The First Class Soundtrack and


Oh my God. I just discovered something.

Ok, before I go into this, I need to point out something. The soundtrack for First Class is a HUGE clue to the Erik is Raven, Hank is Charles thing.

This is Raven’s musical theme in X-Men First Class: (Would You Date Me?)

(this theme plays during this scene):


If you listen closely, you can hear the piano at the beginning playing a single note in a slow, rhythmic fashion. And then another piano theme comes in over top that, while the single note is still being played. Then piano underneath starts to sound quite a bit like Erik’s theme, at points matching the rhythm of Erik’s theme as well.  And, eventually, it turns into Erik’s theme when this scene transitions to Erik walking to the bank as Charles’s voice reads from his thesis. Why? *Because Raven is Erik.*

The theme over top of all that? The strings? Is Hank’s theme.

What? Why would his theme be playing if he’s not there? Raven hasn’t met Hank yet. *Because Hank is Charles.*

This is Hank’s theme here, mixed in with Raven’s piano theme: (To Beast or not to Beast) I love the song title, it’s perfect for the scene.

Kind of reminiscent of Charles’ epic theme, isn’t it, if it were slowed way down. This plays during the Raven and Hank “We need this cure” scene. (This scene is 100% about Charles and Erik. I go over this in the post The “Cure”– this is where Charles breaks off the physical relationship with Erik- he thinks they need cured of their ugly mutation.)


If you listen, you can hear Raven’s theme now unmistakably sounding like Erik’s Magneto theme. Hank’s theme plays along with it.

The music is a lower key, slower, slightly different version of Erik and Charles’ theme Rage and Serenity! (Rage and Serenity)

Hank and Raven’s theme is more intimate, personal, bittersweet. THIS is the sound of Charles and Erik’s intimate moments. Rage and Serenity is the sound of their entire love story.

Hank and Raven’s theme IS Charles and Erik’s theme. Absolutely breathtaking, isn’t it?

So, leading into this– I was scouring around the websites that Singer and Fox put up as lead ins to the storyline in Days of Future Past. There are quite a few: 25 Moments, Trask Industries, Mutant Underground, and Bent Bullet. ALL of these sites are Cheriky as hell. I’ve got a post coming on that.

Bent Bullet was where I found myself tonight. It’s about Erik’s supposed involvement with the Kennedy assassination, what happened afterwards, all that. It’s pretty cool, actually. So, I was doing a little research there for my post when I realized music was playing in the background, and guys, when I heard it, my heart literally jumped into my throat.

Listen to it: (the speaker icon in the top right hand corner)

Holy mother of GOD. That opening piano? The single note played over and over, like a ticking clock? That’s the beginning piano of the Would You Date Me theme sped up! Then… The music over top that? Is Erik’s Magneto theme, BUT– it’s not the badass I’m pissed off Magneto version:

it’s the RAGE AND SERENITY VERSION that plays during the infamous Satellite scene


BUT it’s in the same key as the Hank and Raven theme To Beast or Not To Beast that plays during the “we need this cure” scene.

And the music that acts as the accompaniment here to Erik’s theme from Rage and Serenity? Is HANK’S theme from To Beast or Not To Beast!

Holy mother of God. So they put a Charles and Erik theme from First Class as THE music for this Days of Future Past website?! And this website is all about Erik being falsely accused of killing the President, sentenced to prison for life, and what his existence is like in solitary confinement?!

So, what they’re telling us is that Erik is wasting away in his cell, dreaming of Charles, with happy memories of the satellite scene (where he smiles for the FIRST time) and sad memories of Charles not being able to accept their love for one another, eventually breaking it off because he thinks they need a cure?!

Oh my God. Could that get any more heartbreaking?! No wonder Erik is so damn happy to see Charles when he comes to get him out of prison!

These two are SO endgame.

For those of you who might say “it’s just a soundtrack, stop reading too much into it,” it’s not– Henry Jackman and Matthew Vaughn took the music *very* seriously.

From the Henry Jackman interview on

“Matthew Vaughn, for instance, using his own self-effacing words, ‘thumps around on the piano a bit,'” Jackman says of his Kick-Ass and X-Men: First Class collaborator. “He’s a real music lover. Matthew will be in iTunes blasting some tune, ‘Oh, man, you’ve got to hear this, it’s awesome.’ I think he once said to me, ‘It was only because I wasn’t good enough as a music producer that I ended up having to make films instead.’ So he’s got a real passion and a love and he’s really hands-on with music. He’ll send mp3s and say, ‘I love this bit in the middle. It’s awesome. What chords are those?’ He’s interested in the harmonic and the production minutiae of why things are cool.”

(by the way– all those websites listed above ALL deal with conspiracy theories. And in these versions, the people who believe in the conspiracy end up being right. Just saying.)


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