your mouth is. Prove it.”

Wein then presented a metal crow bar to Lehnsherr. To the shock of the audience, Lehnsherr easily twisted it using his mind. According to the court transcript, it took nearly five minutes for the court to return to order.

“It didn’t take long for that news to leak,” explains Fabienne Austen, author of X-Factor: How Mutants Shaped Our Lives and Laws. “This moment, more than any other, galvanized the nation regarding the X-Gene and mutants. Here (Lehnsherr) is, doing this unbelievable thing, being the person we all wish we could be. But because we weren’t him, we became afraid.”

Further into the webpage:

“Perhaps the most defining moments for fate of mutants in the U.S. were the events of the secret Lehnsherr trial. The trial was the first known display of mutant abilities. To prove Lehnsherr’s unique talents, the prosecution asked him to bend a crowbar. The reaction of those in attendance that day after Lehnsherr tied the bar in a knot has informed Federal policy regarding mutants to this day.”

The article points it out AGAIN:

“When the court ordered him to prove his mutant abilities, Lehnsherr bent a metal crow bar with his mind. It took nearly five minutes for the court to return to order, transcripts say.”

Not only is the knot tying aspect here more than interesting…

The phrase “as bent as a crowbar” is Irish (and British, I believe?) slang for “gay.”


Michael Fassbender is half Irish, so…he would’ve known this.

Things just keep…fitting together.


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