Erik is Raven, Part IV.

“People want to believe the Warren Commission report because believing the Warren Commission report is easy. It’s safe. But there are many loose threads … too many to count.”, X-Men DoFP website


I believe I left off at the Curving Bullet in DoFP, the FC Erik slinging the coin at Shaw’s head, FC Raven shifting her eyes, and the Banshee ending.

Yes. Ok, this has been crazy, right? We started with two story lines, comparing the Erik’s origin story with Raven’s origin story. Then I moved into the beginning of Erik’s adult story in FC, and the beginning of DoFP Mystique storyline. Then we added in the Raven adult story in FC, and came right back to the beginning of Erik’s adult story in FC.

Seriously. I read an interview with Kinberg recently that said he went nearly crazy trying to keep all the storylines together. Yeah, I can see why.

Remember the Dragneto kiss, Raven pointing her gun at Trask? How that was a lost sex scene between Erik and Charles? Now, we’re about to witness the huge domestic fight that came after it. All from Erik’s point of view.

We’ll get the other side of all this story when we weave in the Charles is Hank storyline.

Ok, I’ll try and keep this as organized as possible. Just keep with me. Watch how these stories of Erik and Raven all line up.

So Erik in FC stares at Shaw and Raven lookalike on his board. Erik in DoFP points the gun at Charles and Raven. Raven in FC is about to shift her eyes at the bar with Charles. Raven in DoFP looks at Charles to stop Erik. Banshee looks over at the blonde girl.

Erik and Charles are about to blow up at each other.

Alright, here we go.



See how Erik is looking at Charles and Mystique in each one? And how Raven is looking at Charles in each one?

The illusion is about to shift. Watch this:

FC Erik throws the coin without touching it and buries it in Shaw’s head. DoFP Erik pulls the trigger on the gun without touching it but curves the bullet around Charles. FC Raven shifts her eyes to two different colors and Charles is upset. DoFP Raven turns from Charles to run out of the room, Charles looks from Erik to Raven.



Erik’s coming after you, Charles. He’s gonna shatter your damn illusions whether you like it or not.

FC Erik walks to the bank, left to right. DoFP Erik watches the bullet go straight by Charles. DoFP Raven runs straight toward the window.  FC Raven leaves the bar with Charles, walking left to right.

Erik is preparing for a “talk” with Charles. He shoots, but curves the bullet towards Raven- he’s done with subtext. He wants out. Raven leaves the bar with  Charles, they’re arguing. She makes a run for the window, the escape route.



See a pattern emerging here? 🙂

FC Erik walks through the bank door. DoFP Erik stands in a doorway.

FC Raven is looking in the mirror. DoFP Raven crashes through the window.



(See Raven crashing through the window? The window is the mirror. We’re breaking through illusions. Now she’s blue in both scenes.)

Note the Eiffel Tower. Now we know why Erik and banker Charles are speaking French in the upcoming bank scene. Plus, you know, it’s a bit phallic.

FC Erik is looking at the gold. Banker says “Posession of that gold is illegal.” DoFP Erik scene becomes the bullet.  FC Raven turns to look at Charles and says “Mutant and proud?” DoFP Raven is hit in the leg.

See the round bullet-like reflection in the gold? And then the bullet framed in the window? Notice how Charles leaning resembles the leaned window? Raven’s leg is straight across like the gold bar?

Raven is the Nazi gold. And Erik and Charles are reflected in it. (“All that’s left of my people.” ie this is what the LGBT community has been reduced to.) Charles is the shattered window- one of his illusions is gone. He cannot hide from Erik.

Which illusion is gone? Let’s see.



FC Erik is telling the Banker “Let’s not play this game.” DoFP Erik is fighting Charles. FC Raven turns back to the mirror, says “If only.” DoFP Raven falls to the ground, wounded.

Uh oh. A fight. Charles is doing his no homo thing again. Erik’s not having that.



FC Erik is reflected in the gold’s surface, looking at the banker. He wants to know where Erik got the illegal gold. DoFP Erik grabs the Secret Sentinel plans. FC Raven stands in the doorway looking at Charles, says “Would you date me?” DoFP Raven shapeshifts into the fierce black woman in front of a stunned crowd.

(More callbacks to civil rights/feminism, relating it to gay rights.)

Love it. Erik and old Charles are discussing the gold- Raven. Erik pushes Charles to the ground and takes the secret Sentinel plans which are made from her DNA. He’s had enough hiding. Raven comes out of the bathroom, blue, and also a black woman.

The crowd gasps.



FC Erik is shown, now with the banker in the gold’s reflection, he tells the banker he got it from a friend who recommended their bank most highly. DoFP Erik descends from the window to go after Raven. Charles answers Raven with “course I would any man would be lucky to have you, you’re stunning.” DoFP tries to escape Erik.

Erik is showing Charles all he has left of his visible love story with Charles- Raven. It’s all he’s allowed to show. Erik descends from the window to come after Raven- he’s has enough of Charles’ constant state of denial. He’s gonna take out this last facade. Raven stands before Charles, blue, and tries to run away from Erik. Charles– stop him, he’s going to out us before our time!



See the pattern? See the mirrors?

FC Erik and Banker sit across from one another, he says “Do you know our terms?” DoFP Erik throws out his left hand. FC Raven asks Charles “Looking like this?” DoFP Raven falls on the ground, pulled by Erik.

Now Charles and Erik are discussing the terms of their relationship. Charles wants to stay hidden. Erik brings his last facade toward him- he’s done with the closet. Raven stands before Charles, asking him if he’d date her looking like this: a blue person, a black person. Charles is really, really self-loathing. If he can’t accept colored skin, how will he ever accept a man as a lover?



FC Erik picks up the picture frame with his left hand, tells the banker “and you should know my terms.” DoFP Erik keeps his left hand out, pulling in Raven, expression is sad. FC Raven looks down and sad when Charles says “Blue?” DoFP Raven shapeshifts back into blue.

Erik is laying down the law. Love me for who I am, Charles, or let me go. Erik drags Raven toward his feet, and she shifts back into blue. Raven is so sad in both stories here- she’s terrified. She’s the last facade- if she dies, will Charles be able to love the “real” Raven?



Notice how Charles is in none of those four screenshots above? Charles’ rejection of Erik’s love makes him feel all alone in the world. Enough to want to kill him over it. Or himself. This is one hell of a screwed up relationship…which is pretty much canon. And pretty much the struggles of quite a few same sex relationships over the course of history.

Having to hide is torture.

FC Erik tells the banker that the gold is all that’s left of his people, melted down to nothing. DoFP Erik pulls Raven before him. FC Raven hears Charles respond with “You’re my oldest friend,” she answers with “I’m your only friend.” DoFP Raven is on the ground, calls Erik’s name.

Erik reminds Charles that the gold is all he has left of their story. Erik gets Raven where he needs her to be. Raven tells Charles that their relationship is all she has. (Raven as good again.) And all Charles has. He cops an attitude. Raven is begging Erik not to kill her- please, I’m all you two have left right now! If you come out too soon, then you’ll be left with nothing!



FC Erik makes the banker smack himself in the head as he goes for the alarm, he tsks him. “Don’t press that alarm.” DoFP Erik starts to tear the bullet from Raven’s leg. FC Raven presses Charles for an answer if he would date her or not. DoFP Raven yells in pain.

Erik smacks Charles (fight in the boardroom), telling him to not even go there with his attitude problem. Erik is tearing the bullet from her leg- he’s fighting with Charles, and fighting for Charles. Hey, that’s love. Raven wants to know: would you date me? Raven yells out in pain as Erik wrenches the bullet out.



This fight is horrible. These poor men. Erik wants to be with Charles. He’s desperate to open their closet door and shatter all these illusions they’ve had to put up so no one would suspect anything between them. Charles is putting up all the defense mechanisms he can- he’s determined to hide. He’s self-loathing and terrified- that’s what it does to you.

FC Erik gets up and stands in front of the seated banker, asks for Shaw’s location. DoFP Erik tears the bullet free from Raven’s leg. FC Raven listens sadly to Charles say he’s incapable of thinking of her that way. DoFP Raven begs Erik to stop.

Erik’s telling Charles hey, if you’re not going to date me, then let me go. Tell me where my Magneto persona is so I can go find it and get you out of my head. Charles is refusing this, he’s saying he can’t look at Erik as official boyfriend material because, well, he’s a man. And Charles is still way in that closet. Erik hovers that bullet over his hand, contemplating. Raven is so sad again in both scenes. Erik, please don’t out us, please. At least with me you’ll both have a semblance of a love story. She begs Erik.



FC Erik starts to tease the banker’s metal filling out of his mouth. DoFP Erik hovers the bullet over his hand, looks at Raven, tells her “I’m sorry.” FC Raven asks Charles “But what if you didn’t know me.” DoFP Raven calls for Erik again to stop.

Erik is going full dental on this teeth pulling torture of Charles to get what little affection he can get. He tells Raven he’s sorry, but he wants Charles out in the open. Raven keeps prodding Charles, keeps pulling on that filling. Raven begs for her life. Please, Erik, not yet.



FC Erik gets the filling out of the banker’s mouth. DoFP Erik is brought down by Beast before he can kill Raven, tries to drown him. FC Raven decides to give up the pointless fight with Charles and lay on the couch with him. DoFP Raven makes a getaway by shapeshifting into a man.

Erik wins. He gets the filling out. Erik is literally jumped and straddled by Beast, Charles’ out and proud gay side. Oh, yes, Charles. Give it to me like a man. Raven lays on the couch with Charles, he puts his arm around her, and she shapeshifts into a man.

And here’s that part of the lost sex scene, from Erik’s POV.



The shattered window/mirror. The shattered illusion. Now we see a little more of the REAL story going on here between Erik and Charles.

Shapeshifts into a man- A man who is wearing Erik’s outfit in the deleted Argentinian airport as he makes his way to the Andes Mountains.

That’s where I’ll start part V.

Erik is Raven. See it? Starting to see the hidden love story now?


Amazing, isn’t it?

Man, it’s like pulling damn teeth to get ANY affection or love out of Charles. Erik has to fight all day everyday for even just a bit. All Charles wants is sex sex sex. Just wait until you see where Charles’ story as Hank fits into all this. All those lost sex scenes come back. It’ll start feeding Charles’ side of the story into things. And the end of the recruitment- I didn’t forget about that storyline. That ended Erik’s part of it. The rest of it is Charles’– you’ll see.

Genius, these writers are. Pure. Genius.


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