Erik is Raven, Part II.

“Powers, what powers? What are you talking about? You see something strange here? Nothing anyone would believe if you told them.”

-Quicksilver, DoFP.


We left off, I believe, at the Nazi banker/Erik scene in First Class and the Raven freeing the mutants in Vietnam.

(I do realize that I skipped over the future scenes in DoFP, and I’m skipping several scenes in FC. They’ll come up soon. The focus now is Erik and Raven.)

First Class scene with Erik is him leaving the Nazi banker, leaving with his gold bar, “all that remains of my people.” (the banker is a subtext Charles, remember? The Nazi gold canon story involved him AND Charles.) And the last scene with Raven is her going into Vietnam to save the mutants from being shipped to Trask Industries, the only mutant family she has left.


Ok, this is where the mirrors start going a little nuts. Just stick with me. It’ll pay off, I promise.

Erik in FC is walking to the bar in Argentina in the Andes Mountains. Walking from right to left. He’s dressed in white, just like Shaw (Magneto subtext) and crew is in Florida. In canon, Erik’s old base, Avalon, was in the Andes Mountains. Remember? Here he’s searching for his lost identity after the Onslaught (the Charles/Erik fusion) ordeal left him mind wiped, just like in canon.

Raven in DoFP at Trask Industries in MacLean, Virginia. Remember Virginia? It represents Charles’ brain. Cerebro is located in Virginia in FC. So here, Raven is disguised as Trask. She’s walking from right to left. Notice Trask’s suit? His hair? His mustache? Looks an awful lot like Charles, doesn’t it?


Erik in FC enters the bar. This is the ruins of Avalon, his old base. He’s here to find Shaw. He’s here to find his Charles. Sitting alone at the table are two men. They resemble Erik and Charles in clothing and stature. They’re Onslaught, remember? Erik is here to kill them. He’s getting rid of the Onslaught storyline.

Raven in DoFP walks up the hall to the spiral staircase. Remember the spiral stairs in Cerebro? This is their mirror. Trask Industries, in Virginia. Cerebro in Virginia. This is Charles’ mind, and Raven has infiltrated it. (Yep, Erik can do that. In canon, he also has telepathic powers.) She’s here to find Trask. She heads up the spiral stairs, shifting into Raven halfway up.


Erik sits down at the bar. He looks around and his eyes fall on the picture of Shaw/the men at the bar (Onslaught) standing on the deck of the Caspartina, the Cherik ship. His and Charles love story held hostage by his old identity as Magneto, and by the awful event that was Onslaught. He has to get rid of these old personas or he and Charles have no chance as a couple. Note his expression.

Raven walks into Trask’s office. She heads over to his desk, and starts to look through files. She catches a glimpse of the religious like painting of Trask holding a prosthetic limb in front of a wheelchair bound little girl. That’s Charles- a persona as the monk-like Professor X and a nod to the serum he takes which give him his legs in this film. This painting represents his straight facade. And behind it…well, there’s the plans for the Sentinels. They represent the subtext that has hidden Erik and Charles’ love story for decades. Soon, it’ll become a weapon. She goes through the files. Sees all these subtext characters, the ones who were fighting FOR them, dead. Charles doesn’t want *anyone* finding out about his sexuality. This devastates Raven. Note her expression. Matches Erik in the bar.

Avalon in ruins.


The Nazis talk to Erik. Trask’s Secretary comes up to the office. Raven quickly changes into Trask to avoid detection. Erik becomes his old identity as Magneto when he kills the two Nazis.


They’re both trying to fix and fight for the Cherik love story. Erik won’t give up on Charles. He’s fighting for him.

Next Erik scene is his head above water in the Atlantic Ocean as he comes up on Shaw’s boat, Caspartina. He will lead Erik to Charles. Raven is at a nightclub (Shaw owns a nightclub) looking for General Nhuan. He will lead her to Trask.


Raven seduces the General. Since she’s Erik in disguise, this makes this a same sex hookup. And Shaw is equated with Captain Shakespeare in FC who is a gay cross dresser who loves feather boas. (See what Raven is wearing? A feather boa. And it’s white.) Raven IS Shaw here. So who is the General? Charles. How do I know? Look at what the General is doing:


(Welcome to fabulous homoland. Erik is the feather boa wearin’ Fuschia lovin’ ass kicking Dragneto. Poor Charles, though. Rigid, conservative, sexually predatory. This scene is another mirror for the lost sex scene on the plane. Charles without his powers, Erik in full gay mode. He’s even got a damn Sherlockian scarf on. He wants Charles. Now. Charles goes for it, but it ends up stifling him. He can’t accept Erik. He can’t accept his sexuality yet.)

Now here’s where this starts to mirror First Class AND DoFP. It’s split in two.

The failed seduction/Mystique attack both FC and DoFP:

FC Raven: “Go on. Take the blood.”

DoFP Mystique: “You don’t think I look pretty like this?”


(FC: Charles as shy, awkward. Erik as loving as can be. DoFP: Charles as conservative predator, Erik as loud and proud gay man. Note how the lighting in the DoFP hotel room resembles the wind tunnel in FC.)

There’s so much sweetness and love in the First Class version. Why? Because Charles saves him. It’s love at first sight:


Charles: “You’re hungry, and alone. You never have to steal again.”

(Charles: “You’re not alone. Erik? You’re not alone.”)

There’s so much anger in the DoFP version. Why? Because of what Raven/Erik found in Trask’s office/Charles’ mind: the Sentinel Plans. It’s betrayal:


Erik: “You sacrificed your powers so that you could walk?”

Charles: “I sacrificed my powers so that I could sleep.”

So, Raven/Erik attacks Charles over it:

Charles: “You abandoned me! You took her (Raven/your loving side) away, and you abandoned me!”


Charles, as Trask, killed every last reminder he had of he and Erik. Every chance they had at a relationship, no matter how hidden. Erik wanted Charles to come out, he wants to be able to love openly. “The LGBT community needed you, and you abandoned all of them.”


Erik wants to leave, but he can’t. No matter how much Charles rejects Erik, Erik’s still deeply in love with him. He can’t- and won’t- give up on him. Look at his expression. On the plane, he attacks Charles, and as soon as he does, he feels *horrible.* He can’t help his love for Charles. This echoes in Raven in her expression as the General slides down the wall, and she picks up the Paris invitation. (They’re the new Cerebro coordinates. That comes up in a bit.)

(See Logan in the back? He comes up in another Logan is DoFP Charles post I’m writing.)



And into the following “Your move, Erik/Please fight for us” scene, in FC and DoFP:

FC Charles: “I won’t stop you leaving. I could, but I won’t.”

DoFP Charles: “You have the first move.”


FC: We’re off to Cerebro now.

DoFP: We’re off to Paris. (After angry yet passionate make up sex in the bathroom. Yes, it happened. Remember the Hank/Raven romantic encounter scene that was cut for runtime purposes?)

Raven sees the invitation to the Paris meeting. (Why Paris? Not only does it fit with Vietnam in DoFP- it’s real history, Marc-André Raffalovich was French remember? The first coordinates in FC referenced his home.)

And, here, the recruitment begins again.


The fight for their love story restarts.

And, oh yes, there are “coordinates” on that Paris invitation. That’ll be where Part III of Erik is Raven begins.

I’d like to point something else out as well. The club where Raven seduces the General has no name. I searched everywhere for it. Then I remembered *why* it doesn’t have one- it’s the mirror of the covert CIA location.


See Cerebro? 🙂 This represents the “illusion” area of Charles’ mind, where nothing has a location or a name. His wants and desires are always to be a man’s man, a G-Man, surrounded by women. He wants so desperately to be “normal.” But Erik *always* finds a way in. He knows how to pierce through Charles’ illusions. Charles cannot hide from him. They love each other too much. So, the recruitment begins again.

Rabbit hole.

Part III coming tomorrow!


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