Updated soundtrack info and The Tandem Initiative Conspiracy.

Ok, so an email just pointed out to me that the theme music that plays over Erik’s piano theme in The bentbullet.com website is actually Charles’ theme AND Hank’s theme combined. Just as Erik’s theme is his own from Rage and Serenity but in the key of “Raven” as you can hear in To Beast or Not To Beast.

You guys, omg. Erik is pining away in his cell dreaming of Charles.

Thanks F.B.!!! Not sure if you wanted me to publish your actual words (if you do just let me know, I didn’t want to assume..)


also– I found another website Fox and Marvel built for DoFP and continually updates it along with Mutant Underground: it’s called Tandem Initiative.

Guys…lol. This was released as a website dedicated to finding mutants and offering them a “genetic sequencing.” According to the Mutant Underground website, Tandem was a front for Trask Industries. A conspiracy! And guess what? The conspiracy theorists end up being right. Tandem is a front for Trask. The Tandem Initiative hashtag? #WeAreGifted. The hashtag after the Mutant Underground takeover? #WeAreGiftedLiars. (With gifted crossed out with an X.)

What does Tandem mean? “Having two things arranged, one in front of the other.” What ELSE does Tandem mean? It’s urban slang for “a pair/match or the chemistry between two people.”


Since Trask=Shaw (he totally is, I’ll prove that later), and since Shaw operates Caspartina which is responsible for Erik and Charles meeting, and Trask is responsible for building the Sentinels which bring Erik and Charles together in the future, I’m pretty damn sure that means the “enemy” is really the “hero” here. Why? Because for all their efforts to tear Erik and Charles apart, it never works permanently– they ALWAYS come back together.

And on bentbullet.com, it’s stated that Trask built the cell Erik is housed in underneath the Pentagon.

Trask/Shaw/Apocalypse= the filmmakers.


You guys. They set up these websites for a reason. This is a HUGE mystery game, like Gatiss and Moffat hid in Sherlock. It’s GENIUS.

Omg…Apocalypse cannot get here fast enough.


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