Mission Statement


I’ll eventually move this post to the “About” page, but I wanted to share it here first so that it’ll get out faster:

To all my readers, please feel free to leave feedback and/or criticism– I welcome it! Don’t be shy, I’m hard to offend.

Also, and I want to make this very clear- I am not doing this out of any desire for notoriety, or to cause controversy– I’m simply offering interpretations and predictions based on what I believe is intentional subtext in the new X-Men films.

That being said, I also welcome sharing of anything I post here. Though giving credit back to me is thoughtful if you do so, I really am not worried about that. Seriously. All I care about– my entire purpose behind all this– is that people see and understand what is happening and about to happen in the X-Men films with Erik and Charles. I want people in the theaters to see this moment happen.

It’s a HUGE deal. It’ll make history. It will change things.

For every Cherik fan, for the entire LGBT community, for the fanfic authors, for anyone that’s been bullied for being different, for anyone who pushes for gay rights and the rights for any and all minorities, and anyone who believes in love, I want you all in the theater to see Charles and Erik finally become official. That’s what I care about, that’s my mission here.

This is our time, and I want all of us involved!

So, share away. Leave feedback. Share ideas or other interpretations/predictions. My email is in the About section in case that’s more convenient.



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